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Biloxi - Checkmate...on Zero label was a bootleg? Print Thread

Started by rostoned on 19-02-2018 17:52

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Hello anybody can confirm if the "Checkmate...The Game's Over" release by US band Biloxi apparently put out in Japan by ZERO label in 1994 (catalog XRCN-108) was in reality, as I strongly suspect, a bogus unlegit CD bootleg release improperly and fakely using the ZERO credits and catalogue number?

ZERO credits appear quite faded on the back cover artwork, usually a bootleg sign. I have searched high & low for a physical silver copy anywhere on Discogs, Ebay etc but nothing ever appeared! Just a silly "homemade on demand" CDR on the (apocryphal and not the "original" ) Time Warp label, done by a cheap fox we all know in US for a short time off the CB site and luckily blocked by Discogs. The band on their CDBABY entry even call "Checkmate..." a bootleg!

Details about the release as per CB entry are at the link below, even if I think most as it came out later are not correct. If you check the comments below the entry on CB blog, and YT as well, this note below was reported, apparently, by original keyboardist Jim Toulcey almost 4 years ago:



I'm here to set the record straight on this CD entitled "Checkmate...The Game's Over". This is actually a 6-song demo tape (Yes...a cassette) that Biloxi made in 1989. The band members listed on the CD are not accurate. No offense to the band members listed, but the actual lineup that performed these tracks at that time was:

Clyde Holly - Lead Vocals and guitars
Jim Toucey - Keyboards and vocals
Levell Price - Bass and Vocals
Tony Radford - Drums

We tracked this 48 track demo at Chameleon Studios, in CA (Owned by Joe Branam). The sessions were engineered by Chuck Fetyko. The demo was co-produced by Chuck Fetyko and Biloxi. We were in studio B while John Fogerty was locked up in Studio A. Sheena Easton was in the showcase studio auditioning band members for "The Lover In Me" Tour at the time.

All guitar work was done by Clyde, including 4 of the guitar solos. The solos on songs 4 & 5 were played by our good friend Jerry Campos. Also, song 3 is actually entitled "Livin' Time" and song 5 is called "Goodbye Love". I was part of the original lineup with Clyde from 1988 thru 1992. The first few years on the keys and then the last 2 years on the drums.

Jim Toucey
AUGUST 18, 2014 6:15 AM

YouTube Video:

Edited by rostoned on 19-02-2018 18:40
Would've thought Jim confirms it to be a bootleg right there, to be fair.
Dave did you ever see a physical copy of it (silver? pro CDR??) offered for sale from 1994 onwards, on the usual mail orders etc or on ebay? I mean the "Zero" edition....obviously not the silly made on demand CDR, off Camelblue MP3, courtesy of SMC......
The Zero is a bootleg. I don't think we need to verify it any further.
And another pointer, was that Douglas Docker was credited on the 1993 Biloxi CD, but never played a note on it. He did however play with the band following its release, until he relocated to Italy around the mid 90's or so.
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