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Record Store Day
Well it's that time of year again.

Is there a Record Store Day happening in your town today?
In Melbourne, it's kinda a big thing, but in our favourite genres, you probably won't see too much action.
Record Store Proprietors will use it as an excuse to jack up prices, and try and make a killing in the bricks and mortar space.
For me? I won't be participating.

Here's an interesting muse about RSD from a bloke in Auckland, NZ, and how he met his wife thanks to the regular visits to the Record Store.. lol

Edited by gdazegod on 20-04-2018 23:01
There really is nothing about RSD that interests me. It seems to just be an excuse to release overpriced vinyl, little if nothing on CD, which then ends up in eBay at even more expensive sums. Not for me.
The only thing from last years RSD that was of any interest was the `Cracked Actor` Bowie disc, but I waited until it came out on CD anyway later in the year...BTW, what`s a record store??
I used to love it. It felt a little like a community thing, but 2 years ago I queued for over 2 hours and ended up with nothing I wanted because all the guys in front of me were scooping up 30 to 40 releases that they 'wanted'.

By the time I got home, everything I wanted was online for stupid money. A good idea ruined and I'll never do it again.

I'll se if I can pick up the Ginger Wildheart and Steven Wilson releases from some of the online stores who get stock a day later.
The vinyl revival is probably the biggest rip off since compact disc reissue of almost everything on vinyl.

If this helps the growth of record shops then i agree with that, but maybe they seem to be fashionable at the moment, but for a collector of many years, never gonna pay £15 to £20 for a vinyl copy, when you could pay £5 for a Cd, its still the same song....

Same thing regarding do i buy the original Cd release from 2008 for a couple of quid or buy a new remastered (whatever that means?) version with a DVD which I never watch for £15......what did John Lydon say in the Great Rock n Roll Swindle?
I'll be trying to score a copy of the Move - Live In Europe which includes several never before heard songs . Not even on any bootlegs. Record Store Day for me is a chance to buy a collectible by one of my favorites. I'm only interested in the live stuff or picture disc rarities. Just normal vinyl I have no interest in. It lets me relive the glory days of Goldmine magazine and Trouser Press Collector Magazine back in the days when I ate, slept, lived music 24/7. But I agree the prices are way to jacked-up , especially this year. Thank the stars I'm only interested in getting one.

On a vinyl note, ELO is finally releasing a 2 LP version of "Secret Messages" as it was originally intended. Release date is in June or July but here's the kicker it is not going to include the "Beatles Forever" song! Why in the world would you release this without the song everybody wants!!!@@#$%^&***argh
As a die hard vinyl collector it took me years to move over to CD, and only because the CD option was the only way of getting new music from that point onwards. Now I have more CD's than I ever had vinyl records - and I had a lot and still do, but not the space - I have no interest in picking up vinyl unless it's something I was never able to get my hands on the first time around or (rarely) had but sold and kinda regretted it.
I have no interest in paying £20 to £30 plus for reissued vinyl when the original issue can be had much cheaper. Not interested in coloured vinyl. Record labels made me become a CD addict. They are now responsible for maintaining that fix and not trying to push me onto something it took me a long time to move away from before!Grin
Edited by reyno-roxx on 21-04-2018 14:20
Just to add, that yes, it's only songs that I can't get elsewhere that I look for on RSD releases. I don't buy any of the reissued stuff.
Couldn't agree more with your comments Dave. RSD is just another passing trend and I don't see it as a lasting revival. As a former vinyl junkie I've kept a few records for sentimental reasons though I've little desire in buying any more vinyl for my collection. I ditched loads a few years ago and the reality is I have little or no spare time to listen to music let alone trot along to my nearest record shop...
Little or no spare time seems to be a common thread these days. Back when we all started collecting vinyl we where in our teens, nothing else mattered, expect music. No responsibilities, it was either school, work, go home up to the bedroom and blast out some music. Three, four decades on family, kids work all take up our time, very few of us have any spare time to listen to a whole CD. As we get older our priorities change and music ends up taking a back seat.
From my occasional trip around Melbourne looking for record stores, none of them have any of the music that I would buy. In fact, I find more of the things that I want on a website like Discogs for instance, many of the vinyl are sold cheap, but the catch is the international postage. So in essence, I'm looking for cheap vinyl at the cheapest rates to get them around the globe. Record Store Day can go and take a running jump.
Nick C
I think it was initially a good idea, but as always gets ruined by people looking to make money so they beat the real fans to the items only to sell them at much higher prices on eBay or wherever.
I do like to give my local indie brick & mortar stores the support - they are some good folks. There's typically not much I get interested in, but supporting the shops is a good thing.
I would actually go to my local record store any day BUT rsd, for the reasons already mentioned. And I have over 9,000 lp's in the basement. RSD is a nice idea but with lousy execution.

Wish they would do something like comic book day, where they offer free comics specially released for that day... and unless you're a knuclehead you pay for a couple titles as well, as an unnecessary but understood courtesy once you're in there. They understand that the idea is to hopefully turn you on to comics, new titles, etc
Nick C
Huh! Type in Steven Wilson on eBay and see how many listings there are for How Big the Space...and it's still RSD.
Nick C wrote:

Huh! Type in Steven Wilson on eBay and see how many listings there are for How Big the Space...and it's still RSD.

Yeah, this was exactly what I was getting at. It's no exaggeration that if you scour through eBay around 10am on RSD, you'll see most of the releases already listed and at vastly inflated prices.

I suppose the argument is that the true fans could get up earlier, but I'm not sure the point is for folk to queue for 6 or 7 hours just so they can buy records by their favourite artists.
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