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14-12-2017 13:25
The Vatican appears rocked alongside scandal and resignations fair as church leaders necessity trappings up to make good on frail Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican today appears rocked close to licenti

14-12-2017 13:11
The album is called Wake Up! It does include some light prog rock along with speeches' excerpts.

14-12-2017 13:02
Terry constancei know that is probably said often.. however reading this actually made me understand how much time i've wasted, worrying about things that had been so pointless. have a look [url=

14-12-2017 01:20
Chris, is there such an album? Maybe we should get Alun onto the case. He loves those oddball albums.

13-12-2017 23:49
Performance enhancing aspect....never did much for me.

13-12-2017 23:49
Like Froome, my 5k and 10k times are now in doubt, as it seems I took too many puffs of my inhaler before the races.In all seriousness it sounds pretty odd that an inhaler used by millions has such an

13-12-2017 23:43
Canít believe Pope Francis 2015 release, Wake Up, has not been reviewed yet here at GDM?

13-12-2017 17:40
Man, I really thought Froome was above any doubt, but this will always hang like a shadow now. Damn! Unlikely to win Sports Personality of the Year on the Beeb now too.

13-12-2017 17:38
Look what happened when the Pope signed to Infinity? Brought the company down and certainly ruined TKO's career. Brad Sinsel probably not a fan.

13-12-2017 11:37
Oh dear, Chris Froome in a doping scandal. This looks bad.

Tags - Night Ranger
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Night Ranger - 1982 Dawn Patrol
One of the Bay Areas finest AOR bands .. Period. Blessed with two excellent singers in Blades and Keagy, and arguably the best dual guitar pairing in melodic rock (this side of Thin Lizzy) with Gillis and Watson.

Night Ranger - 1983 Midnight Madness
'Midnight Madness' is the follow up to a classic debut that was roundly panned, when in many ways it was better than its predecessor. To many observers the music didn't match up to 'Dawn Patrol', 'not as heavy' many thought, but realistically it was more direct.

Night Ranger - 1985 7 Wishes
While '7 Wishes' contains several weak cuts, it's miles ahead of most bands in the period, the class in both musicianship and songwriting all too obvious to dismiss.

Night Ranger - 1987 Big Life
Five years on from 'Dawn Patrol', the band recruited David Foster to produce 1987's 'Big Life', an overlooked album despite a couple of choice selections onboard.

Night Ranger - 1988 Man In Motion
This marked the end of an era (at least until their late 70's comeback). Very limited airplay on radio and MTV (I never heard anything from this album on either) meant that the writing was clearly on the wall for Night Ranger.

Night Ranger - 1995 Feeding Off The Mojo
Those who got this in 1995 expecting a return to the 80's might not have believed their ears upon the initial listen. Fortunately, the sound, while different, is one that should have appealed to those who were missing rock the way we used to know it.

Night Ranger - 1997 Neverland
This album did not return the band to their previous place in the musical landscape, but it gave a lot of disenfranchised guys like me (and many of you) a reason to be excited in the dismal late 70's.

Night Ranger - 1998 Seven
In some ways, this sounds not as much like a Night Ranger album but rather 'an album by a band comprised of members of Night Ranger'. It is definitely a different beast from any of their previous material.

Night Ranger - 2011 Somewhere In California
While the album is flawed in places, this is far better than I expected and I think the band should rightfully be proud of the end result. This has the type of immediacy that Journey was missing with 'Eclipse' and shows that heaviness and melody can go together without stretching past 5 or 6 minutes a track.

Night Ranger - 2012 24 Strings And A Drummer - Live And Acoustic
A 30th anniversary performance from the legendary Night Ranger sees them operating in the unplugged and acoustic environs for this dual CD/DVD set.

Night Ranger - 2014 High Road
As always, there's a high element of energy and anthemic rock on a Night Ranger album, and you won't be short-changed here.