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Nightwish - 1997 Angels Fall First
While the band went on to create several much better albums, the debut has its naive charm and carries with it the satisfaction of listening to a whole new sub-genre of music being defined and coded in its arrangements.

Nightwish - 2000 Wishmaster
This album is the highlight of Nightwish's style when they were young and not obsessed with the idea of incorporating everything ever into their albums..

Nightwish - 2004 Once
The biggest Nightwish album - the one that launched several hits, introduced some rather cool ideas, sounded like a million dollars.. but ultimately not the best Nightwish album.

Nightwish - 2007 Dark Passion Play
There is so much going on with this album, it is pretty difficult to absorb in one sitting. At 75 minutes running time, there's a lot to digest, but my advice is to pick it apart in smaller chunks. As a result, you will keep coming back to this album - it's like reading a good book.

Olzon, Anette - 2014 Shine
Much has been written and said about Anette Olzon's departure from Finnish supergroup Nightwish. That was a few years ago, and written into a past chapter, says the Swedish singer. She'll want us to focus on the future, and in early 2014, that means her first solo CD 'Shine'.