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1994 - 1978 1994
Their sound was a fantastic mix of hard edged rock with Heart and fellow L.A rockers Storm being the main influences.

1994 - 1979 Please Stand By
'Please Stand By' is the second and final album from L.A hard rockers 1994, featuring the rather lovely Karen Lawrence.

21 Guns - 1992 Salute
21 Guns was the project/band put together by ex Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham. 21 Guns sound ventured into solid North American flavored melodic rock, though with a hint of Thin Lizzy's sound which is not surprising really.

707 - 1980 707
Billboard magazine's review of the debut was 'well-executed mainstream rock with slight new wave influences'. More like pomp with a commercial slant I'd say.

707 - 1981 2nd Album
Whilst lacking the overblown pomposity of the debut, this is a hugely enjoyable album chock full of memorable hard rockin' tunes which I return to on a regular basis.

707 - 1982 Megaforce
Having formed in the late 70's and recorded two superb AOR albums already, 707 were created in the heart of Los Angeles, despite their origins in Michigan.

Airborne - 1979 Airborne
Though they are from LA, the multitracked guitar sound/tone is very similar to the Scholz/Goudreau twin attack from Boston, while the vocal harmonies could be the Nelson twins, albeit ten years earlier. Airborne's sound is quite unique, and I'm finding it difficult to describe it as the songs are unique in themselves.

Airrace - 1984 Shaft Of Light
Back in 1984 this Airrace album was considered a breakthrough AOR album in British music circles, as finally good 'ol Blighty' had something to compete against the likes of Foreigner, Journey etc. However, in retrospect the band probably ended up sounding more like an imitation of their heroes rather than something earth shatteringly new or original.

Aldo Nova - 1982 Aldo Nova
No AOR album collection would be complete without this one in it, a superlative album for sure.

Aldo Nova - 1983 Subject
It's quite the classic in truth, maybe Nova's best work. Taken at face value its spotless AOR.

Ambrosia - 1980 One Eighty
Among all of Ambrosia's efforts,'One Eighty' is the pick of the bunch for me. The others are all good too, but it captures the band at different moments of their career. I feel that during the 1979-1980 period, Ambrosia were at their peak.

Ambrosia - 1982 Road Island
Ambrosia took a bold step on their final album however, pursuing a lumbering hard rock sound totally opposed to the gentle strains of the previous two albums.

Angel - 1975 Angel
This debut and the subsequent album 'Helluva Band' were to be the last of Angel's pomp pretensions before they moved in a more radio friendly direction. Needless to say both albums should be considered essential purchases for anyone wanting to discover the pomp rock genre.

Angel - 1976 Helluva Band
The debut Angel album still rates highly with many of us, less talked about is the follow up 'Helluva Band'. produced by Derek Lawrence, who also worked on the debut Legs Diamond album around the same time, this is arguably Angel's most progressive album..

Angel - 1977 On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Perhaps with the right production this album would have been different? The sound is lifeless and muddy, but it's the songs that matter and in the end they just don't cut it.

Angels, The (As Angel City) - 1980 Face To Face (US Compilation)
Into 2012, The Angels are reactivated, and will have a new studio album later in the year. In the meantime, get this much sought after compilation of their classic older material, and see/hear where it all started..

Armored Saint - 1984 March Of The Saint
Here's one L.A band that should've been huge, but for some reason, they missed their boarding call on the voyage to success.

Armored Saint - 1985 Delirious Nomad
At the end of the day, the band were pretty happy with how the album turned out, but it didn't result in any overnight success. In fact, if anything, their profile went backwards, or overtaken by some of the bigger names in the business at the time.

Autograph - 1984 Sign In Please
Autograph could be viewed as a typical 80's rock band, but were blessed with the nuance of being able to mix up hard rock aggression with AOR sensibilities.

Autograph - 1985 Thats The Stuff
Of the three 80's era albums from Autograph, this one is probably the weakest. Despite my opinion, the album still managed to go gold (i.e. over a million copies sold).

Autograph - 1987 Loud And Clear
'Loud And Clear' was easily the best of Autograph's three albums and also one of the best AOR releases of 1987.

Aviary - 1979 Aviary
Described as a classic amalgam of art rock meets pomp.. and you know what? Whoever said it - well, they'd be right!

Babys, The - 1978 Head First
'Head First' is without a doubt one of, it not the best album in the bands catalog.

Babys, The - 1980 On The Edge
By 1980 the band had moved away their pop orchestrated origins to a harder edged radio rock format. They released two albums during this year: 'Union Jacks' in January and this one 'On The Edge' in October. It would be the bands final album before calling it quits at the end of the year.

Babys, The - 1980 Union Jacks
This is arguably the finest Babys album, although 'Head First' and 'On The Edge' run it very close indeed.

Bad Boy - 1977 The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous
Bad Boy's debut 'The Band That Milwaukee Made Famous' was the resulting output. Given a strong media run, the album is typical of many mid 70's acts at the time, the guitar oriented sound straddling the fence between pop rock (bordering on power pop in places) and a more gritty style.

Bad English - 1989 Bad English
This album holds a very special place in my CD collection. It was, in fact, the very first CD I ever bought, back in the year 1989 when I made the transition from vinyl to CD.

Badlands - 1989 Badlands
Here was a band that was literally put together in the badlands of rock n roll. A solid lineup of players who were befuddled by management, record labels and themselves it would seem.

Badlands - 1991 Voodoo Highway
1991's 'Voodoo Highway' was an apt description on the road that troubled band Badlands travelled on between 1989 and 1991.

Balance - 1981 Balance
Another ambassador for the G-DAZE site is this ever so legendary outfit from New York called Balance. This band should have been huge and probably would've too had the circumstances been right.

Balance - 1982 In For The Count
After the modest success of 1981's self titled debut, Balance released the superior follow up just a year later. The original three members, Castro, Kulick and Katsaros added drummer Chuck Burgi and ex Speedway Boulevard bassist Dennis Feldman as full time band mates. Scanning this line up twenty years later, it's a dream team of AOR talent that made an album every bit as good as expected.

Billy Satellite - 1984 Billy Satellite
In my opinion, this is one of the best true AOR albums ever released. It's got everything really. Even now when I review it years later, it still sounds as fresh now as it did then.

Blackfoot - 1976 Flyin' High
This power house band of roughnecks left us some of the finest Southern rock under the sun and while 'Flyin High' flew under almost everyone's radar in 1976; it's one of their better efforts.

Blackfoot - 1979 Strikes
This LP cover is one of the most striking (excuse the pun) to ever hit my record collection. God damn! And then there was that black cougar/tomcat thing the following year on the cover of 'Tomcattin'. A great way to make an impression, and that's exactly the sort of thing that Jacksonville's Blackfoot got right during their heyday.

Blackfoot - 1980 Tomcattin'
One of a handful of southern rock bands that flew the flag for the Confederate during the 70's and 80's were Jacksonville based Blackfoot.

Blackfoot - 1981 Marauder
Another look at southern rockers Blackfoot, this time their 1981 head-turner 'Marauder'. The third in a trilogy of album covers where they quickly become the David Attenborough of the rock world.

Blackfoot - 1982 Highway Song - Live
This is a bit of a rowdy live set from Jacksonville's loudest, and given they were well on their way, 1982 was a good year for them to release a live album.

Bolton, Michael - 1985 Everybodys Crazy
Despite the quality of 'Michael Bolton' the debut album from 1983, it was a commercial flop. It reached 100 on the Billboard Charts. Undeterred, Bolton forged ahead and went on to record what is regarded by many as the greatest pure AOR album ever.

Bow Wow - 1977 Signal Fire
A classic case of east meets west in the world of melodic hard rock. One of the earliest and arguably best Japanese rock exports out of the seventies.

Brown, Danny Joe (Band) - 1981 Danny Joe Brown Band
While Hatchet continued with Jimmy Farrar and recorded a worthy pair of records in 'Beatin' The Odds' and 'Take No Prisoners', Brown one upped them with his lone solo album, a classy pure Southern rock effort on a par with his Hatchet albums.

Buck Dharma (Roeser) - 1982 Flat Out
Unusual and diverse, you won't be getting straight down the middle rock n roll from this guy, who of course is one of the principal members of Blue Oyster Cult.

Bullet Boys - 1988 Bullet Boys
The band's entrance into 1988 was good one, the album going gold soon after. Strangely, the band took ages to release a follow up; 1991's 'Freakshow', but by then all momentum had been lost, even though the band continued on with a turnstile of personnel from the mid 70's onward.

Bullseye - 1979 On Target
Bullseye's style features that late 70's vibe prevalent on a number of recordings from that era. Lot's of stabbing pianos and twin guitar riffing. On some songs they deviate to a southern rock sound with impressive results, on other occasions they dip into metro/urban power pop.

Burning Tree - 1990 Burning Tree
L.A's Burning Tree were tootally retro, spanking musical chops, deep 70's groove/vibe happening, but no one was buying.

Bush, Stan - 1983 Stan Bush
Better late than never perhaps as this is a debut which ranks among the finest on vinyl, as even from this early vantage point, Stan Bush was an immediate AOR force.

Bush, Stan (and Barrage) - 1987 Stan Bush and Barrage
However with this Barrage album released four years later, Bush moves into legendary status as this really is great stuff and confirms itself as one of the 'must have' albums of the genre.

Cain, Tane - 1982 Tane Cain
Tane's music is not far removed from Pat Benatar or Laura Brannigan, though this album has more 'beef' behind it than most.

Candy - 1985 Whatever Happened To Fun..
Signed to a big label, and with national tours throughout the U.S with Corey Hart and Rick Springfield, you would've thought that it couldn't get better for this girl crazy quartet of power-poppers. Unfortunately it did.

Cats In Boots - 1989 Kicked & Klawed
From the hair metal era of the late 80's comes this half American half Japanese outfit. Formed around former Merri Hoax lead singer Joel Ellis, Cats In Boots typify the glam metal sound coming out of California at the time, lining up alongside the likes of Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango and Motley Crue.

Channel - 1984 Channel
Musically the band ply a high-tech style of AOR that has crossover potential. Very commercial, with a good production. On their rockier moments they sound like an AOR version of King Kobra. When they tone it down, they sound like The Police, The Outfield and Novo Combo all rolled into one.

Charlie - 1981 Good Morning America
A English band steeped in the tradition of classic rock. Unusual though, that Charlie were trying to adopt an American sound at the time, fusing bits of Supertramp and the Doobie Brothers together.

Chevy - 1980 The Taker
Chevy were a band caught in the thick of the NWOBHM back in the late 70's and early 80's, although their history goes way back into time.

Circus of Power - 1990 Vices
Beneath the veneer of late 80's metal, there were a bunch of bands that completely ignored the excess and flash of the MTV era. Outfits such as Spread Eagle, Little Caesar and this lot, Circus Of Power.

Cobra - 1983 First Strike
A near supergroup this one, when you subsequently see the names involved with this one-off project.

Coney Hatch - 1982 Coney Hatch
Isn't it a ghastly cover? It's fortunate the same cannot be said about the music, which is superb hard edged commercial radio rock, prime time 1982.

Coney Hatch - 1983 Outa Hand
Coney Hatch's debut album from 1982 was one of the brightest sparks during that year, and their follow-up 'Outa Hand' was given priority treatment by the Mercury/Anthem group, by bringing in noted producer Max Norman.

Coney Hatch - 1985 Friction
By the time 1985 rolled around, the band who lost their razor edge to the melodic confines of commerciality.

Creed - 1978 Creed
Lets not get this mob confused with that other popular outfit by the same name from the late 70's. This Creed go way back into time, and originate from Memphis Tennessee.

Dakota - 1980 Dakota
The debut album from the much loved (well from GLORY DAZE's perspective anyway).. Dakota.

Dakota - 1984 Runaway
When we talk about West Coast style rock, a few names spring to mind. For me, Dakota are right up there, and this their second album from 1984 'Runaway' is a legend of that West Coast genre.

Damn Yankees - 1990 Damn Yankees
The union of these exceptional musicians, plus the talented but unknown Michael Cartellone resulted in the fantastic debut Damn Yankees album. Released at the beginning of 1990, it would go on to become a successful record during that year, going double-platinum alone in the USA.

Danger Danger - 1989 Danger Danger
Musically Danger Danger were heads above the standard bland band of the day, their clever mixture of party rock and AOR almost too advanced. At the right place at the right time, the debut scored heavily with the singles 'Naughty Naughty' and 'Bang Bang'. The album would eventually go gold, no small feat.

Dark Star - 1981 Dark Star
Much like the recently reviewed Chevy album 'The Taker', English band Dark Star are also nearly identically cast from the same metallic forge of the NWOBHM era.

Derringer - 1977 Sweet Evil
'Sweet Evil' was the Derringe Band's second LP, nestled in-between the 1976 debut and 1978's 'If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You'.

DeSario, Teri - 1980 Caught
If there had been any justice in the world Teri De Sario would have endured the same success as Pat Benatar et al and not ended up as just another casualty in the AOR wasteland.

Detective - 1977 Detective
There can be no more colorful personality in all of hard rock than British singer and actor Michael Des Barres. Here we see him with his second major rock band outing.. Detective.

Diamond REO - 1976 Dirty Diamonds
The true spirit of unabashed 70's hard rock was captured by many a great band during the decade, but how many people ever stopped to consider this particular slab of vinyl in the high stakes game of 70's rarities?

Dirty Looks - 1988 Cool From The Wire
The late Henrik Ostergaard was the instigator for longtime rockers Dirty Looks. We take a look at their major label debut for Atlantic, 1988's 'Cool From The Wire'..

Diving For Pearls - 1989 Diving For Pearls
Diving For Pearls had done the unthinkable and gone into Kerrang's Top 5 albums for 1989. Remember people this was an era dominated by Metallica, Poison, Guns 'n' Roses et al, and was voted as one of the best AOR genre albums of the year. 1989 was perhaps the last great year of AOR with many bands all releasing wonderful albums. Elite company indeed.

Doc Holliday - 1980 Doc Holliday
One of the South's best rock bands, following on in the great tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Allman Brothers.

Doc Holliday - 1981 Doc Holliday Rides Again
If you loved the debut album, then 'Doc Holliday Rides Again' might disappoint, it's an OK album, though it probably needed to have more excitement and energy.

Dokken - 1981 Breakin' The Chains
One of the original and successful LA metal bands from the start of the eighties!

Dokken - 1984 Tooth And Nail
One of my favorite albums from 1984 is this sophomore set from Los Angeles rockers Dokken. Impressing me no end with their debut Breakin The Chains (the original Carerre release I must say, not the rebadged Elektra version), the band have shedded their skins and matured into a class act for this album.

Dokken - 1985 Under Lock And Key
'Under Lock And Key' is very strong on many counts too. Great production, some killer tracks bordering on 'near-metal', with the bulk of the material being spread between rock ballads and smooth melodic rockers - but with a razor sharp edge.

Dokken - 1987 Back For The Attack
Like the preceding two albums, this too went platinum. It was considered by many to be harder and heavier overall than their previous material. For those who are counting, that's 13 songs and 63 minutes of rock. We expect that much material per album these days, but that was a lot in 1987. And to their credit, there are no songs I consider to be weak.

Electric Angels - 1990 Electric Angels
Now reissued by Rock Candy Records, this album is well worth the expense and effort as a reissue, as a lot of the songs have an indelible charm about them, and it's great to hear them in the context of the pre-grunge movement.

Enuff Znuff - 1989 Enuff Znuff
Enuff 'Z Nuff's over the top glam image in their MTV videos often clashed with their power pop sound, causing some to unfortunately lump them in with the pretty boys of the hair-metal genre that was huge at the time. Thankfully, EZN transcended that genre with their vocal harmonies and power pop sensibilities.

Enuff Znuff - 1991 Strength
'Strength' would introduce an entirely deeper side to the band from it's debut- with lush string arrangements and chorused vocals contrasting perfectly. The result is a disc full of tough, pop songs played by a band committed to the overall impact of every track here. All and all 'Strength' is up with the likes of Jellyfish, Wondermints and Material Issue as one of the essential power pop releases of the last 20 years IMO!

Enuff Znuff - 2010 Dissonance
So long as bands like this, plus Cheap Trick are still in operation, I am a happy man.

Export - 1984 Contraband
Liverpool may be better known as being the origins of 60's music icons The Beatles, but for melodic rockers and AORsters, it's the low key affair that was the band Export which is of more interest to GD readers.

Export - 1986 Living In Fear Of The Private Eye
Export didn't really hit their straps until they signed a deal with CBS/Epic. This resulted in the excellent 'Contraband' album during 1984. For a comparison of their sound, think along the lines of outfits such as debut album era Strangeways or Fastway.

Face Dancer - 1979 This World
A fantastic album, and one which seventies pomp fans constantly refer back to in the archive category.

Fandango - 1980 Cadillac
This album is great hard edged radio rock, though not AOR in the purest sense. Their sound has more to do with bands from the mid seventies like fellow New Yorkers Blue Oyster Cult, combining funky elements in that quaint style associated with bands from that era.

Faster Pussycat - 1987 Faster Pussycat
Formed in 1986, Faster Pussycat were unfortunate to strike two bands either side of them that were making huge strides in El-Lay. Those two being Guns N Roses and Poison. Well, what a surprise then to find that this band and this LP rocks OK, despite their reputation drug taking abilities and egos.

Fastway - 1983 Fastway
Formed in 1982, this was originally the union of 'Fast' Eddie Clarke (Motorhead) and Pete 'Way' (UFO), hence the name.

Fiona - 1985 Fiona
Probably the pick of all of Fiona's albums is her 1985 debut. If you like female-fronted AOR, this is a good one to get.

FM (UK) - 1986 Indiscreet
Light and breezy AOR, and surprising poppy for this South London band. However, the FM band direction came about due to the obvious success of the harder melodic rock acts such as Europe, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi.

FM (UK) - 1989 Tough It Out
Neil Kernon, fresh his exploits with Queensryche, would join the production team for 'Tough It Out', and thereby the instant appeal of 'Indiscreet' would be replaced for a harder edged version of AOR. Still loads of gorgeous songs, offset by some (err hmm) 'tougher' songs as well.

Ford, Lita - 1988 Lita
'Lita' was the breakout album for ex Runaways string slinger Lita Ford during 1988, and it was her first for new label RCA after a falling out with Polygram/Mercury.

Fortress - 1981 Hands In The Till
Another period AOR classic from 1981, with hints of southern fried rock and good old arena rock thrown in to boot.

Frehley, Ace - 1988 Second Sighting
The self titled debut was one of 1987's best albums, with precision like hard rock. However this one, 'Second Sighting' was invariably a lacklustre follow up, with an uneasy mixture of Frehley's hard rock and Tod Howarth's AOR.

Frehley, Ace - 1989 Trouble Walkin'
Here's the third album from Ace Frehley during his Megaforce/Atlantic tenure. Now under his solo name, rather than the band name Frehley's Comet, 'Trouble Walkin' may have flown low over the hard rock landscape during 1989, and it's a pity the radar was off-kilter for this effort during that year.

Gamma - 1979 Gamma 1
The melodic rock project of Ronnie Montrose, with a few modern influences and a powerhouse vocalist in Scotsman Davey Pattison.

Gamma - 1980 Gamma 2
Dont'cha just love the cover? The sharkfin in the backyard cutting through the garden hose zeroing in on the sunbathing lady.. Classic stuff. As is the band and the music.

Gamma - 1982 Gamma 3
An abundance of keyboards and synthesizers are employed by Ronnie Montrose for this third and highly entertaining Gamma LP.

Girl - 1980 Sheer Greed
Any mention of the term NWOBHM would not be complete without reference to the London based band: Girl.

Girl - 1981 Wasted Youth
As a package, 'Wasted Youth' probably doesn't compete with 'Sheer Greed' but I think it has its merits, even though the band would probably disagree.

Godz, The - 1978 The Godz
Straight out of the biker/gonzo heavy rock brigade are this mob from Columbus Ohio called The Godz. Their music is excellent despite the biker image.

Goudreau, Barry - 1980 Barry Goudreau
At the time, the thought of a solo album was a good move for Goudreau to make. Unfortunately, the quality of the songs didn't quite hit the mark. Unlike four years later when Orion The Hunter was released.

Gramm, Lou - 1989 Long Hard Look
All in all, going back to listen to this album proved a worthwhile exercise. Even though melodic rock and AOR were quietly exiting the door in 1989, Gramm did enough for Atlantic to generate two decent singles on the Billboard Charts.

Grand Prix - 1980 Grand Prix
Though this album appeared in 1980 throughout the UK, the music was most definitely in the mould of North American arena rock, with loads of keyboard and guitar interplay and an emphasis on harmonies, and far removed from the raw, indie based material appearing out of the NWOBHM movement.

Grand Prix - 1983 Samurai
If you love superlative Brit pomp rock in the vein of Magnum and early FM then look no further than this majestic slice of AOR.

Hagar, Sammy - 1979 Street Machine
At this stage of his career, Sammy Hagar hadn't hit paydirt yet, this would occur a few years later. 'Street Machine' was his fifth solo LP up to this point, and contains a couple of useful songs, but isn't (IMO) a standout performer as his 1977 'Red' album was, for instance.

Hanoi Rocks - 1984 Two Steps From The Move
Myth, unfilled potential, hell raisers, darlings of the press and heartbreak. Hanoi Rocks could have been one of the reasons why Samuel Johnson in 1755 put together one of the earliest dictionaries, knowing the need to try to describe these vagabonds years later.

Hansen, Randy - 1980 Randy Hansen
Over the years Randy has acquired himself a reputation as a Jimi Hendrix clone, and in some ways this is quite justified. However, in saying that, his debut album released nearly two decades ago is one full of strong songs that are appealing enough to AOR'sters and melodic rock fans.

Harlequin (Canada) - 1980 Love Crimes
Bit of a lightweight album from our Canadian friends Harlequin, with just enough rough edges and musical colour to make this an interesting proposition nonetheless for melodic rock fans.

Harlequin (Canada) - 1982 One False Move
The material, it must be said, is quite hard-edged and rocky. Certainly more so than the straight-ahead radio rock we heard on 'Love Crimes'.

Heavens Edge - 1990 Heavens Edge
With the legendary Neil Kernon at the helm, Heavens Edge sometimes manages to escape the glam metal mire by incorporating lush AOR/Melodic rock arrangements into their metallic sound. Other times it's a firm reminder of why band's of this ilk were about to get stomped like a narc at a biker rally by critics, fans and the looming grunge era.

Helix - 1983 No Rest For The Wicked
'No Rest For The Wicked' was Helix's major label debut for Capitol, and the band do not disappoint with their brand of party-anthem rockers!

Helix - 1984 Walkin' The Razors Edge
After an industrious 1983 which saw Canadians Helix debut for their major label Capitol, the band returned refreshed and ready to rumble for the second album 'Walkin' The Razors Edge'.

Helix - 1985 Long Way To Heaven
With 'Long Way To Heaven' their sound becomes more polished, though still retaining that gritty quality accumulated over the years.

Helix - 1987 Wild In The Streets
One look at the cover will tell you Helix have gone back to the streets to discover some RnR credibility. The music is metallic and cranky, anthemic, with a ton of shout-outs and chants. If you liked 'No Rest For The Wicked' or 'Walkin' The Razors Edge' then you'll lose nothing here.

Honeymoon Suite - 1984 Honeymoon Suite
I bought this album more or less the day it was released locally, and not knowing anything about them, I was soon smitten with their brand of AOR. It does have some new wave traces, due in part to Johnny Dee's vocals, but mainly the racy guitars of Grehan and luscious keyboard textures from Coburn land this smack in the middle of AOR Central.

Honeymoon Suite - 1985 The Big Prize
Honeymoon Suite's second album 'The Big Prize' is aptly named, as it is indeed a prize among melodic rock fans and collectors. This time around, the faint 'new wave' angle is dropped in favor of strong AOR themes, and sees the band enhancing their radio friendly appeal.

Honeymoon Suite - 1988 Racing After Midnight
'Racing After Midnight' compares lukewarm with the two albums prior to this, and the one following - 'Monsters Under The Bed'. Many were looking to Honeymoon Suite to deliver the knock-out punch for their third album following 'The Big Prize', but unfortunately they didn't.

Honeymoon Suite - 1991 Monsters Under The Bed
Is it me? Or does this band sound as if they've listened to Giant's 'Last Of The Runaways' over and over again? For me personally, I love how they put more steel under the belt for this record.

Hughes Thrall - 1982 Hughes Thrall
An unusual pairing, and coming from different backgrounds leading up to this point, but the teaming up of singer/bassist Glenn Hughes and ace axeman Pat Thrall certainly presents some interesting options musically.

I-Ten - 1983 Taking A Cold Look
This legendary release has all the hallmarks of a classic, with fabulous songs, breathtaking melody, and brilliant production by what was at the time the industry's best.. Keith Olsen.

Icon - 1985 Night Of The Crime
Icon's 'Night Of The Crime' is deemed by many to be a classic melodic rock album, the band perhaps Arizona's best rock export.

Jefferson Starship - 1979 Freedom At Point Zero
Yes 'Freedom At Point Zero' was a landmark album for the band, and moved them out of that semi folky ballad territory occupied by Heart and Fleetwood Mac, and up alongside rockers such as REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Foreigner.

Kansas - 1982 Vinyl Confessions
For my money 'Vinyl Confessions' was their best album, the band re-energised by Elefante and showing plenty of purpose in their instrumental sections. The fact that they could utilise radio friendly melodies and still be unflinchingly hard rock inspired makes this a veritable feast.

Kansas - 1983 Drastic Measures
An unusual album by their own high standards, and one that has been commented on by many as their most 'un-Kansas' album ever. By this stage of their career, they were literally caught in a crossfire of their own making.

Kick Axe - 1984 Vices
This Canadian band are well overdue a mention on this website. They own three albums which were released in the mid 80's, and now thanks to Rock Candy Records, all of them are recently reissued in 2016.

Kick Axe - 1985 Welcome To The Club
After what was deemed a useful start to their musical career, Canadians Kick Axe returned in 1985 for album number two.

Kick Axe - 1986 Rock The World
So what of the songs on 'Rock The World'? I reckon they sound great. Put it this way, I enjoyed them far more than the previous two albums.

King Kobra - 1985 Ready To Strike
This debut was met with widespread acclaim, indeed a mostly sophisticated set of mid 80's commercial metal which beckoned at bigger things for the promising group.

King Kobra - 1986 Thrill Of A Lifetime
1986 saw L.A commercial metal hopefuls King Kobra turn their hand to AOR. I reckon it was a pretty good attempt despite industry indifference and public apathy.

Kings X - 1988 Out Of The Silent Planet
Back in the day, Kings X were a band I couldn't quite connect to. The Texan power-trio were an unusual band, with a sound all of their own. It wasn't until years later that I had an epiphany with Pinnick, Tabor and Gaskill; and understood what all the fuss was about.

Kix - 1985 Midnite Dynamite
By 1985, Kix had found their magic formula, and this kept them on the high-side all through the late 80's and early 70's where they maintained a healthy profile. 'Midnite Dynamite' with Beau Hill at the helm saw the band move into Ratt and Def Leppard territory.

Kix - 1988 Blow My Fuse
It goes without saying that 80's rockers Kix peaked in 1988 with this LP.

Knighton, Reggie (Band) - 1978 Reggie Knighton Band
RKB is truly an engaging listen. Described by many as an album that sits very high in their all time favourites list.

Krokus - 1980 Metal Rendezvous
From Switzerland, these guys changed horses like some guys change their cars. Krokus started life out as a prog based outfit during the mid-seventies, then diverting to a metal sound, with more than a headshake to the heroes of the time AC/DC.

Krokus - 1981 Hardware
This album shows the leaps and bounds Krokus had made since Storace joined. The awkward early albums were a good starting point, but here the band had identified a certain sound and were truly on their way to perfecting it.

Krokus - 1982 One Vice At A Time
'One Vice At A Time' seems to be totally unloved in the review department, with just about every significant album of theirs covered except this one.. Until now that is.

Krokus - 1983 Headhunter
'Headhunter' marked the end of Krokus' boogie era, which had lasted for four albums since 1978, and saw them take their one real shot at traditional heavy metal. It was a good shot. 'Headhunter' was the best metal album of 1983.

Krokus - 1984 The Blitz
This album definitely was a new direction for Krokus, moving away from metal and even hard rock to a smooth and streamlined rock sound more in line with where bands like Loverboy and Bon Jovi were (without the keyboards).

L A Guns - 1988 L A Guns
This is by far the best work the band ever did, with nothing coming close some 29 years later.

Lake, Greg - 1981 Greg Lake
Bassist Greg Lake took it upon himself to extricate himself from the progressive handcuffs binding him, and open up a bit more with an array of musical styles on his debut solo album for Chrysalis, released in October 1981. There's a bit of everything on this album actually.

Lake, Greg - 1983 Manoeuvres
Opting for a mostly AOR sound, both the 'Greg Lake' and 'Manoeuvres' LP's were a big departure from his prog rock days with ELP, but on this album in particular, it's AOR all the way, and though Lake might look back on this era and wince uncomfortably, I think Derek Oliver has made the right call in getting this reissued for Rock Candy.

Le Roux - 1980 Up
Radical change in direction from Louisana's finest, Le Roux, with this their third album. The previous two albums were reasonably non-descript efforts, showcasing their traditional bayou based sound. On 'Up' they moved into full-on AOR territory with some fantastic rockin' songs.

Le Roux - 1982 Last Safe Place
In your journey through AOR, Le Roux are one of the essential stops along the way, specifically the three 80's albums.

Le Roux - 1983 So Fired Up
This would have to be one of the all time great AOR albums ever. A gradual climb to greatness built up over years of struggle, and a gradual change from their early New Orleans R&B days to full on melodic hard rock. You will find this in virtually every AOR collectors top 10 albums. No question.

Lightning Raiders - 2012 Sweet Revenge
This was an unusual release for the reissue label Rock Candy back in 2012. Firstly, Lightning Raiders wasn't really a reissue. The material here is a bunch of recordings from the 1980-1981 period.

Lillian Axe - 1988 Lillian Axe
It was a reasonable start for the Lillian crew, but the best was yet to come.

Lillian Axe - 1989 Love + War
For me, an enjoyable album from the 1989 timeline was New Orleans band Lillian Axe and this underrated album 'Love + War'.

Lionheart - 1984 Hot Tonight
Supposedly one of the first supergroups out of the UK during the early eighties. So many hands passed through this band it was a virtual revolving door policy on personnel.

Little Caesar - 2010 Redemption
Little Caesar, those Rough and ready tatts and biker rockers from the late 80's, return with a album full of sweat and soul, blues and booze. This lot are seeking 'Remdeption'..

Livgren, Kerry - 1980 Seeds Of Change
I can't recommend 'Seeds Of Change' highly enough. Real 'CCM' long before that carry-all banner was coined; it didn't get much better than this.

Lone Star - 1976 Lone Star
Here it is kiddies, one of the best British (Wales to be exact) hard rock bands to land on my turntable back in days of old. Lone Star had it all; talent, songs, charisma, you name it, yet they couldn't keep a sold line-up together which probably had something to do with their untimely demise, but damn if they didn't create some kick ass hard rock!

Lone Star - 1977 Firing On All Six
This is second effort from Welsh hard rockers Lone Star, who in the space of a few short years created a buzz in both the rock and prog camps.

Malice - 1985 In The Beginning
Los Angeles based five-piece who developed the knack of being America's answer to UK metal legends Judas Priest.

Marcus - 1976 Marcus
'Marcus' has been described as one of the most obscure, yet incredible hard rock releases of 1976, and yet, only the hardened trainspotters have any idea as to its existence.

Marino, Frank - 1982 Juggernaut
'Juggernaut' is an interesting affair due to the style changes Frank exhibits here. This is no longer wah-wah crazy antics from years gone by. No, this is carefully crafted melodic rock, with a focus on songs, cool arrangements and selective solos with the trigger pulled at the appropriate time.

Marino, Frank (and Mahogany Rush) - 1980 Whats Next
Excellent studio set from Canadian guitar ace Frank Marino. Probably his best effort.

Marino, Frank (and Mahogany Rush) - 1981 The Power Of Rock and Roll
Wasn't 1981 a great year for hard rock? I thought so. Many excellent LP's found their way into my collection, but it would be many years later that Frank Marino's 'The Power Of Rock N Roll' would find its way to my vinyl pile.

Martin Eric (Band) - 1983 Sucker For A Pretty Face
Another album which has assumed minor legend status in AOR history is this, the only product from the Eric Martin Band, that served as a springboard for the future Mr Big vocalist.

Max Webster - 1976 Max Webster
Over the years, there have been some bands that have lived on the edge of wackiness throughout their career. Sadly ignored until now, Canada's Max Webster are a classic case in point.

Max Webster - 1977 High Class In Borrowed Shoes
This is Max Webster's second album, and as you can see from the album cover, the imagery is off the charts. Thankfully the music sits nicely in the middle of what was a fertile period for Canadian melodic rock.

Max Webster - 1978 Mutiny Up My Sleeve
We're now three albums into the career of Max Webster. If you enjoyed the first two albums of quirky hard rock with a style compass pointing in all directions, then 'Mutiny..' might prove to be the catalyst for change.

Mayday - 1981 Mayday
Due to a brief, gleaming bio in the International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal, this instantly became a personal must-have.. 'Mayday' is worth the hype and an easy classic..

Mayday - 1982 Revenge
Both Mayday albums should be part of the AOR Konnesieur's kollektion!

Melidian - 1989 Lost In The Wild
Melidian have a very heavy handed sound, complimented by great keyboards and a terrific rhythm section. In fact there are more than a few passing shots at Stephen Pearcy's Ratt.

Molly Hatchet - 1980 Beatin' The Odds
Not a perfect set, but one that ranks with anything Hatchet ever produced. Hatchet had perfected their sound, and contrary to common views, was musically similar to the first two albums.

Money (UK) - 1979 First Investment
'First Investment' has its moments, and it does take some detours along the way, which could best be described as 'quirky and theatrical'. For those of you into Max Webster, check this band out.

Money, Eddie - 1977 Eddie Money
Released in 1977, It's hard to call 'Eddie Money' a pure AOR release as the genre was still trying to find a definitive identity. It is however a strong debut filled with great pieces of straight ahead rock and roll.

Money, Eddie - 1978 Life For The Taking
'Life For The Taking' is Eddie Money's second album and arguably his best..

Money, Eddie - 1980 Playing For Keeps
Without doubt, this is a surprise underrated affair, with a solid Ron Nevison production.


Money, Eddie - 1982 No Control
Compared to Eddie's previous albums, I found this one to be well centered in the radio friendly/AOR zone, though it does have its up's and downs.

Money, Eddie - 1983 Where's The Party
The crazy thing is it has always been passed off as a failure or retread of 'No Control'. I disagree, even if it sounds a lot like his 1981 hit in some spots it includes material any melodic rock/AOR fan will love.

Money, Eddie - 1986 Can't Hold Back
1986's 'Can't Hold Back' was a (sort of) comeback album for the 'Money-Man' - Eddie Money. Columbia Records continued to back Money, and they were justified with the success of this album, which went gold pretty quickly, and easily made the top 10 charts, and two top 20 singles.

Montrose - 1973 Montrose
The results of 'Montrose' were unparalelled, an album which thirty years later sounds as fresh as it probably did thirty years ago.

Montrose - 1974 Paper Money
It's hard to argue the merits of the first Montrose album released a year before this one. A virtual HM freight train, it stands tall and proud. I think history will show that 'Paper Money' doesn't quite live up to the expectation or promise of the debut, but it's not a throwaway either.

Montrose - 1975 Warner Bros Presents..
Here is the third installment from this popular San Francisco band from the 1970's.

Montrose - 1976 Jump On It
Containing just eight tracks, 'Jump On It' contains none of the true-blue bluster of their earlier years. Instead, they seem to be aiming for the commercial hard rock market occupied by the likes Aerosmith and Heart during this mid 70's era, and one can't deny this given Jack Douglas' involvement.

More - 1981 Warhead
I've always liked this UK band even though they were quite late to enter the NWOBM ranks during 1980/1981.For me, 'Warhead' is when the band were at their creative best. Even Rock Candy Records thought so too, and reissued the album in 2011.

More - 1982 Blood And Thunder
One of the most well known NWOBHM acts and one who could have gone on to greater things had it not been for a slew of lineup changes, ill luck with record companies and bad luck in general.

Mothers Finest - 1976 Mothers Finest
With this their second album, Mother's Finest were becoming a solid draw throughout the south. Their enduring longevity still sees them out on the road today, and with a bulk of the band still intact. A testament to a fine band.


Mothers Finest - 1981 Iron Age
Some A&R men wanted Mother's Finest to be an urban contemporary act and cater to black radio's tastes, but on 'Iron Age', MF was clearly going after the heavy metal/hard rock audience of the early 1980s.

Mott - 1975 Drive On
I'm thinking CBS would have been pleasantly surprised by the two Mott albums, though history will say otherwise, as both 'Drive On' and 'Shouting And Pointing' didn't do very well at the box-office. Don't let that put you off, as both Mott albums are pretty good truth be told.

Mott - 1976 Shouting And Pointing
This album is well worth re-appraising and probably is more influential to many groups not just in the UK, but especially the ones in America that would dominate the rock scene in the 80's.

Mr Mister - 1985 Welcome To The Real World
It's hard to believe this band struck huge success during the mid-eighties with this album 'Welcome To The Real World'. A bunch of 'real world' musicians indeed, collaborating together under the banner of Mr Mister.

Mr Mister - 1987 Go On
The third of Mr Mister's catalogue, was this rather underrated set from 1987: 'Go On'. Unfortunately, for the talented quartet, this album went in and out of the American rock music consciousness with the blink of an eye.

Myles, Alannah - 1989 Alannah Myles
It was without doubt, one of the surprise breakout albums of 1989, with a hit single that spanned the globe.

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New England - 1980 Explorer Suite
Following up their classic debut must have been daunting, but this is a very strong second effort, regarded by some scribes as their finest moment.

Nugent, Ted - 1978 Double Live Gonzo
These days I'm not really a Nugent fan, but there's no doubting his material during the late 70's an early 80's was pretty good, including this double live effort from 1978.

Nugent, Ted - 1978 Weekend Warriors
I'm not a fan of this blokes politics, nor his gun stance affiliated with the NRA. But you can't deny the success he had during the 70's, with 'Weekend Warriors' being one of those stepping stones.


Nugent, Ted - 1980 Scream Dream
At one time I recall having a number of Nugent albums in my collection. Some have survived the test the time (like the 1975 debut), some others havent.. 'Scream Dream' wound be one of those.

Nymphs, The - 1991 The Nymphs
One of the more interesting and off-beat reissues on the Rock Candy label for sure.

Orion The Hunter - 1984 Orion The Hunter
Yep, 1984 was a pretty good year for AOR in my books. So many great releases. This one, Billy Satellite, and the debut Bon Jovi album top the list I reckon. Orion The Hunter are superb in every shape and form.

Outlaws, The - 1978 Playin' To Win
So what of 'Playin' To Win'? It was released during their heyday. This 9 set offering moved away from the Outlaws country base toward something more purely southern rock.

Outlaws, The - 1986 Soldiers Of Fortune
Much like Doc Holliday's maligned 1983 effort 'Modern Madness', southern rock compadres The Outlaws also opted for an overblown commercial keyboard laced affair for their 1986 album 'Soldier Of Fortune'. Did it work?

Paris - 1976 Paris
Here we step into the realms of an album being overrated to the point of overblown. While 'Paris' isn't a bad album by any means it is far from the classic it is purported to be and descriptions of the band as one 'of the most devastating power trios ever' are somewhat laughable.

Paris, Jeff - 1987 Wired Up
Or 'Wyatt Earp' as they used to say.. Another AOR demi-god well worthy of a GLORY-DAZE hall of famer is LA singer/songwriter Jeff Paris.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1979 Grey Ghost
Finally getting a write-up is the debut Henry Paul Band LP 'Grey Ghost'. This was recorded in 1979, a year and a few months after Henry Paul left his lucrative gig with southern rock legends The Outlaws.

Phantom, Rocker And Slick - 1985 Phantom, Rocker And Slick
A cool name for a band, with all the surnames coming together; the band-name rolling off the tongue like a smooth drop of Scottish Malt. Not so sure about the music though..

Plasmatics, The - 1982 Coup D'Etat
They came from the era of punk. Their peers included The Ramones and The Dictators. They literally turned the New York music scene on its head back in 1978. They were.. The Plasmatics!


Praying Mantis - 1981 Time Tells No Lies
When one thinks about the early days of the NWOBHM, a couple of bands spring to mind. Iron Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard, Diamondhead, and Praying Mantis. Yes, these London based boys formed around the Greek brothers Tino and Chris Troy were right there at the start.

Preview - 1983 Preview
Another fantastic period AOR band which is considered to be another ambassador of the G-DAZE website.

Quiet Riot - 1983 Metal Health
Where were you in 1983? What do you remember from that year? Let's not forget L.A metallers Quiet Riot, who reinvented themselves and became megastars during that year if only briefly. With their third album 'Metal Health', the band struck favour from everywhere.

Quiet Riot - 1984 Condition Critical
A year further on from 'Metal Health', Quiet Riot returned to release a new record which was an exact duplicate of what went before.

Quiet Riot - 1986 QR III
Call it the sinking ship syndrome, or perhaps the last chance saloon, but by 1986, the members of Quiet Riot must've felt like they were having one last drink before hitting the road for the last time.

Quiet Riot - 1988 Quiet Riot
QR went all out on this, going for an epic feel, with a mixture of ballads and rockers, trying to cash in on the success of Whitesnake and Bon Jovi, only to be left with a flop of colossal proportions.

Rage (UK) - 1981 Out Of Control
Formed from the 70's rockers Nutz, Rage had their sights set on a melodic landscape. They never quite found it, but they were never lost at sea either.

Rage (UK) - 1982 Nice N Dirty
With a couple of hot looking ladies on the cover, it was guaranteed to attract attention for British rockers Rage, and so it did; an album with some tough melodic rockers to boot.

Rage (UK) - 1983 Run For The Night
This is third and final instalment from UK melodic rockers Rage.

Ramjam - 1978 Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram
After scoring a major hit with 'Black Betty' in 1977, Ram Jam returned in 1978 with another punchy set of hard rock tunes.

Ratt - 1984 Out Of The Cellar
Despite the brain-dead press who tried to write this band off as being nothing more than ordinary, the youth of America voted with with their feet and their wallets, converting 'Out Of The Cellar' into a triple platinum seller. The album went as high as No 7 on Billboard..

Ratt - 1985 Invasion Of Your Privacy
The third of the Ratt triumvirate is this one 'Invasion Of Your Privacy', released in July 1985 and going double platinum by the end of the year.

Ratt - 1986 Dancing Undercover
'Dancing Undercover' was their fourth album in successive years (counting 1983's 'Ratt E.P.) and continued in the same vein as its predecessors, with an even balance of hard rock with hints of metal.

Ratt - 1988 Reach For The Sky
A band well covered in the MTV and VH1 universes, but truly, unless you were a supreme die-hard Ratt fan, this is an album to avoid.

Reckless - 1980 Reckless
Why this band didn't do better at the time still remains a mystery to me. There are some absolute pearlers on this their first album, produced by the very talented Paul Gross.

REO Speedwagon - 1978 You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish
REO are a classic example of the 70's Midwestern work ethic and deserved every bit of success they received.

REO Speedwagon - 1979 Nine Lives
After the release of their Live album 'You Get What You Play For' in 1977, and their more recent studio album 'You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish' (phew), the REO boys upped the ante big time for this classic of AOR 'Nine Lives'.

REO Speedwagon - 1982 Good Trouble
Because of the recent re-issue on Rock Candy, I'm playing my vinyl copy, and while my review probably won't be to the standard of the pending Rock Candy review in that monthly magazine it will be at least be a shade more critical when it needs to be. Of course this followed 'Hi Infidelity' and they found themselves in the same inevitable task as fellow countrymen Journey would have 6 months later in trying to match their most celebrated success with a follow up. Journey was doing the same with 'Frontiers', so likewise 'Good Trouble' was going to be on a hiding to nothing.

REO Speedwagon - 1984 Wheels Are Turnin'
'Wheels Are Turnin' returned REO to the very top echelons, not surprising given it's consistent quality AOR and never losing touch with their signature sound.

Return To Zero (RTZ) - 1991 Return To Zero
RTZ is a far cry from the Boston sound, and though the material is credible, a handful of songs lifts this album up a few notches.

Riot - 1979 Narita
'Narita' is a pretty heavy album for its time, and is a welcome and very much overdue addition to the GDM archives.

Riverdogs - 1990 Riverdogs
This is the culmination of two excellent San Diego based musicians, who also happened to be convincing enough for guitar god Vivian Campbell to be interested in joining them for a short term. As it turned out for Viv, it ended up being long-term!

Roadmaster - 1978 Sweet Music
Remember the quote out of the first edition of the Heavy Metal Encyclopedia, referring to Roadmaster as 'America's premier pomp band.' It went on to say 'the harmonies will make you sweat with delight..' And so it was, written in no uncertain terms that this was a band that became much sought after within the pomp rock/AOR genre.

Roadmaster - 1979 Hey World
'Hey World' was a continuation from 'Sweet Music'. Whereas that album had two distinct sides of music (some not so good, the other very good), 'Hey World' has carried on using the better elements.

Roadmaster - 1980 Fortress
For this record they shed some of the involved pomp tendencies of previous albums, and concentrated on the kind of crisp and melodic AOR that would provide the soundtrack for the eighties.

Romeo's Daughter - 1988 Romeo's Daughter
Here's a British outfit based around the sultry vision and voice of Leigh Matty. It is one of many good releases from that glory daze era, and stands tall above many of the established acts doing the rounds at the time.

Romeo's Daughter - 1993 Delectable
Released in October 1993, the album garnered a lot of friends. Many of the songs were prepared years before, and you can probably guess that they sound closer to a late 80's vibe than a late 1993 vibe.

Rough Cutt - 1985 Rough Cutt
Another of the L.A hair metal/hard rock brigade.. Rough Cutt..

Rough Cutt - 1986 Wants You!
This is sophomore release from L.A hair metallers Rough Cutt.

Salem, Freddie And The Wildcats - 1982 Cat Dance
Once again a perfect album that fell through the cracks at a time when classic albums were so common. This deserves recognition as it doesn't contain a poor moment whatsoever, and is an album you'll want to hear again and again.

Scandal (Featuring Patty Smyth) - 1984 Warrior
One of my favorite pop rock/AOR albums ever. At the time, the track 'The Warrior' was a staple on radio the world over, and is still one of those archetypal 80's anthems.. something you remember the decade by.

Shadow King - 1991 Shadow King
Shadow King without doubt are an AOR'sters 'dream team'. All of these guys are well known from previous outfits, but I suppose the core of this fruition stemmed from the 'Long Hard Look' sessions of Lou Gramm's second album two years prior.

Shakin' Street - 1980 Shakin' Street
Musically the band have stayed close to their good-time hard rock vibe, which contains lots of energy, a unique French flavor, and in some cases a boogie quotient accentuated by the likes of AC/DC, Krokus and Status Quo, who were all thereabouts on the scene at the time.

Shaw, Tommy - 1987 Ambition
However, with 'Ambition', in steps Terry Thomas, 'the man from Charlie' as luck would have it, to lend his somewhat significant production expertise to this project. And boy it pays off big time! This album is a belter..

Sheriff - 1982 Sheriff
Listening to this album time and again still sends shivers of AOR delight down my spine. It's hard to believe this piece of Canadian perfection came out in 1982, it still sounds fresh now as it did back all those years ago.

Skin - 1994 Skin
There have been a few unusual selections within the Rock Candy catalogue and 'Skin' would rank right up there among them, but kudos to Derek Oliver for giving this band an increased profile among the melodic rock/AOR faithful.

Smashed Gladys - 1988 Social Intercourse
A band that set the NY rock scene alight in the late 80's, their reward nearly 25 years later is a flash CD reissue by Rock Candy Records.

Speedway Boulevard - 1980 Speedway Boulevard
This is an incredibly different style of melodic rock and for music listeners circa 1980 this must have seemed as foreign as the concept of the Internet.

Springfield, Rick - 1981 Working Class Dog
Where were you in February 1981 when ex-pat Australian Rick Springfield released this album upon middle America? The album and three cuts from it went high into the Billboard charts, including 'Jessie's Girl' which was a No. 1 smash.

Springfield, Rick - 1983 Living In Oz
Springfield never made a poor album in the 80's, they are all deserving of a note, but 'Living In Oz' is the quintessential AOR choice of his career.

Springfield, Rick - 1985 Tao
Looking back through the myriad albums during the 80's, one that has a consistent reputation throughout is Rick Springfield's 'Tao' album from 1985. If you have a look through 'Best Of' lists during the decade, and read trusted AOR publications from that era, 'Tao' is right up there.

SPYS - 1982 SPYS
Many of the songs were written by the trio of Blanco, DiGaudio and Gagliardi, the first three members to combine for SPYS. However, it wasn't until two years later that the album was eventually released. The result, a true AOR masterpiece, appreciated and acknowledged as such by fans of the genre.

SPYS - 1983 Behind Enemy Lines
Spys, are one of the best AOR bands to come out of New York (include Balance and Aviator). To me, they are the epitome of glory days AOR, and are a true ambassador of this website.

Squier, Billy - 1980 Tale Of The Tape
After two albums with Boston based outfit Piper, it was with trepidation and bravery that front-man Billy Squier ventured out on his own. A good move in hindsight, as Squier would be one of the industry darlings between 1981 and 1984, with a couple of mega selling albums to boot.

Stampede - 1983 Hurricane Town
Stampede had a relatively short stay on the UK melodic rock circuit, being in operation between late 1981 and finishing up in 1984.

Stampede - 2011 A Sudden Impulse
Another of the original NWOBHM contenders from the 80's has new life breathed upon it. Stampede, who as it turned out, formed from the ashes of the excellent Lautrec plus Wild Horses before them - are back in the saddle for 2011.

Starcastle - 1976 Starcastle
It would be hard not to compare Starcastle to Yes - the musical similarities there for all to pick the eyes out of.

Starcastle - 1977 Citadel
'Citadel', a perfect foil and slight change in direction for Starcastle, this time taking a more commercial approach. Not a complete sell-out, but enough to convert their style of prog into radio oriented songs.

Starcastle - 1977 Fountain Of Light
One thing that hadn't been discarded was the Yes influence. Even so, 'Fountains Of Light' contained more than the appreciative nod toward the likes of Messrs Anderson, Wakeman, Howe et al..

Stepson - 1974 Stepson
Stepson run the gamut of fuzz-based hard rock, and spent all of their time down in Los Angeles during the early 70's.

Stevens, Steve (And The Atomic Playboys) - 1989 Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys
The Atomic Playboys debut was surely an interesting set of tracks which kinda hit the mark for me, and I did it justice during 1989 giving it lots of airtime. Warner Brothers promoted it heavily too, with video and MTV doing its bit to get the sci-fi factor out to viewers, which it did easily.

Stone Fury - 1984 Burns Like A Star
In 1983, Lenny Wolf moved to Los Angeles, and hooked up with Bruce Gowdy to form Stone Fury.

Storm - 1979 Storm
Fairly bizarre band, interesting, quirky, and definitely coming from left field.

Storm - 1983 Storm
This L.A quartet released their commerically challenged self titled album back in 19729. Overblown pomp of some substance, and still very much a talking point among pomp/seventies collectors to this day.

Strand, The - 1980 The Strand
I don't know much about these guys circa 1980, apart from the fact that 'Moon' Calhoun is a fairly well known session singer and is also a cohort of other L.A luminaries Michael Thompson and Jeff Paris.

Strangeways - 1985 Strangeways
'Strangeways' the album is still a favorite among many today. As we all know, the strength of this album would be eclipsed by the next pair 'Native Sons' and 'Walk In The Fire' - both of these taking on a pristine quality.

Strangeways - 1987 Native Sons
Those who know me well also know I rave about this album. Superlatives run off the tongue like a years supply of saliva! This one is so good, it is perhaps one of the best ever AOR releases to spring forth from the UK.

Strangeways - 1989 Walk In The Fire
I can't say it any clearer than this: 'Walk In The Fire' is immense AOR of the finest sort. If there are two albums you need in your CD collection (that is: if you're more than a half serious follower of melodic rock), then it's their 1987 predecessor 'Native Sons' and this one 'Walk In The Fire'.

Streetheart - 1980 Drugstore Dancer
For this fourth album they decided to toughen up the sound by producing the record themselves, feeling they'd gotten a little too lightweight with 'Quicksand Shoes', their last album for Atlantic before jumping ship and moving to Capitol the same year. The results are mixed but not without reward..

Streetheart - 1983 Dancing With Danger
The Streetheart sound of 1983 was a crisp and well produced affair, not far away from the material released by Helix and soon to be heroes Honeymoon Suite. But according to the band it could've been so much better.

Streets - 1983 1st
The combination of Walsh's symphonic background, mixed with Slamer's melodic pop sensibilities makes for an engaging combination with Streets, and so it proved on '1st'.

Streets - 1985 Crimes In Mind
It's this one 'Crimes In Mind' their second I prefer best. The songs on here are more dynamic and compare similarly to material released around the same time by Foreigner and Airrace.

Survivor - 1979 Survivor
A get together of local area Chicago musicians who came from bands such as Ides Of March/Jim Peterik Band, Jamestown Massacre/Mariah and Chase. The beginning of a successful run for one of AOR's best loved bands.

Survivor - 1981 Premonition
The first two Survivor albums often fall under the radar when compared to their later material, but both are able to stand up with the best of their catalogue.

Survivor - 1982 Eye Of The Tiger
We all remember the riff.. right? One of the most identifiable intros to music, that has been used a thousand times over on TV and film. That's right, we're talking Survivor's 'Eye Of The Tiger'. Not so much the album, but the tune.

Survivor - 1983 Caught In The Game
Perhaps the rarest album of theirs to get was this one 'Caught In The Game' released one year after 'Eye Of The Tiger' (the album). I recall seeing or hearing very little of this platter for many years, and wondered whether this album actually existed. You must realise that prior to the Internet, the printed media were only into mainstream acts, of which Survivor did not fit.

Survivor - 1984 Vital Signs
Survivor's 'Vital Signs' album set 1984 alight and provided the band with a commercial comeback after the equally stunning 'Caught In The Game' inexplicably stalled in the lower regions of the Billboard charts.

Survivor - 1986 When Seconds Count
Two years later the band are back with near on a carbon-copy of 'Vital Signs'. I say carbon-copy but 'When Seconds Count' is probably one rung or two down from that prior album, but I have to admit, despite its flaws (the overly clever and pampering lyrics for one, Sullivan's thin-sounding guitar work being the other), I still find a lot of charm with this record..

Survivor - 1988 Too Hot To Sleep
With one more contracted album with Scotti Bros and the writing more or less on the wall, the band decided to go out with a bang, rather than a whimper. 'Too Hot To Sleep' was the result.

Sweet Savage (Nth Ireland) - 2011 Regeneration
If you have read about this band and this album and were thinking it was a NWOBHM affair in the vein of White Spirit, Diamond Head or Grand Prix, you will be sorely mistaken. 'Regeneration' is a very heavy album, and will definitely appeal to heavy metallers more so than melodic rockers.

Tangier - 1989 Four Winds
Having listened to all three albums, I can say that the direction they pursued on 'Four Winds' was a winning combination. The transition from AOR to a melodic hard rock with a blusey twinge was an inspired move..

Target - 1976 Target
Musically Target should hit most of the right buttons for Southern rock fans with a hard rockin' mixture of Point Blank and Hydra influences peppered with pop.

Target - 1977 Captured
Before his ascent into AOR megastardom with Survivior, Jimi Jamison cut his teeth with Memphis based rock band Target, a basic rough and ready set of US rockers far removed from the slick approach Jamison would later favour.

Teaze - 1979 One Night Stands
Canadian band Teaze remain a favourite among GLORY DAZE readers. Special treat then, that their fourth album 'One Night Stands' gets the reissue treatment from Rock Candy Records very shortly..

Tempt - 2016 Runaway
A very good young band in the vein of fellow Americans Station, and from a pure hard rock perspective, these two bands are leading the way in the US of A.

Thomas, Ian - 1979 Glider
This is an album I've been wanting to get my hands on ages, having owned 'Still Here' for years.. this was like a missing piece!

Thomas, Ian - 1981 The Runner
This was Ian's first album for the Anthem label, after his association with the GRT label ended in 1980. 'Still Here' and 'Glyder', were released the prior two years and were reasonably successful albums in their own right.

Thorpe, Billy - 1982 East Of Edens Gate
'East Of Edens Gate' was the last of four attempts to crack America. 'Children Of The Sun', 21st Century Man' and 'Stimulation' (between 19729 and 1981) all went before it with varying results.

TKO - 1979 Let It Roll
Produced by Heart's producer Mike Flicker, 'Let It Roll' sounds like prime-time GDM material to me.

TKO - 1984 In Your Face
My first run-in with the band was listening to their insipid 'Let It Roll' album from 1979. Awful stuff to be honest, and when a few years later, the band turned up with 'In Your Face', I was expecting more of the same. Hell no.. This is awesome stuff, and about as bruising an album of hard rock as you'll find on the block. Talk about a turn-up for the books!

TKO - 1986 Below The Belt
Released on Roadrunner Records, history would show this album didn't fare quite as well as the previous one, but that's not to say it's inferior.

Toto - 1978 Toto
No AOR collectors album collection would be complete without this album.. Enough said..

Toto - 1979 Hydra
This album has been described as their most 'progressive'. In comparison to the rest of their discography I suppose this is a true statement. But if 'progressive' is meant to be a dig at the British art rock movement from a few years previous, then I feel it's quite wide of the mark.

Toto - 1981 Turn Back
We wind the clock back to 1981's criminally neglected 'Turn Back'. Steve Lukather has previously gone on record stating that the band was unhappy with their record company promoting their ballads and lighter material. 'Turn Back' would therefore appear to have been a backlash against these inside moves and it contains some great songs. I defy any serious pomp rock fan not to love this album.

Toto - 1982 Toto IV
One of the genre's perfect albums, and one that fully deserved al the accolades it was awarded.

Toto - 1984 Isolation
Many of the GLORY-DAZE readership will have no hesitation putting this album right up there as the best thing they've ever done.

Toto - 1986 Fahrenheit
After the aural bombast that was 1984's quite brilliant 'Isolation', this 1986 follow up might seem a little tame by comparison.

Toto - 1988 The Seventh One
With an album cover reminiscent of the 1978 debut LP, it is indeed a case of 'back to the future' with these L.A legends, as 'The Seventh One' delivers a variable set of tunes that range from incredulous pop to hard-out rockers, plus everything in between.

Touch - 1980 Touch
Long considered an AOR/pomp classic is this effort from New York based outfit Touch.

Trapeze - 1974 Hot Wire
From my way of thinking, this is a great set of tunes. If you like the early versions of Bad Company and to a lesser degree Whitesnake, then 'Hot Wire' should appeal greatly.

Trigger - 1978 Trigger
Trigger were a New Jersey based rock band who bring to mind (ironically enough) two of Casablanca's other recording artists of the era: namely Angel and Kiss.

Trillion - 1979 Trillion
If you like multi-part harmonies like Queen and Yes then this band will appeal to you.

Trillion - 1980 Clear Approach
If you're looking for an AOR album of sheer class, where pomp rock and west coast tendencies are woven together with style, you've just found it.

Van Zant, Johnny (Band) - 1980 No More Dirty Deals
Johnny and his band surfaced with in 1980 on Polydor with 'No More Dirty Deals'. The JVZ Band remained intact all through the 80's Polydor and Geffen years, but this is where it started.

Van Zant, Johnny (Band) - 1981 Round Two
According to most historians 'Round Two' was a shift into AOR territory, but this is anything but, rather a set of Southern tinged ballads with the odd rocker thrown in. Even with Kevin Elson producing the set still is mostly Southern flavoured.

Van Zant, Johnny (Band) - 1982 Last Of The Wild Ones
As enjoyable as 1985's 'Van Zant' was, there were three albums worth of material for AORsters to get their teeth into. The Johnny Van Zant Band released three super albums between 1980 and 1982, all compulsory additions to your CD collection. Definitely the seeds for 1985's 'Van Zant' were laid here, but I believe no one really knew that a classic was just around the corner.

Vandenberg - 1982 Vandenberg
Despite the success of this album, it proved to be the only real success for the band, because the following two albums 'Heading For A Storm' and 'Alibi' aren't a patch on this debut, though they will probably appeal to AORsters..

Vandenberg - 1983 Heading For A Storm
1983 saw the follow-up to the debut Vandenberg album from the previous year. Where that album was a bonafide metal album with emphasis on guitars, 'Heading For A Storm' sees the band moving into the AOR/ melodic hard rock camp.

Vandenberg - 1985 Alibi
'Alibi' was the final of the three albums by Vandenberg. At a drop, I would say this release is the patchiest of the three. There are some good ideas expressed here, but the production is not the best. Either that, or the CD mastering is crap.

Vicious Rumors - 1990 Vicious Rumors
Just out on reissue thanks to Rock Candy - is the self titled CD from northern San Francisco metallers Vicious Rumors. Their output during the late 80's through to the early 90's comes recommended.

Virginia Wolf - 1986 Virginia Wolf
Modelling their style on the likes of US heroes Foreigner and Bad Company, Virginia Wolf's strengths lay in well developed songwriting capabilities - mainly through Nick Bold and Chris Ousey.

Virginia Wolf - 1987 Push
From a personal perspective, I have enjoyed this album over the years. It is probably more AOR than the debut, no doubt helped by the production from Kevin Elson, a man well known in AOR production circles.

Waite, John - 1982 Ignition
'Ignition' would lay the platform for former Babys lead singer John Waite to successfully go it alone as a solo artist.

Walsh, Steve - 1980 Schemer Dreamer
This is the first solo album from Kansas keyboardist Steve Walsh, recently reissued by Rock Candy Records.

Warrant - 1990 Cherry Pie
Another album that slipped through the GDM cracks. Warrant's second album 'Cherry Pie' is; a genuine hairspray legend.

White Lion - 1985 Fight To Survive
Here's an album that's been on my case for ages. It wasn't until recently that I decided to go out and buy the Grand Slamm CD version of this album that I decided it needed to be on GDM. So here it is.

White Lion - 1987 Pride
Without doubt 'Pride' is a classic slice of melodic hard rock, showcasing the best of the New York scene during the hair metal days of the late eighties.

White Lion - 1989 Big Game
White Lio's third effort, which made 1989 an overall enjoyble year for me.

White Sister - 1984 White Sister
To this day, this band and this album still fascinate the hell out of me. What did Sounds Magazine say about this band back in 1984? .. 'a band that looks like Angel and sounds like Journey ..majestic keyboards and heavy guitar .. dynamic melodic metal but with some sinew and muscle'.

White, Michael - 1987 Michael White
Between Michael White and Kingdom Come's Lenny Wolf, these two blokes had the Robert Plant doppelganger gig all sewn up between them. It's a very stylish album, that many punters have picked up on in later years, more so than when it was originally released. There's a good line-up of musicians assembled here, but it's the voice of White which holds it all together.

Wild Horses (UK) - 1980 The First Album
They were a superrgroup of sorts, with personnel among some of the British heavyweights of rock.

Wild Horses (UK) - 1981 Stand Your Ground
Here's the second instalment of the British band Wild Horses.

Wilks, Van - 1980 Bombay Tears
He's better known as a blues guitarist in the Texan style, but his debut album 'Bombay Tears' offered up something different.

Winger - 1988 Winger
The late eighties hard rock scene was populated with as many mediocre acts as talented ones, Winger by a wide margin one of the latter. Mixing the elements of party rock with AOR wizardry, the bands success was guaranteed, especially with the larger than life Winger at the helm, one of the last rock gods of the modern era.

Winger - 1990 In The Heart Of The Young
It's been ages since I've given this CD a dusting off the shelf. A commercial success back in the day but 23 years later I'm not convinced that this has stood the test of time to be honest.. Read on..

Wireless - 1978 Positively Human, Relatively Sane
With the other two Wireless albums already reviewed, it's high time we look at the last remaining album in their three-part catalogue. It's their second effort from 1978, the cleverly titled 'Positively Human Relatively Sane'.

Wireless - 1980 No Static
Rush's Geddy Lee produced this, their third and final album, and indeed this does have a lot of the vibe Rush were emitting themselves circa 'Moving Pictures'.

Wrathchild America - 1989 Climbin' The Walls
Wrathchild America's debut LP 'Climbin' The Walls' was released early in the new year of 1989. If you're into that late 80's thrash a la Testament, Overkill etc, then Wrathchild should be your thing.

Zebra - 1983 Zebra
Three good old boys from the land of the Bayou head off to Long Island New York in search of fame and fortune. Yessiree, that's the story of Randy Jackson and Zebra.

Zebra - 1984 No Tellin' Lies
If you are a fan of power trio Zebra, then it will come as no surprise that the general consensus about their second album 'No Tellin' Lies' is not good.

Zebra - 1986 3.V
Zebra were formed in 1975, but had to wait eight years to be signed to Atlantic Records. After a well received debut and, by the band's own admission, a rushed second effort, this third album is their masterpiece.