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Saxon - 1979 Saxon
It was obvious their NWOBHM sound of their second and third releases was something of an anomaly or a blip on the radar for their debut is something altogether different, offering up a typical 70's hard rock sound produced by Argent's John Verity. Think Trapeze, Nazareth and Judas Priest's 'Rocka Rolla' and you have the early Saxon vibe..

Saxon - 1980 Wheels Of Steel
An absolute classic of British HM from 1980.. Saxon's 'Wheels Of Steel'..

Saxon - 1981 Denim And Leather
Compared to the hundreds of other bands roaming the scene was worlds ahead. Saxon required another monumental effort to separate themselves further and achieved that comprehensively with 'Denim And Leather' which rightfully became one of the cornerstones of the whole genre.

Saxon - 1983 Power And The Glory
Saxon were only five albums into their recording career, but to many they peaked with 'Power And The Glory'.

Saxon - 1985 Innocence Is No Excuse
Saxon were at the crossroads in 1985, half way between their traditional metal sound mixed with equal amounts of hard rock and AOR. They had compromised their British sound with 84's 'Crusader' by using REO Speedwagon producer Kevin Beamish to try and crack the US market with a smoother, more melodic approach. This sickened their fan base who saw it as a sellout.

Saxon - 1988 Destiny
By 1988, UK metallers Saxon were dabbling in melodic hard rock, with mixed results..

Saxon - 1990 Solid Ball Of Rock
'Solid Ball Of Rock' is a true return to form for Saxon, but one that perhaps came too late.

Saxon - 1997 Unleash The Beast
Still going strong after that many years, the boys that gave us denim and leather still pump out the albums. But rather than the dated sound you would expect, Saxon sound quite polished.

Saxon - 2000 Diamonds And Nuggets
This assortment of various demos and unreleased material comes courtesy from the Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson 'Saxon' side of the fence.

Saxon - 2004 Lionheart
Twenty five years since their self titled debut Saxon, continue to go from strength to strength. 'Lionheart' is a pure heavy metal statement with all the vitality of their debut.

Saxon - 2007 The Inner Sanctum
For those with long memories, Saxon's last studio album was the rather stupendous 'Lionheart' from 2004. Many thought that was a good album, but I'll be telling you now - 'The Inner Sanctum' is damned good. Fire and brimstone, with a shipload of sugar thrown in to sweeten the pot.

Saxon - 2009 Into The Labyrinth
This is a mixed offering and there's little here to seperate 'Labyrinth' from 'Sanctum', 'Lionheart' or 'Killing Ground', with the sound heavy and the guitar attack now quite familiar if not quite as riveting as the Oliver/Quinn days, the only downside to latterday Saxon in my opinion.

Saxon - 2011 Call To Arms
So another year, another forgettable Saxon release. Like Motorhead and Iron Maiden, the utter predictability of their music has reached its zenith.

Saxon - 2013 Sacrifice
This is essentially the same Saxon album you've heard since 'Unleash The Beast' way back in 1997 and you can take it or leave it. It's as simple as that.

Saxon - 2015 Battering Ram
Another Saxon album comes and goes without as much as a blink of an eye for me. I get the feeling I'll still be reviewing them when I'm as old as Biff and saying the same things over and over.

The Essential Series - 2017 NWOBHM (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
This was the movement which effectively kickstarted the heavy metal industry as we know it today. Here is our first Volume looking at this part of the HM scene, out of Britain.

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