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The Essential Series - 2018 Purist AOR (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
I could sit here and discuss the merits of our favourite sub-genre of music AOR until I'm blue in the face. So I won't. Read on.
Shelly T - 1987 Out Of Control
This is a melodic hard rock band with Christian leanings. They originated from the Santa Rosa area north of San Francisco, and released this rare hard-to-find LP back in 1987.
Merryweather Stark - 2018 Carved In Rock
As to be expected, this is a big boisterous slab of heavy rock with a slight bluesy tinge. The album lives in a 70's fat bottomed groove with tough riffs and funky rhythms for friends.
Mott The Hoople - 2004 Live (30th Anniversary Edition)
There are some truly great live albums out there, mainly from the 70's, 'KISS Alive', 'Frampton Comes Alive', UFO's 'Strangers In The Night' etc, but strangely this one gets forgotten about. This album is right up there with those classics.

Broughton, Edgar (Band) - 1970 Sing Brother Sing
This album was released at a time when pretty much anything went. EBB are without doubt an acquired taste and they are not without a certain charm.

Thomson, Steve - 1989 Steve Thomson
Overall, these songs are reasonably good. The familiar Bob Marlette touches come to the fore on several tunes, but not overly so.
Blizzen - 2016 Genesis Reversed
With an EP recorded in 2015 and put into their stockpile, 'Genesis Reversed' is Blizzen's first full-length affair, and is a reasonable effort, if not for a couple of issues.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1977 Out Of The Blue
Who can forget the big spaceship design on the album cover? It really was a stand-out back in 1977 upon release, and was sure-fire way to sell a record.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1976 A New World Record
Unlike their previous release 'Eldorado', 'A New World Record' changed course markedly, as radio appeal and their requirement for shorter songs meant that ELO had to adapt, which they did successfully.

Adellaide - 2017 Flying High
As a full album this is solid representation of AOR coming out of Brazil. Good to see a more melodic side coming out of that country.

7HY - 2017 For The Record
It's all very predictable and formulaic and really needed to have some songs go against the grain to offer up some variety. Sorry I couldn't add any more positives this time around.

Greta Van Fleet - 2017 From The Fires
Some of you may remember from 2017, we wrote an article about this young Michigan based band called Greta Van Fleet. It was a little bit out of the ordinary, because the band members we're still at school essentially..

Crazy Dog - 1979 Crazy Dog
The closest comparison I can make for Crazy Dog is like a harder and less pompier version of Roadmaster, though there are keyboards on this record. That should interest a few of you no doubt.
Vanilla Fudge - 1984 Mystery
Not a bad effort at all, but one that was treated like the plague by fans and critics. Taken for what it is, it's a credible shot at the AOR market.

Schon And Hammer - 1981 Untold Passion
Definitely recommended for fans of both men, but nowhere near classic status.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1974 Eldorado (A Symphony)
Let's wind back the clock to 1974, and dig into ELO's 'Eldorado', which was apparently, a concept album.

Montrose - 1987 Mean
Personally I don't think there are enough interesting moments onboard to make it an altogether cohesive listen. It might have been Montrose in name, but name only.
The Essential Series - 2018 Golden Oldies (Volume 1), by Gdazegod
Well, this is a little bit different. I was inspired to create this category based on a whole bunch of videos I had been watching on YouTube. Some of them go way back into time.
Vinnie Vincent Invasion - 1988 All Systems Go
A decent enough album that suffered badly from the wrong vocal style I reckon, but that's just my personal opinion, and I know the two VVI albums are regarded (by some) as classics.

Impeccable - 1979 Live On The Rox
70's hard rock, Texan style, from the Lubbock based Impeccable. If you're into bands like Moxy and Teaze, then check these guys out!
Craaft - 1988 Second Honeymoon
I will make this declaration, and say that Craaft's 'Second Honeymoon' is one of the finest melodic hard rock albums coming out Germany. Period.
Magnum - 2018 Lost On The Road To Eternity
Well I am glad to report that British pomp rockers Magnum are riding the second wave of popularity like seasoned surfers.

Outlaws And Moonshine - 2017 Devil In The Moonshine
Despite the overtly southern rock sound and image, O&M certainly have a melodic side and a hard rock edge, if you strip it down to the bare components.
OnRoxx - 2017 Swedish Brew
With a bit of refinement into the future, OnRoxx could develop into and deliver something special in the years ahead.

Kingdom - 1988 Lost In The City
1988 was a great year for German melodic hard rock and AOR. There were a spate of good bands in operation. Think: Victory, Zeno, Aidean, Bonfire, Craaft and many more. Let's not forget these guys Kingdom. Later on they became the band Domain.

Midnight, The - 2017 Nocturnal [ep]
Truth be told, the stuff on 'Nocturnal' is how I expect Synthwave music to sound. There is a vibe and mood created, which could drop you into the middle of a cinematic extravaganza. The Midnight have got it just right.

Cats In Space - 2017 Scarecrow
Cats In Space were the surprise packet in 2015 with their 'Too Many Gods' album. Once again they turn up the screws with another polished performance on this their second album 'Scarecrow', combining progressive pop and AOR with a recipe designed for maximum aural impact.

Moritz - 2017 About Time Too
I actually like this band more than a few other British bands that have appeared on the 2015-2017 timeline. 'About Time Too' is surprisingly good, as I wasn't expecting a great deal but I needn't have worried as Moritz are in fine form.

Wolff, Jessica - 2017 Grounded
It's all melodic pop rock with a hint of AOR and glam, and in one case - nubreed. It's very appealing as was her debut so this album is not too dissimilar to that one.

Hornal - 2017 The Game Begins With The Lights Out
This album has a certain innocence and a very English charm running through it which makes it all the more attractive. Hornal is a name I will be most definitely following very closely from now on. A lovely album that comes highly recommended.

Frontback - 2017 Heart Of A Lion
As we've discussed on this website in recent days, in relation to the pitfalls of modern-day AOR and melodic rock, I guess this Swedish band could fall into that category. In trying to project themselves as being something a bit different, they end up being more or less the same as everybody else.

Thin Lizzy - 1976 Johnny The Fox
After the success of 'Jailbreak' earlier in 1976, the next album 'Johnny The Fox' came out in a surprising short turnaround, issued in October 1976, some seven months later.

Thin Lizzy - 1976 Jailbreak
If you peruse the Thin Lizzy history books, you will find agreement overall that the early 1976 album 'Jailbreak' was their breakout LP.

Trickster - 1977 Find The Lady
Trickster's albums can be found online if you look carefully, and really should be given greater appreciation as they are super LP's from the late 70's.
Jinx - 1975 Jinx
All I can say about Jinx, is they are aptly named. No record label should've touched this band, it's terrible terrible stuff.
Best Of - 2017 Jeffrey343
The Best of 2017, according to Jeffrey343
Best Of - 2017 Dtabachn
The Best of 2017, according to Dave (Dtabachn).
Existance - 2016 Breaking The Rock
Fantastic French heavy metal. That's all I will say. They may be the epitome of today's modern metal, even if their style is 80's metal.

Twisters, The - 1982 All Night
The late 70's L.A music scene wouldn't be worth its salt without mentioning the name The Twisters.
Uncle - 1979 Up Against The Wall
'Up Against The Wall' is a worthy addition to the overall tome of Southern Rock, and a compulsory addition to the annals of Texan Rock overall.
Tragik - 2017 Tainted
I'm not quite convinced that this is the best Tragik record I've heard thus far, some of the earlier material might still be a priority over this one. Check it out, see what you think.

Bad Radiator - 2017 IV
Style wise, Bad Radiator deliver more of the well crafted melodic rock which generally, most Swedish rock bands are known for, and as the band have proved over the course of their discography, they do offer some interesting twists and turns.

Jacks, The - 1985 In Danger
I take my hat off to a label like Retrospect Records who did a lot of work in promoting rare AOR and heavy metal from the 80's. One of those rarities was Nebraska based quartet The Jacks, who released this one-off LP back in 1985.
Best Of - 2017 Dangerzone
The Best, and not so Best, according to Dangerzone (Alun).
Best Of - 2017 Gdazegod
The Best, and not so Best, according to Gdazegod (George).
Best Of - 2017 Eric
The best and not so best from 2017, according to Eric.
Best Of - 2017 Explorer
The best and not so best from 2017, according to Explorer (Malcolm).
Stallion (Germany) - 2017 From The Dead
Along with two other belters in the modern day (but trad metal scene) including Canadians Striker and fellow Germans Blizzen, Stallion are set for world domination.. haha!

Eisley Goldy - 2017 Blood, Guts And Games
Something doesn't seem right if this pair can return to the current day on the back of Frontiers support. Is the melodic rock industry this bad that labels have to scrape the history books of the 80's to find new inspiration? I'm afraid it is, however, since Eisley Goldy have landed, there's no point in bemoaning this fact.

Beverly, Brian - 1981 Eleven It Ends
The songs here are punchy power-pop rockers nicely pigeon-holed for the early 80's era. In saying that, it does have a harder edge and a fast-paced tempo generally.
Queensr├┐che - 1988 Operation: Mindcrime
Queensr├┐che really did capture something special with this album. If you are new to the band start with this one.. satisfaction guaranteed.

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