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ARTIST: The B'zz
YEAR: 1982
CD REISSUE: 2004 Bad Reputation

LINEUP: Tom Holland - vocals, guitars * Michael Tafoya - guitars * Anatole Halinkovitch - keyboards, guitars * David Angel - bass * Stephen Riley - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Get Up Get Angry * 02 Too Much To Ask For * 03 Caught In The Middle * 04 Steal My Love * 05 Make It Through The Night * 06 I Love The Way * 07 Take Your Time * 08 Not My Girl * 09 Runaway Love Affair


Something of a Chicago supergroup, The B'zz, shook off their biker roots as The Boyzz, to become this lot. The band became more AOR-fied, losing much of the boogie/biker sound from four years previous.

Joining the band, and no doubt helping the melodic cause immensely was singer/guitarist Tom Holland, previously with Steppenwolf. 0He hooked up with Mike Tafoya, Halinkovitch and Angel (from The Boyzz), while Riley came from Indiana pompsters Roadmaster. 0
A strange mix admittedly, though the sound, once you get into it, is OK.

The Songs

Tom Werman was a busy man during 1982, and managed to find time to produce, what would ultimately be a one-off album for The B'zz.

The intro to 'Get Up And Angry' is low and subdued. An unusual choice considering the song title, because it takes ages to warm up.. to 'get angry' as it were. When the B'zz get lucid and wild, the sound is very rockin'.. Holland even doing his best Dave Lee Roth impersonation.

The pairing of 'Too Much To Ask For' and 'Caught In The Middle' are very radio-friendly numbers followed by the ballad 'Steal My Love' which is an album highlight.

Trainspotters will notice the very distinctive Diving For Pearls similarity on 'I Love The Way'. Vocally, Holland doing his best Danny Malone impression here. This continues through on 'Take Your Time', a very melodic affair indeed.

The good time boogie feel makes a return on 'Not My Girl', but this is soon forgotten by the catchy melodic hard rock of 'Runaway Love Affair'.

In Summary

Overall, more AOR than boogie/biker rock. A pleasant surprise considering their history. As mentioned, the album and band were shortlived. Riley upped and left and headed for greener pastures with Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P..

The other guys hung around in Chicago. A new band was formed by Tom along with renowned axe-shredder Mike Batio, to become Holland. This union resulted in the 'Little Monsters album during 1985.

During the 90's, The Boyzz reformed for a few shows, whilst their one-off album 'Too Wild To Tame' saw a CD release on a French label. Unfortunately, this did not culminate in any reunions for The B'zz, not surprising considering their shortlived existence as it was.


Get Up Get Angry

The B'zz - on Dick Clark's American Bandstand

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