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Found these two vidz on Youtube - loaded up recently

A few more on the channel some quite recently put up like the version of Running From You.



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    A few years ago, I had some email dialogue with Jeanette, and she sent me a video (MOV format) but for the life of me I don't have it available to me anymore. It might have been 'Running From You' but I'd need to see the video again to confirm it. Nice lady too. :)
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    This might be the clip you’re referring to George. Would love to find out what she’s up to right now. I used to hear rumours of a Storm 3, but that’s all they were, rumours.
  • I've got 4 sets of demos - most from Kelv I think. RIP mate! - and there are lots of excellent unreleased songs. Only two live video clips (Reno. Nv.) Her bandmate's YT channel has stuff from Flight (pre-Storm) but the most recent JC stuff is a different style of music.
  • Any chance of hearing those demo`s John??
  • Yes, Malc. I'm collecting them all together - some sets have some duplicate tracks - and I'll have something to send you in a few days. Btw did you ever hear the unreleased Styx album from 1992 called 'Son Of Edge' which Glen Burtnick originally (2007) was not going to divulge but now has? I can send that too.
  • Hi @JohnWatson thank you very much...and no, I`ve not heard the unreleased Styx album!!
  • Send me your email address, dark blue (mail me on [email protected] then delete my email lol!) and I'll send it via We Transfer when I do the same for Explorer.
  • Oooh would it be possible to add me for the Storm ones?
  • Yes! :)
  • Cheers - I'll send u my email :)
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