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Hello all -

I've been racking up some posts at my blog that I think might interest readers here. Rather than clutter the board with a bunch of individual posts, I was inspired by Patrick's ongoing thread for Deep Dives to create my own thread for my blog, Schlockmania. I'll use it to share any writing about GDM-appropriate music and books.

Without further adieu, here's an array of links...

Rush topic link -

This covers everything I've written about Rush thus far. At the moment, there are write-ups for every album from their debut through POWER WINDOWS, the BEYOND THE LIGHTED STAGE documentary and a handful of reviews for books about the band.

Van Halen topic link -

Reviews for all the Roth-era albums and four books dealing with Van Halen, including the Ted Templeman autobiography

Sweet topic link -

A review for SWEET FANNY ADAMS, three parts of my "Catalog Crawl" capsule review guide and a review of the book REBEL ROUSER

Angel topic link -

My three-part Catalog Crawl for the band, write-ups on the two currently available books and a few other items of interest for Angel fans

Catalog Crawl for Bachman-Turner Overdrive -

Glam Phase, the debut of a new post series, dedicated the Cinderella catalog -

If you check any of these out, I hope you enjoy them. I'll continue to share posts as they go up. Thanks for reading.



  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    edited July 2021

    Thank you, Don. I've been visiting your site regularly, and I found a good deal of articles for the AOR fan. This is a nice guide to start there.

  • Thanks, Dtabachn. Your support is much appreciated.

  • The Sweet, one of my all time favourite bands. Thanks for putting in the time to write this up.

  • Thanks, David. I'm prepping more installments of the Catalog Crawl for Sweet, focusing on the post-Polydor years and some compilation/archive releases, too.

  • Glad you posted here, just discovering you… and our shared love for this stuff! Just finished reading your take on a couple of the Popoff books… don’t always agree with him but thankful he’s willing to thoughtfully discuss acts others won’t bother with.

    Same reason I came here to Gdaze!

  • Thanks for reading. Popoff can be controversial when talking opinions but he's got a scholarly, thoughtful side that comes out in his historical band or genre studies.

  • Here's a fitting compliment to this week's GDM post about hi-tech AOR - a look at Rush's HOLD YOUR FIRE. They take prog in an adult contemporary direction here, with a very AOR focus on songcraft and lot of hi-tech frills in arrangement and production:

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    Terrific reading my friend. I can spend hours diving into music. As far as Popoff goes, I like him. Like all critics I take what they say with a grain of salt. His books are terrific. I’ll watch him on YouTube with Pete Pardo on Pete’s Sea Of Tranquility channel.

  • Thanks, Patrick. I appreciate your curation on that Deep Dives thread.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida
    edited August 2021

    The last song on Power Windows, Mystic Rhythms, is absolutely the jumping off point for Hold Your Fire. I agree, it’s their Hi-Tech album.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    Pete does an awesome job with his channel that’s for sure. He did a couple of shows recently ranking the albums of Survivor & FM that really held my interest the entire way. Completely in my wheelhouse.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    Well I’ll be damned. Excellent job my friend. I wonder if Pete has gotten around to checking them out yet.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    Cool beans Dark. I’d love to see a REO Speedwagon album ranking. When I saw Survivor it was opening up for REO on their Wheels Are Turning Tour & Survivor was working Vital Signs. What a night of music.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Darkblue, and congrats on your YouTube work. It's nice to see fans keeping the AOR spirit alive.

    And here's the latest from Schlockmania - part 4 of the Catalog Crawl for Sweet, exploring three albums from the 1983-1992 period that find Andy Scott figuring out life beyond the major labels as he works his way towards repositioning his old group for a new generation...

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida
    edited August 2021

    Schlockmania is my newest addiction. Good work my friend.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    Excellent my friend. They seem a natural for that show format.

  • Here's a book review for NOTHIN' BUT A GOOD TIME, an oral history of '80s glam metal packed with memorable tales from the people who made it happen.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida
    edited August 2021

    That was a page turner for me. Right up there with Louder Than Hell.

  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Thanks for the heads up, an enjoyable write-up on the book.

    Hopefully sooner rather than later, we'll post a follow-up volume to our glam metal Essential.

  • A bit off topic:
    @darkblue , as a regular viewer (and subscriber) of Sea Of Tranquility: What themes are you doing with Pete? What's the last show you was in? I'm curious ;)

    I've watched so many SoT-shows since the beginning of the pandemic. All people involved do a a great job! Most of all Pete of course.

  • I'm back with some more Rush for your weekend. This time, it's a track-by-track breakdown of A SHOW OF HANDS, an underrated live album of their high-tech era that deserves more credit than it gets. You get some interesting insights into the quality of Lifeson's textural guitar approach with these slightly stripped-down live versions...

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    Believe it or not it’s my favorite live Rush album.

  • @darkblue Ah okay, Simon, right?
    I like in the Prog Seat a lot. Good to have you on that one!
    Speaking of the Eden's Curse show: Is Steven Reid on glory daze, too? He seems to be an AOR fanatic and a nice guy. Although is thick scotish accent is pretty tough sometimes ;)

    Back to Schlock: The Van Halen article is a nice read. Good work! Have to dive into the other stuff now...

  • edited August 2021

    Haha, no problem, guys. It's nice to see discussion here. Besides, demanding order on a web forum is as sensible as trying to herd cats.

  • Oh well, clever me! Hahaha But now I know :-)
    The threads here are for connecting music lovers from all over the world, so... everything is fine!

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    A tip of the hat Schlock. I read the Show Of Hands review and couldn’t agree more. Nice job.

  • Just in time for your weekend, part 5 of the Catalog Crawl for Sweet - it looks at three albums of three different types from the 1995-2009 period:

  • Today, I started up a Catalog Crawl for Starz, looking at their first three albums:

  • An excellent appraisal of the first 3 Starz albums. Yet another band that Aucoin didn’t do right by.

  • Love love love Cherry Baby.

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