Guilty Pleasures

DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
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We all have songs and albums that we deeply enjoy in spite of having the perception that they are not held in high regard by others, or they are a stretch from the styles or genres that we usually listen to.

I do not think there's something such as a 'guilty pleasure' in music, although social pressure makes us hide (or should I say mask in these times? Hmm.) behind that term to avoid social rejection in certain circles. Yet, it's a funny expression indeed.

Here's a sample of my guilty pleasures in no particular order, I'd love to know which are the guilty pleasures for other regulars here. Don't shoot the messenger, lol!

ABBA - 1986 ABBA Live

ABBA - ABBA 1986 Live

Not only I do love each one of ABBA's eight studio albums, but this live one released after the band's breakup is also a favorite.

Laura Nyro - 1968 Eli And The Thirteenth Confession

Laura Nyro - 1968 Eli And The Thirteenth Confession

Although himself a fan, Paul Stanley was less than happy when Laura was inducted into the RnR Hall Of Fame before Kiss. This eclectic jazz album is superb.

Baltimore - 2010 Tarzan Boy: The World of Baltimora

Baltimora - 2010 Tarzan Boy: The World Of Baltimora

The 1985 hit single Tarzan Boy plus other great Euro-dance tracks in this compilation by the Italian project.

Neil Diamond - 2001 The Essential

Neil Diamond - 2001 The Essential

Deep Purple covered Kentucky Woman. They were right, Neil has many fantastic songs.

Village People - 1980 Can

Village People - 1980 Can't Stop The Music OST

Fergie Fredricksen contributed as David London, but the whole album is pure fun.

Rocky Burnette - 1979 The Son Of Rock And Roll

Rocky Burnette - 1979 The Son Of Rock And Roll

The hit single Tired Of Toein' The Line and an entire album of classic vintage rock and roll.

Opus - 1984 Live Is Life

Opus - 1984 Live Is Life

From Austria comes this pop band with a few hard and prog leanings besides the hit-single title track off this live album.

Espen Kind - 1997 Red

Espen Kind - 1997 Red

A perfect pop album from the Norgewian singer/songwriter/producer, well beyond the pretty face looks.

George Duke - 1985 Thief In The Night

George Duke - 1985 Thief In The Night

Jazz purists felt betrayed by this excellent Hi-Tech album that features John Fiore (Preview) on vocals for the power ballad Why.

Barbra Streisand - 1980 Guilty

Barbra Streisand - 1980 Guilty

Barbra Streisand produced by Barry Gibb. What else can we ask for with regard adult contemporary (AC)?


  • Some time back I caught a little flak for reviewing Dollar :D

  • gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
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    My guilty pleasures shift between ambient, synthwave, flamenco instrumental, and mid 70's disco. :#
    Oh, add in Roger Whittaker.

  • The one band that I’ve done a complete 180 on are The Carpenters. Back in the day when I was a full on Glam man I couldn’t think of anything worse. Now of course, with a lot more maturity can I now fully appreciate them…and what a voice Karen Carpenter had.

  • …and on the subject of female vocalists. There’s this which sends shivers up my spine.

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    I think I'd own this thread if you looked through my record/cd collection. :)

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    A few I like to spin every so often -

    Jake Thackray - my mum absolutely hated this guy, maybe it's an act of rebellion :D

    The Temperance Seven

    Noel Coward

  • As I’ve grown older, I’ve been able to ignore feeling ‘guilty’ about appreciating some music. But I certainly can relate to the topic!

    Much of my list would revolve around acts of the 70s. I think about the never-ending brilliance some of these artists captured on record… even if there was some excess goop involved. Abba, Carpenters, Manilow…

    And I never fail to feel moved by how funny, happy, sad, wistful, innocent, and goofy the video for Monkees ‘daydream believer’ is:

  • Jake Thackeray…wow! I remember him mainly due to him appearing on the BBC TV programme That’s Life!during the 70’s.

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    England ‘Going All the Way’ 1988

  • Dead Or Alive - Rip It Up Live and Nude
    Barry Manilow - most things
    Donna Summer - Live And More and the SAW album
    Mikki And Griff - Greatest Hits
    Lena Zavaroni - Best Of
    Lulu - most 70s things
    Linda Bengtzing -Minn Karousel
    Kenneth Williams - Rambling Syd Rumpo

  • Paul Anka - Rock Swings

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    If you had asked me this question maybe forty years ago I’d be able to answer it better. At fifty two I’m pretty cool with all the music I have. I put my enjoyment of Barry Manilow & early 80’s pop country right out on front street. Hell, I even like Take That’s second run at the charts.

  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Perhaps the topic is more related to the music we like that's far from our preferred genres. For instance, I've been listening to Miles Davis lately after watching the 'Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool' documentary. I think I made fun of the expression 'guilty pleasures' because I really don't think they do exist. As another example, I have one Richard Clayderman album and I enjoy his popular versions of classical music.

  • PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida

    On that note I really enjoy John Tesh’s Garden City. Worth every penny for You Break It & Shock.

    You Break It:


  • So many songs that don't fit in with what I regularly listen to..

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