Goblin ‘Volo’ 1982

Classic West Coast AOR from the Italian legends 1982 album of the same name. A far cry from their more well known soundtracks and an album I had no idea existed until earlier today.


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    Perfect track for a montage of Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer getting up to rude hijinks down at Venice Beach - like Hill turning his head to look at a hot chick in a bikini and accidentally walking into a muscle bound freak from Gold's Gym; which then requires Bud Spencer to step in and his save his skinny arse from a slap to the head.

  • It's also ideal for the end credits when they've overcome whatever odds they faced and are freeze framed hugging with huge smiles on their faces.

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    A nice shot of musical sunniness - and smokey and dangerzone's descriptions are pretty spot-on.

    By the way, has anyone here listened to the Goblin soundtrack for TENEBRAE? Some of its cues play like the dark, gothic version of synthwave.

  • Yeah, that's a classic for sure, I can just picture the scene in my head. For the Hill confrontation with the bodybuilder, Spencer taps the muscle freak on his shoulder from behind and the dude turns around and lifts his head all the way up because he only comes up to Bud's big hairy chest; and then Spencer let's out a grunt while nodding his head slowly.

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    Let's go have a plate of pasta.

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