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This quartet are all about a jangly Midwest style of rock that must've seemed out of place in their home town of Los Angeles.

The Broken Homes - s/t
ARTIST: The Broken Homes
ALBUM: The Broken Homes
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Michael Doman - lead and backing vocals, guitars * Craig 'Kreg' Ross - lead and backing vocals, guitars * Jimmy Ashurst - bass, backing vocals * Craig Aaronson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 In Another Land * 02 An L.A. Rain * 03 Out In The Fields * 04 Painless Saturday * 05 Steeltown/Blues Town * 06 I'll Be Wearing Blue * 07 30,000 Feet * 08 Yes, It's All Over Now



Though this band came to fruition in Los Angeles, main man Mike Doman had his roots in Philadelphia, and bought some of those Pennsylvania traits with him upon landing in El-Lay.

This band are all about a rootsy/bluesy sound ideal for the College audiences of the day, a la The Hooters, John Cougar Mellancamp with a touch of the Rolling Stones thanks to Doman's voice.

Not to be confused with British outfit Broken Home, this lot had an equally hard time trying to crack the big leagues. Reputably, they were a top drawer club band on the Sunset Strip, but so were many others too. The listening public in the City of Lost Angels were certainly spoilt for choice. This brief review looks at the first of three albums released by MCA between 1986 and 1990.

The Songs

So what are these guys all about? I would say that The Broken Homes only scrape onto this website by the barest of margins. Its not a sound or style I gravitated to back in 1986 and listening to these eight tracks years later only confirms my initial thoughts. Some of you might find some respite with this album but unfortunately I couldn't.

In Summary

Despite the enthusiasm and promotional push by MCA, the album never took off. To their credit, MCA hung around until 1990, hoping to cash in, though its unclear what that was. TBH would become a five piece by the time of their 1988 second album 'Straight Line Through Time' with keyboardist Jim Swahl hooking on, and Michael Graves replacing Craig Aaronson on drums.


In Another Land

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  • I have all three of their albums. Good job with that description. Mellencamp meets Bryan Adams by way of The BoDeans is how I hear them. They definitely appeal to my love of the Heartland genre of music. Thanks for putting these guys fresh in my mind.

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