Ace Frehley - The Space Cassette Box Set

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Ace Frehley - The Space Cassette Box Set

Ace Frehley has just released his entire eOne catalog on cassette for the first time ever.

Featuring five albums from 2009
to 2020, the box set includes Anomaly (deluxe edition), Space Invader, Origins Vol.1, Spaceman, and Origins Vol.2. All pressed in different colors: green, blue, black, yellow and silver, respectively. Limited to 1,000 units.

Anybody else into the cassette revival? I've bought a few used cassettes in the last months for nostalgic reasons and because they were dirt cheap. I also enjoy cleaning up/restoring them as a kind of relaxing activity or meditation, if you will.

On the other hand, I know they are not the most faithful format with regard sound quality, plus releases like this or the recent Motley Crüe RSD cassette box set follow close on the heels of the vinyl revival as another cash grab.



  • For me, I'm glad to see some people giving the cassette format a revival. Next on the list will be VHS, Betamax, CD's and then mp3's. :*

  • I mean who even has a tapedeck or a Walkman anymore? You'll know it's a cash grab when you find out what the price is.

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    Still got a tape deck (and a fair few cassettes) too as part of my ancient Technics set up, which still works absolutely fine. Can`t remember the last time I played any of them though.
    Minidisc anyone??

  • The Ace marketing camp gets a big attaboy here, quite the clever title. That being said, I have no desire to go back thirty years to revisit one of the worst sounding delivery systems for my music.

  • I could never go back to cassettes for any reason whatsoever. Totally agree with Patrick. Obviously this is a marketing gimmick, so no big deal.

  • I can remember the first car I bought, and the monster chomping tape deck it had. Lost count of how many original cassettes got chewed up by the 'monster', though this was offset by dubbing them to blank C90 cassettes. And a few years later along came CD's.

  • I’m thinking that only 15-20% of the people who buy this Ace package will actually PLAY the thing. Most will just have it becausethey’re fans and appreciate the ‘kitsch’factor.

    I’ve noticed that a shockingly high number of artists on bandcamp only offer their releases on cassette or digitally.

    The pre-recorded cassettes I bought back in the 80s sound awful now. Unlistenable. However, the blank TDK and Maxell cassettes I made mix-tapes on have held up much better. But it’s not a format I’d spend more $$ on at this point. But hey, cassettes we’re there for me when I needed them— they were good in their time!

  • Darkblue, you’re right about pricing of used vinyl. And I’ve also wondered if THIS is the time to unload my beautiful collection?

    … but I CAN’T, damn it, I just can’t. Not yet. A few more years. At least…

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