Hard-to-find Reissues HR/HM VOL.4 (Universal Japan)

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Just found out today about a batch of reissues being released by Universal Japan on January 26th. It's part of their long-running "HR/HM" reissue series and offers an interesting mix of glam metal and AOR material that was originally released circa the end of the '80s/beginning of the '90s. The new lineup includes a lot of OOP stuff, including Wrabit, Femme Fatale, Little Caesar, Warrior Soul, Kane Roberts, etc. They're all priced around the 10 dollar level so it's a great way to fill some holes in your CD collection. You can find a full list of these releases here: https://store-universal--music-co-jp.translate.goog/feature/hr-hm-vol4/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc


  • gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
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    Definitely some goodies in there, including many of the Pat Benetar albums, Y&T, Monster Magnet, Sheriff and Blue Tears.

    1100 Yen currently equates to US$9.60, approx 13 in Aust and NZ, and €8.40 over in Europe, £7.20, in the UK according to my Currency Converter on Friday 12th Nov.

  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Thanks for the heads up, Don. Interesting reissues there, among them Wrabit's hard to find debut, Pretty Boy Floyd, Exodus and Slayer plus the ones you've already mentioned.

  • Wow, Wrabit!!! These are really great news :smiley:

    Thanks for the infos, Don!

  • Tons of classic bargain bin releases from the day in this list, Jackyl 'Push Comes to Shove' Tesla 'Five Man Acoustic Jam' Slayer 'Decade of Aggression' Galactic Cowboys 'Space in Your Face' Sammy Hagar 'Marching to Mars' ... back in the 90's the record stores were practically giving these away.

  • The 3 Wrabits will be good. I have the Jap 1993 MCA reissue of 'Tracks' stashed away in storage. Getting a fresh ¥1100 copy would be good but I'm long past buying CD's, a discussion that David Shaw and I often have when we're on the phone.

  • Wrabits first and third albums are on Spotify. Would be nice to have ‘Tracks’ on there as well, their best by a mile.

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