Bad Axe - Contradiction To The Rule

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No, this version of Bad Axe is not the Los Angeles band who were active in the mid 70's,this is a Michigan band who released this low level obscure classic from 1986.

Bad Axe - Contradiction To The Rule
ALBUM: Contradiction To The Rule
LABEL: Self Released
SERIAL: 2259
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2015, Cult Metal Classics, CULTMETAL058

LINEUP: 'Slammin' Sammy Tindal - lead vocals * Chuck Parenteau, Rusty Wright - bass, guitars, taurus pedals * Tommy Scott - drums

TRACK LISTING: A1 Big Knobs * A2 Mystified *. A3 All The Dead Magicians * A4 Flakattak (instr) * A5 Runner On The Wind * B1 Love On The Run * B2 You Can't Stop Me Now * B3 The Ice Queen * B4 The Last Knight



No, this version of Bad Axe is not the Los Angeles band who were active during the mid 70's, this is a Michigan band who released this low level obscure classic from 1986. From Flint MI, this quartet have mined some of the efforts from the late 70's and early 80's to great effect. In the mix I'm hearing bits of Centaurus, early Virgin Steele and Warlord.

The Songs

First track 'Big Knobs' is a slice of 80's party metal. We've heard this a million times before yeah? I had to laugh when I first heard 'Mystified'. The riffs must surely have been lifted from Foreigner's classic' Hot Blooded'. Truly doppelganger stuff, but I'm not complaining.

'All The Dead Magicians' is preceded by a choir like vocal piece, once that dearly departs, the band chop and change the tempo and structure. Quiet and very subdued on the verses while the choruses are faster and metallic. 'Flakattak' is an instrumental which is similar to material found on those U.S Metal compilations from the early 80's.

'Runner On The Wind' is the change-up track, featuring acoustic passages initially with the electric intrusion following soon after. Best described as a power ballad I guess. 'Love On The Run' takes a while to get going, with choppy rhythm guitar featuring heavily. If you're judging by songtitle, then no this is not AOR.

'You Can't Stop Me Now' is notable for the Cookie Monster on background vocals. It's a bit of a stomper regardless. 'The Ice Queen' with its dip into the fantasy realm is reminiscent of David DeFeis and his band Virgin Steele. Big washes of epic sounding keys introduce 'The Last Knight'. Chugging guitars and slam dunk drums drive this track through to the end. Good finish.

In Summary

I just love discovering some of these obscurities and I'm encouraged to know that there are oodles more out there waiting to be found. If that old melodic metal sound still tickles your fancy, then you'll be doing yourself a favour by engaging with this album.


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