Metallica - new album for 2023 '72 Seasons'

Metallica's new album '72 Seasons' is due for release in April 2023. The first single 'Lux Aeterna' is out on YT.

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  • Decent enough song but not enough to me listen to repeatedly.

  • Some bloke on a discussion forum called it Sux Aeterna lol.

  • It's certainly nothing to get excited about ...

  • Not bad, the riff-o-mania sounds like 82 Raven to my ears. At least it's short and sweet, no boring passages. It's as if the dude who released the cut version of Death Magnetic had a hand in the production.

  • For some reason when Hetfields vocals hit it loses some steam for me. I can’t put my finger on it.

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    I thought the exact same thing, man. They're not rough enough, don't fit too good with the early 80s metal sound of the song. A guy like John Bush with his throaty vocal would take the song to the next level. That guy's in his element doing speed metal burn ups for Armoured Saint. Still, I like Hetfield's voice on the chorus, that's a home run for me.

  • I just read that 72 Seasons will consist of 12 songs and be 77 minutes long. That's the same length as Hardwired...To Self Destruct, an average of 6.41 minutes per song. Yay, can't wait for that, man - another slog that works best as an aide to help you fall asleep at night. I'm nodding off already.

  • Same old formula, release the shortest song first to get your hopes up and then pull out the rest of the album which is the usual slog.

  • I don't know why these bands still insist on doing that, it's the most stale move going. I think Megadeth are the worst for it, always releasing the most 'brutal' thrash track first. At least this time around Mustaine's 'brutal' thrasher was a regurgitated piece of
    crap that left you in no doubts about what to expect on the new album. I decided to listen to that album the other day, my first time since the week of its release. I couldn't get past the 2nd minute of the first track, the staleness of it making me mentally sick. Maybe Metallica will surprise us this time round, maybe the album will consist of 11 songs clocking in at an average of 3min 30sec with the last track doing that 90s trick of having a reprise after 20min of dead air.

  • There is twitter talk that Lars might hook up with Alex and Geddy to do some Rush songs, though admits it would take a lot of rehearsal. Lol.

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