Ratt - Infestation

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ALBUM: Infestation
LABEL: Roadrunner/Loud & Proud
YEAR: 2010

LINEUP: Stephen Pearcy - lead vocals * Warren DeMartini - guitar * Carlos Cavazo - guitar * Robbie Crane - bass * Bobby Blotzer - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Eat Me Up Alive * 02 Best Of Me * 03 A Little Too Much * 04 Look Out Below * 05 Last Call * 06 Lost Weekend * 07 As Good As It Gets * 08 Garden Of Eden * 09 Take A Big Bite * 10 Take Me Home * 11 Don't Let Go

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The last time Ratt released an album of new material was back in 1999, a recording which sounded nothing like their vintage 80's years, a malaise that affected many bands trying to be hip in the 90's. Happily that is a distant memory for Ratt fans in 2010 and in quite amazing circumstances the band have recorded an album which in all honesty could have been lifted from 1984.

I'm not sure how many fans thought Ratt had it in them to achieve this, but the addition of Carlos Cavazo must have revitalised the band a great deal. There's no pandering to anything current here, just a band knowing where their strengths lie - and they have exploited them gloriously.

The Songs

Opener 'Eat Me Up Alive' begins with a riff similar to 'You're In Love' and the production has a gritty 80's vibe that recalls Ratt's early years. Taking this further is 'Best Of Me', a classic melodic rock track which is more suited to the 'Detonator' era. The chorus here is immediate in effect, something which is true of every track on the recording.

Highlights are numerous throughout and what's really crucial is the heaviness of the music, on par with Ratt's early days. 'Last Call' is sped up, with a ton of attitude and swagger, a throwback to what a great era these guys came from.

The opening bars of 'Lost Weekend' are crushing and I had a hard time getting the chorus of this one out of my head. This is 1985 all over, honestly. Pearcy sounds great, belting out the lyrics to 'Garden Of Eden' with bravado, the man still singing about having a 'bad reputation' all these years later.

'Take A Big Bite' is nothing short of metal and bums like Motley Crue could really learn a thing or two from this level of class. 'Take Me Home' is relatively restrained, but the closing bombast of 'Don't Let Go' sums up this beast of a hard rock album, fast, frenzied and overwhelming.

In Summary

This is a serious contender for album of the year, in a year itself already bombarded with quality releases in the hard rock and AOR categories. Ratt's resurgence is a welcome addition to the likes of Treat, Krokus, Keel, Overkill and The Scorpions who have all peeled off stunning albums.

Ratt more than the others though have captured the essence of who they once were and happily still are. There's no shame in holding on to the sound which made them great and thankfully they have realised that. As long as Pearcy, Blotzer and DeMartini are around there will always be Ratt. This is an essential listen for any rock fan.

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