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ARTIST: Sneaker
ALBUM: Loose In This World
LABEL: Handshake
SERIAL: 205 069-320
YEAR: 1982
CD REISSUE: 1999, Cool Sound (Japan), COOL-023


LINEUP: Tim Torrance - guitars * Mitch Crane - vocals, guitars * Michael Carey Schneider - vocals, keyboards * Mike Hughes - drums * Michael Cottage - bass * Jim King - keyboards, synthesizers, vibes

TRACK LISTING: 01 Believe Me Tonight * 02 Quit Crying * 03 Before You * 04 The Fight * 05 Voices * 06 Never Get Over You * 07 Where You Gonna Run * 08 Pour It Out * 09 Someone To Blame It On * 10 Did You Order One * 11 Nothing From You * 12 I Can't Imagine (released on Japanese LP only) * 13 All Or None (previously unreleased) * 14 Loose In The World (previously unreleased) * 15 When It Came (previously unreleased - Sneaker Demo 1980)


This is the second studio album from Los Angeles based band Sneaker. This outfit had been in existence for some years prior to their label signing with Handshake Records, and their musical styles dabbles in the likes of Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Venice and Ambrosia.

A lovely amalgam of west coast and AOR, which saw success on their 1981 self titled debut, and the single 'More Than Just The Two Of Us'. That album is considered by many West Coasters as a closet classic, and the band duly returned a year later with 'Loose In The World', which is just as good.

For the hardened AORster, it may even be more appealing due to the appearance of a few rockers.

The Songs

The album opens up with one of those rockier tunes.

'Believe Me Tonight' shows a different side to the band, perhaps demonstrating what they would've sounded like live. We're back into Sneaker Territory Central with 'Quit Crying', followed by the tender heartfelt sweetness of 'Before You'.

The short instrumental 'The Fight' segues into 'Voices', which is more terrific funky based west coast with a hint of Michael McDonald in the mix.

The ballad 'Never Get Over You' follows suit with the McDonald comparison, a lush tune nonetheless.

The instrumental 'Pour It Out' is the second of the rock-out tracks on the album, guitars are really cranked up here.

'Someone To Blame It On' could be loosely compared to their previous hit 'More Than Just The Two Of Us', many of the attributes making a reappearance.

The album finishes up with an excellent AOR oriented track 'Nothing From You', though it takes a minute and a half to get into the body of the song. Great ending though.

In Summary

During the 1982 year, Sneaker's world caved in on them. Their label Handshake went belly-up, as a consequence the band weren't as well promoted as they could've been, though the band did 'sneak' away with a Japanese tour before they disbanded, from which a live album would result many years later.

A great band, who fortunately for us, have most of their back catalogue out in the digital realm now. This album was re-released in 1999, and is not as hard to find now as it once was.

The CD features a slightly different track listing to the original LP release, a different cover, plus there are a number of bonus tracks added on. If you are a West Coast music fan, then these guys will already be known to you. If not, well, here is your invitation.

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