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ARTIST: Solution
ALBUM: Runaway
YEAR: 1982


LINEUP: Harry Hardholt - guitars * Tom Barlage - alto sax, keyboards, percussion * Gus Willemse - bass, vocals * Hans Waterman - drums, percussion * William Ennes - keyboards

Additional Musician: Jim Capaldi - vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Runaway * 02 Shame On You * 03 Move On * 04 Evil Love * 05 Bad Breaks * 06 Who's To Blame * 07 Down Hearted * 08 Lovin' You Was Easy


Progressives at heart, Dutch band Solution, following a clutch of well-received jazz influenced rock LP's, took a decidedly commercial direction despite losing a portion of their fan base along the way.

Beginning with 1977's Gus Dudgeon produced 'Fully Interlocking' the group experimented with shorter more accessible song styles and while overwhelmingly dismissed by critics and hardcore prog fans, Solution pushed the progressive pop envelope even further with the 1980 follow-up 'It's Only Just Begun'.

Both record's did well commercially but the band were at a crossroads and at some point hooked up with ex-Traffic drummer and solo artist Jim Capaldi who produced the group's final album 'Runaway' and toured with the band shortly before their break-up in 1983.

The Songs

Capaldi's influence can be felt throughout 'Runaway', providing lyrics on seven of the eight tunes and on occasion giving Solution a sound not too dissimilar from his early 80s solo albums.

The title track was a mid-range hit in The Netherlands with a vibe reminiscent of fellow countrymen Partner but the first side falters somewhat with the funk based 'Shame On You' and 'Move On' coloured with shades of German outfit Randy Pie on both.

Capaldi's sole vocal appearance was on the wee hour's blues workout 'Evil Love' more than makes amends and was notably covered by Gary Moore during the late drummer's 2007 tribute concert.

Side two fares slightly better in the quality department, in particular 'Bad Breaks' which picks up on 80s Manfred Mann's Earth Band and the west coast ballad 'Who's To Blame' is nice enough and yet the LP is a little too inconsistent and to be frank a bit boring in spots, much like a typical Jim Capaldi release and no big surprise, 'Runaway' and 'Bad Breaks' were re-recorded for his 1983 album 'Fierce Heart'.

In Summary

Special mention for the sleeve's airbrushed illustration that from a short distance looks like a photograph. Solution were certainly one of Holland's better bands although I'd start with the aforementioned 'Fully Interlocking' before taking on their other releases and all are available on CD from the group's informative web site.

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