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ARTIST: Steel Breeze
ALBUM: Steel Breeze
YEAR: 1982
CD REISSUE: 1997, Renaissance Records, DRC 11819 * 1997 renamed as 'Lost In the 80's, indie


LINEUP: Ric Jacobs - vocals * Rod Joner - keyboards * Waylin Carpenter - guitar * Ken Goorbian - guitar, vocals * Vinnie Pantaleoni - bass, vocals * Barry Lowenthal - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Don't Want Me Anymore * 02 Lost In The 80's * 03 I Think About You * 04 All I Ever Wanted To Do * 05 Dreamin' Is Easy * 06 Every Night * 07 I Can't Wait * 08 Who's Gonna Love You Tonight * 09 Can't Stop This Feeling * 10 Street Talkin'


'You Don't Want Me Anymore' put Steel Breeze on the musical map from which they fell off all too quickly. One of this reviewers favourite songs of 1982, I'm sure many had high hopes for these Sacramento, California cats who seemed to be primed at the pump for the big time.

Formed in 1980 and taking their name from a Pink Floyd lyric, Steel Breeze came to the attention of pop mastermind Kim Fowley while digging through a trove of 1200 discarded demo tapes.

One thing lead to another with the aforementioned single hitting the American top twenty while the band toured extensively with Missing Persons, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Tubes, Hall & Oates and a choice stadium tour with Billy Squier and headliners The Who.

The Songs

Unfortunately 'You Don't Want Me Anymore' as catchy as it was didn't produce enough interest in the rest of the album which is a classic of early 80s radio rock.

Much like contemporaries All Sports Band, Silver Condor and The Clocks, Steel Breeze offered an accessible and timely sound that slotted seamlessly on playlists while providing the 'Solid Gold' dancers another chance to strut their stuff.

Of course that was lip-synched not to mention awkward, but Steel Breeze was the real deal and tinged with trendy new wave eccentricities on the prophetic 'Lost In The 80's' and 'I Think About You' with a spritz of Rick Springfield on the peppy 'All I Ever Wanted To Do', it's a record dripping with the innocent optimism and carefree spirit of the decade.

The LP's second single 'Dreamin' Is Easy' captures the iconic 'I Want My MTV' vibe yet only reached #30 on the charts while setting in stone the Breeze's 'one hit wonder' status classic melodic cuts like 'I Can't Wait' and 'Can't Stop This Feeling' just couldn't tear down.

In Summary

Apparently RCA wanted Steel Breeze to become the next Journey. Of course that didn't happen and the label dropped the band although with their next album 'Heart On The Line' with Kevin Chalfant on vocals, they came close. Oh, what might have been?

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