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ARTIST: Powerglide
ALBUM: Glide On
LABEL: EKO Records
YEAR: 1982

LINEUP: Bill Parrish - lead and backing vocals * Cliff Eveland - guitars * Dennis Laffoon - keyboards, synth bass, backing vocals * Kim Philhour - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Takin' My Chances On A Winner * 02 Lonely One * 03 If You're Leaving Me Behind * 04 Turn Me On * 05 Back In My Heart Again * 06 Escape From Hollywood * 07 Doin' Up The Town Tonight * 08 Mama Sweet


This band might be considered obscure, but AOR and pomp rock anoraks know better, even if it was the only album release of their discography. From Kansas City, this was one of two bands using the Powerglide moniker; the other a New Hampshire band who lasted a lot longer than this lot, and, who are also featured here at Glory Daze.

There is only one other review of the album on the Net, and that is from Strutterzine AOR which reviewed this many many years ago. In hindsight it wasn't a particularly useful review because it had no specific background or history of the band, and that remains the case many years later, their origins steeped in mystery.


The Songs

What we do know is that this album is very keyboard-oriented and that's because Dennis Laffoon drives much of these eight songs. Think of any early 80's band dabbling in AOR and pomp and Powerglide will have you covered. However, to my ears, the band that sticks out the most in terms of comparison is the mighty Wrabit, and that's due mostly to lead singer Bill Parrish's vocal equivalence to Lou Nadeau.

'Takin' My Chances On A Winner' kicks things off, a mostly energetic guitar rocker that features two prominent solos, one nice fluid guitar piece from Cliff Eveland which is followed by a dextrous keyboard solo from Dennis Laffoon. 'Lonely One' is another guitar rocker with the occasional synth parp popping up on the verses and also on the outtro.

'If You're Leaving Me Behind' is the first ballad, with lots of piano and vocal work reminiscent of the aforementioned Wrabit and their first album 'Wrough And Wready' featuring Lou Nadeau. There's more Nadeau like vocals from Bill Parrish on 'Turn Me On', the guitar/keyboard interplay shared equally even if the synths sound kinda plinky-plonk sine wave.

'Back In My Heart Again' is one of the better tracks here, sounding very Canadian. The verses chug away nicely, though it feels more like a late 70's track rather than 80's fare. 'Escape From Hollywood' features some OTT synth work from Laffoon, I reckon this is the best track on the album.

'Doin' Up The Town Tonight' goes off in a slightly different direction, it's more of a sing-along anthem sort of track, maybe a good pre-mixer Friday night sort of song before you do hit the town. Certainly in my opinion, it's not as bad as what Strutter made it out to be in their review. 'Mama Sweet' concludes this eight-tracker. It's well done, a bit of Roadmaster and Journey (think 'That's The Same Way' led by Gregg Rolie's driving piano) and very soon you'll get the picture.

In Summary

Unfortunately, 'Glide On' never made it to the digital realm no doubt due to its indie status. It would surely make for a good CD reissue as far as I'm concerned but it would need bonus tracks to flesh it out. Also, I believe there wouldn't be significant interest apart from the handful of diehards who would buy the CD, the rest would just scrounge for a free fileshare. No one makes any money.

Laffoon is the member who would go on to anything significant, joining fellow KC rockers Shooting Star in 1989, whilst continuing a music career in the current day. If you love keyboard/guitar-based hard rock with a touch of pomp and AOR thrown in, this is an album to track down.


Escape From Hollywood

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