Your Best One Album Bands that Released Classics

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Tompa laid the foundation for this idea - bands that released one classic album in your opinion and then that was it, never heard of again. No late posthumous album releases such as Airborne - The Dig, not sure about band name changes e.g. Russia/Force 10 or Valentine/Open Skyz - u decide - top ten again

Marcus - s/t
Noir - We Had to Let You Have It
MPG - s/t
Riggs - s/t
Fortress - Hands in the Till
Hunk - s/t
Island - Pictures
Max Havoc - s/t
Riff Raff - Vinyl Futures
Spy - s/t


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    Beau Coup, Red Dawn and The Koo are a few from my POV. I was going to say Fortune but I guess they recently released a another album like China Sky did.
  • Beau Coup released two albums, both reviewed here.
  • Orion The Hunter
    Stun Leer
    Metropolis (S Meisner)
  • Manic Eden - s/t
    Hughes/Thrall - s/t
    Candy Harlots - 5 Wicked Ways
    Alpha Centauri -s/t
    HSAS - Through The Fire
    Cobra - First Strike
    Kharma - Wonderland
    The Scream - Let It Scream
    T-Ride -s/t
    War Babies - s/t

  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Funny thread, difficult task. I would include Airborne's 1979 ST. But without it, I would say in no particular order and not taking into account live albums like Signal's, Sheriff's and Van-Zant's :

    Signal - 1989 Loud & Clear
    Runner - 1979 Runner
    iTen - 1983 Taking A Cold Look
    Airplay - 1980 Airplay
    GTR - 1986 GTR
    Sheriff - 1982 Sheriff
    Blind Faith - 1969 Blind Faith
    Sex Pistols - 1977 Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
    Van-Zant - 1985 Van-Zant
    Mark Free - 1993 Long Way From Love
  • GTR released a few CDs, including the King Biscuit Live and Nerotrend albums.
  • Some good ones on here for sure. I'll add Shadowking, as I really like that one, and it gets a good amount of love.
  • Because it looks like it hasn’t been already mentioned, I’m going to add David & David “boomtown” to the canon.
  • Diving For Pearls
  • Diving For Pearls aren't applicable, as they released two studio albums, 1989 and 2005.
  • One that is more recent that George loved is The Magnificent from 2011. There have been rumblings that they'll sometime put out a new one, but they haven't so far.
  • Yes, Jeff good point. I think I'll email either Mikael or Torsti to see if anything is planned.
  • tompatompa Sweden
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    Wiggy Bits
    Dirk Steffens
    Night Sun
    Rufus Huff
    King Karma
  • Witness - 1988 Witness.

    How could I forget..
  • Just found this thread while looking up MPG and I'd like to add Maxus to the list. Their one-off gives Toto a run for the super-session player AOR money.
  • ChrisChris Germany
    Not to forget:

    Preview - Preview

    Funny, only from this thread I realised that the vast majority of the bands featured here managed to release at least two albums in their career.
  • Airborne did a 2nd album (The Dig) - and the greatest disappointing follow up album of all time it is too!
  • EmdaEmda Odenwald / Germany
    Laos (female fronted)
  • gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
    Graf - 1981 st
    Buckeye - 1979 st
    Gulliver - 1979 Ridin' The Wind
  • I think that s/t album by jato is their only release….and a pretty swell example of 80s hi-tech AOR!
  • I would add Air Raid to this list, but a second album is coming very, very soon.
  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    A couple more:

    Alexa - 1989 Alexa (Alexa Anastasia on vocals, produced by Paul Sabu)
    Go For It - 1991 Go For It (obscure Swedish/Norwegian hi-tech project that I included in a podcast and will eventually review here)
  • tompatompa Sweden
    Speedway Blvd
    Larsen/Feiten Band
    Ron Bolton Band
  • gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
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    Ozz actually released two albums. 1983's 'Exploited' was the second though technically it was under the name of Ozz II, and included a couple of tracks from the 'No Prisoners' album.
  • RkbluezRkbluez Rhode Island USA
    Speedway Blvd.
    St. Paradise
    The Strand
  • gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
    Airborne and Creed both released two albums.
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