Here's 10 great guitar solos

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A very subjective topic I know, but one that was recently discussed on YouTube by Rick Beato. I was going to turn this into an Essential Series list, but decided against it.

So I decided to do my own, but without the videos, just a list. No doubt there will be more to come.

BTW, I might add videos when I find time.

01 UFO - Rock Bottom
(from the 1979 'Strangers In The Night' live lp)
Featuring Michael Schenker, from the 3:57 minute marker.

02 Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
(from the 1971 album 'Led Zeppelin IV')
Featuring Jimmy Page, from the 6:29 minute marker.

03 Eagles - Hotel California
(from the 1976 album of the same name)
Featuring Joe Walsh and Don Felder, from the 4:25 minute marker.

04 Whitesnake - Crying In The Rain
(from the 1987 album '1987')
Featuring John Sykes, from the 3:05 minute marker.

05 Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush - Something's Comin' Our Way
(from the 1980 album 'What's Next')
Featuring Frank Marino, from the 1:33 minute marker. This is an extended solo. Super stuff.

06 Dire Straits - Tunnel Of Love
(from the 1980 album 'Making Movies')
Featuring Mark Knopfler, from the 5:46 minute marker.

07 Toto - White Sister
(from the 1979 album 'Hydra')
Featuring Steve Lukather, from the 4:12 minute marker

08 Boston - Long Time
(from the 1976 s/t album)
Featuring Tom Scholz and Barry Goudreau, from the 5:25 minute marker.

09 Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
(from the 1987 album 'Appetite For Destruction')
Featuring Slash, from the 2:34 minute marker.

10 Johnny Winter - Last Night
(from the 1978 album 'White Hot and Blue')
Featuring Johnny Winter, from the 2:48 minute marker.


  • gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
    Videos now up. Amazing to see John Sykes playing his solo with just three fingers. The pinky was left on the subs bench.
  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Cool topic. Some of my favorites besides the aforementioned:

    Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls (Marty Friedman)
    Kiss - Strange Ways (Ace Frehley)
    Deep Purple - Highway Star (Ritchie Blackmore)
    Jimi Hendrix - Johnny B. Goode (Hendrix In The West)
    Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
    Ozzy Osbourne - Goodbye To Romance (Randy Rhoads)
    Gary Moore - Victims Of The Future
    The Beatles - Let It Be (George Harrison original solo)
    Peter Frampton - Lines On My Face (Frampton Comes Alive!)
    Riot - Thundersteel (Mark Reale)
  • I'm surprised we haven't had this discussion yet. I'm trying to think of all the top solos from the late 70's - early 90's - ones that really impressed and inspired me. I'm a sucker for solos that are so melodic that I can practically sing along to them, while also displaying a level of technique that is impressive. Some of these are not as technical as others, but they check that first box in a big way. And they're all songs that everyone knows well.

    The "Hotel California" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" definitely make my list.

    Here's 12 more that I have air-guitared to more times than I can count.

    Triumph - Lay It On The Line
    Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why (including the outro)
    .38 Special - Hold On Loosely
    .38 Special - Caught Up In You
    Little River Band - The Night Owls
    Journey - Who's Cryin' Now
    Rainbow - Stone Cold
    Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me
    Scorpions - No One Like You
    Judas Priest - You Got Another Thing Comin'
    Ratt - Round & Round
    Damn Yankees - Come Again
  • So many good ones listed... oh, that Knopfler solo on ‘tunnel of love’ gets me every time. And ‘lay it on the line’... brilliant.

    I’d add the solo on “My Sharona” to the list; just fun and flashy. And I really like the brief but absolutely nuts-sounding solo Andy Summers does on the Police’s ‘driven to tears’.

    Oh and of course Ace Frehley’s solo on “shock me”!

  • george_the_jackgeorge_the_jack No man's land
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    - Gary Moore - Empty Rooms (from the Live in Stockholm VHS - both solo and outtro)
    - Van Halen - Light up the sky / Jump / Beat it
    - Toto - Hold the line
    - Y & T - I believe in you
    - Europe - Superstitious / In the future to Come
    - The Hooters - Johnny B
    - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
    - Judas Priest - Rock hard ride Free
    - Helloween - A tale that wasn't right
    - China Sky - The Last Romantic Warrior
    - Survivor - I'm not that man anymore (Live in Japan)
    - Giant - I'll see you in my dreams
    - Iron Maiden - Stranger in a strange land
    - UFO- Profession of Violence

    Here's the first 10 (well.. sort of... ) that come to mind. I could go on writing dozens of pages with my favorite guitar solos.

    BYW I watched the Live at the Agora DVD by Frank Marino the other day. A must-see.
  • mjf85mafmjf85maf That room at the back corner of my house where the volume won't bother the wife
    Ahhh... some love for Profession of Violence - a personal fave from the Tonka years. Lots of great opinions sending me back to listen to some things that I haven't heard for a while.

    I'd like to offer up the solo by David Gilmour on Near the End from About Face. That one is easily a top five pick for me.
  • There must be some Eric Johnson solos out there. That guy can surely play.

  • DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina

    RE: Eric Johnson, Cliffs Of Dover is superb!

  • RkbluezRkbluez Rhode Island USA
    edited November 2022

    This one would surely make my list.

    Automatic Man - Automatic Man

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