Avalon (USA) - Everyman A King [EP]

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ARTIST: Avalon (USA)
ALBUM: Everyman A King
LABEL: Capitol
YEAR: 1982


LINEUP: Rick Neigher - vocals, guitars * Chris Cote - keyboards, vocals * Mike Mirage - keyboards, guitars, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Can't Find A Way To Say Goodbye * 02 Deeper Than The Heart * 03 Crossfire * 04 The Writing On The Wall


I'm not sure what Capitol's reasons were for releasing this four track EP from the Los Angeles based Avalon, but in hindsight I'm glad they did, as it really is a pearler. I would have been more impressed if they'd released a full blown ten track album instead, but as it is, I'll take whatever's going.

Combining the best bits of Styx and 'Runaway' era Dakota, it's archetypal AOR, perhaps in it's purest form. The three blokes listed above do most of the work, though there are other contributions from other L.A Session cats including Mike Porcaro, Jai Winding, Vinnie Colaiuta, and new age synthesist Mark Isham.

The Songs

Rick Neigher's vocal style comes close to John Elefante, and this is particularly evident on the opener 'Can't Find A Way To Say Goodbye'. There's a lovely ballad 'Deeper Than The Night'. My favourite is the mid paced melodies of 'Crossfire' while 'The Writing On The Wall's is just as good.

On the strength of these four songs, they really should have gone the whole hog. So I wonder, does that mean there are some more Avalon tracks lying around in the basement of Capitol Records?

In Summary

Rick Neigher is the only one to have continued on the industry, becoming a topflight producer and songwriter, working with the likes of Fee Waybill, Richard Marx, and Alias.

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  • The bonus tracks released on the reissue last year range from average to excellent. 'Spirits of Love' and 'A Matter of Time' are both genuine AOR classics on par with the four tracks on the original EP.

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