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Accept - 1985 Kaizoku-Ban (Live, Mini LP)
'Kaizoku-Ban' was recorded during September 1985 in Nagoya, Japan. It's technically a Mini-LP, with four tracks from 'Metal Heart' (released in March 1985) and two tracks from 'Balls To The Wall' released in 1983.

Arrows - 1982 Misunderstood [ep]
Canada's Arrows started life off with this EP, which sounds nothing like their more popular 1984 and 1985 efforts 'Stand Back' and 'The Lines Are Open'.

Atlas (UK) - 2017 World In Motion [ep]
A good announcement for this young English band, we look forward to their progress over the coming months. Check them out on their Bandcamp page.

Black Angels - 1984 Black Angels [EP]
Probably not essential listening, feel free to add Black Angels to the history of Swiss hard rock.

Black Rose (Sweden) - 1999 Night And Day [Promo]
This demo has a solid metal sound to it, back to quality early 80's metal with solid guitar riff's, punchy bass lines and plenty of variation.

Black Rose (Sweden) - 2000 A New Beginning [Demo]
Black Rose show great potential but present a mixed bag, three tracks ..three mixed ideas. They leave me confused about what they as a band are trying to achieve.

Blueminded - 2014 Blueminded EP
I hope we hear more from these Dutchies, as this is a very impressive announcement from this relatively new band. Check them out!

Boetz - 2002 Four Track Sampler
Here's Ernie again with another HM blast of retro rock, all the way from Atlanta Georgia. Ernie continues on from his recent 'Call To Arms' effort, with a new 4 track EP.

Bombay - 1984 Bombay [EP]
Bombay was the third leg of the treble for guitarist Rick Fowler, following stints with Ziggurat and Fortnox.

Broken Valves - 2009 Lady [ep]
Italy's Broken Valves have delivered on their 4 track EP, but it seems there is some way to go before stardom will come door-knocking.

Burntfield - 2015 Cold Heat [EP]
Along come a new Finnish band called Burntfield, who offer up a variety of songs on their recent EP 'Cold Heat'. It suggests that at least they have a few options to choose from, direction wise.

Cardillo, Vince - 1993 First Step [ep]
If your brand of wimphem includes a corral of Ralph Van Maanen, Kevin Jordan, Jay Miles, Rod McInnes or Chris Irvine, then Vince Cardillo should set your heart racing.

Care Of Night - 2013 Care Of Night [ep]
2013 continues to produce stunning AOR from Sweden. I know some think that this possibly couldn't keep continuing at a rate of knots, with new bands spun off what seems like a never ending production line. After hearing the latest contenders Care Of Night, all I'll say is 'bring it on!!' Not yet signed, it's only a matter of time, these guys sound amazing.

CC Rock - 2007 CC Rock [ep]
Featured recently in our News section is Swedish melodic rockers CC Rock. These guys have delivered a seriously good dose of music that any fan of Swedish AOR, let alone pop or glam should be proud to have in their collection.

Cheek - 1980 Cheek [ep]
Cheek represent extremely obscure power-pop emanating from Sydney Australia during the late 70's and early 80's.

Crimsonfire - 2005 Three Track Sampler
Aussie prog metal demo.

Crystal - 1985 The One For You [EP]
Crystal are a long-serving band from the San Diego area whose history goes back to around 1982/83. For musical comparison, take the best bits of Hybrid Ice, White Sister and Urgent (USA) and wrap it up in a rich melodic package.. and this is what you'll get.. Not only those guys, but there are many reference points throughout. Have fun finding them all!

Cut Lips - 2008 China White [ep]
Cut Lip's Myspace page says they are 'The best shit you ever heard!!!' Brave words indeed, but these guys match the bravado with some attitudinal Swedish rawk and rawl not heard since.. well.. I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Dallas - 2012 Over The Edge [ep]
He's pretty fresh-faced, but Californian Bryan Dallas is recounting the late 80's as if he were born to it. Is this guy the new Gregg Fulkerson?

Danger Avenue - 2008 Danger Avenue [ep]
Earlier this year we bought to you a great new AOR act called Elevener. From Gothenburg Sweden, they are now joined by another outfit breaking out of the Swedish capital of prog metal. These boys are called Danger Avenue, and present a very Americanised sound that is mainly AOR but with a slightly glammy/pop edge too, but don't tell them that!

Dark Moor - 2003 Between Light And Darkness [ep]
As you read this, Dark Moor has undergone some major changes. Since the recording of 'Between Light and Darkness' three of Dark Moor's members - Elisa, Albert and Jorge - have left due to musical differences. So, this special edition album/extended EP is the last you'll hear from this version of Dark Moor.

Diamond Head - 1981 Diamond Lights [ep]
No two ways about it, Diamond Head were one of the most influential bands of the NWOBM, outside of the triumvirate of Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Saxon. Not quite spread between the same sandwich, Diamond Head had a lighter sound, an excellent (and different sounding) singer in Sean Harris, plus some interesting songwriting and guitars from Brian Tatler.

Dirty Passion - 2008 Dirty Passion [demos EP]
Formed in 2006, Malmo locals Dirty Passion have been busy promoting their brand of L.A styled glam/sleaze hard rock, culminating in a raft of songs ready for presentation to interested punters.

Dreamer (USA) - 1982 Dreamer [EP]
Small time band from California who came and went but left a 1982 imprint in the way of a 4 track EP. A racy affair played in the vein of a high tempo Loverboy.

ELI - 1992 Beware Of The Dog
The 70's were a decade that didn't sit that comfortably with me at all. Blame the Seattle movement, Kurt Cobain whatever.. the life was sucked out of the excessive 80's and left to dry on the rack. Many established acts tried to continue on and failed in the process. Some local area acts carried on oblivious of the trends. One of those were Mississippi based ELI.

Ellis Island (USA) - 1983 Ellis Island [EP]
Over the years there has been many great EP's that gave a tantalizing glimpse of future greatness only for the group to disappear without trace. You can now add Ellis Island to the list..

Fatal Attraction (Sweden) - 2001 Unknown World EP
A pleasant interlude from this Swedish indie quintet, with a heart and home between Scandi-land and the sun-drenched boulevards of L.A. It's AOR and West Coast all rolled into one.

Flynn - 1985 Flynn [ep]
California based six-piece Flynn should appeal to all those air keyboardists out there. With only a hard to find 4 track EP to show for their endeavour, this band were the westcoast equivalent of Dream Theater. It's a shame that Flynn could only manage an EP, leaving the listener thirst-quenching for more!

FM (UK) - 2014 Futurama [ep]
'Futurama' follows a path of previous EP releases going back some twenty years. Steve Overland describes it as their most successful EP yet, and who would disagree with the Guvnor?! Add this neat little CD to the FM collection why don't you.

France - 1990 Lay It On Me (EP)
I think if this San Diego based band had enough dosh in the bank, they could've made an interesting full length album, judging by what is on display here with this 4 track EP.

Fusician - 1981 Half Off [EP]
If I was to put money on it, the band that compares most favourably to Fusician would be a rockier version of Quarterflash, who also appeared on the US Charts the same year as this was released.

G.L.A.S - 2005 Eighteen
Here's a band from Italy that have been through more changes than Naomi Campbell's wardrobe! After many 'time-outs' being called on the band, G.L.A.S finally re-emerged again in 2004 after a seven year hiatus, and reunite with three of their original cast. 2005's six-track EP 'Eighteen' is the resulting piece of work.

Grand Masquerade, The - 2016 MMXVI
Cool name, cool image too. Sweden's The Grand Masquerade have bought some pomp and circumstance back into the melodic rock scene.

Great Eastern - 2013 Abris [ep]
Great Eastern are an interesting if somewhat genre-challenged outfit that probably need to decide where they want to set up camp. Personally, I think they could live quite happily in that retro-prog camp if they so wanted to..

Greta Van Fleet - 2017 Black Smoke Rising (EP)
GVF will apparently release three EP's in the near future, this being the first. This could be a band to watch. Get in the queue now..

Greta Van Fleet - 2017 From The Fires
Some of you may remember from 2017, we wrote an article about this young Michigan based band called Greta Van Fleet. It was a little bit out of the ordinary, because the band members we're still at school essentially..


H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2010 Beg, Beg, Beg [ep]
2008 was the start of a love affair with Swedish band H.E.A.T. While everyone was still agog the following year, the band consolidated their credentials with a solid round of live gigs, and in 2010 they give us a prelude of things to come with a three-track EP titled 'Beg Beg Beg'.

Halestorm - 2011 Reanimate [The Covers EP]
Six groovy covers, and while I don't normally get my rocks off on cover albums, I'll make an exception for this one.

Hellcats, The - 1982 Hellcats 1 [ep]
It was 1982, and American pop rockers Starz had been off the scene for four years. However, not all was done and dusted in the Starz camp, with Ranno and Smith coming up for air with a new combination: The Hellcats formed in 1980. Even if their debut was just a five-track EP, that was enough for long-time Starz fans in the meantime.

Holding Pattern - 1981 Holding Pattern
Formed in Connecticut, Holding Pattern developed a very English progressive sound while playing out live with Kansas, Dixie Dregs and other like-minded major label bands. This record provides everything a prog fan desires, sweeping classical keys and impressive time changes with virtuoso musicianship but nothing here really moves me enough to think of Holding Pattern as one of America's great progressive bands.

Hollywood Bears - 1987 Bear Yourself (EP)
An interesting AOR band with little history, other than this 4-track affair from 1987.

Idle Hours - 2009 Headlong [ep]
Other than for die-hard NWOBPR fanatics, Idle Hours have flown under the radar of most progressive followers for decades. Originally formed in 1978 as a Rush cover band, this was the band's second incarnation. Clocking in at just over 26 minutes, Idle Hours sound is similar to Pendragon while sporting a vocalist resembling Geddy Lee.

Impellitteri - 1993 Victim Of The System (ep)
Here's is the second of Chris Impellitteri's EP's from the early part of his career, following his debut 1987 EP. It's a full-blown blunderbuss of metal, just as we expected it back in 1993.

InTensity - 2010 Times [ep]
InTensity take their calling from technical progressive metal bands such as Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation, a little bit of Pagans Mind too. They not quite at the same level as those outfits, but there is enough here to suggest that InTensity have a future..

Journey - 2002 Red 13 EP
An overlooked part of Journey's discography is the four-track EP from 2002 called 'Red 13'. It was released during the brief time that they were without a label.

Julien, Robbin - 1985 Here We Go [ep]
From out of the southwestern 'burbs of Minneapolis comes singer Robbin Julien. Minnetoka resident Julien hooked up on this rare 1985 effort for Atco, with a host of names in tow, including members from well heeled Minnesota outfits including Judd, Gypsy and Jumpstreet.

Keystone - 1980 Keystone [ep]
Keystone.. a pomp based outfit steeped in the grandest tradition of 70's pomp, but with only a four track EP to show for it, and one that goes for silly money on EvilBay..

Kha鴖 - 2012 Rising [ep]
I think it's clear this outfit has a future, and with a world class vocalist in Chandler Mogel in tow, they should be able to build a full albums worth of material.

Knyght - 2007 Destination Unknown
These Rome natives mix a little glam with hard rock, and though the image and relative youth sees them very much in the now, you can tell these boys have a record collection that contains music long before they were born!

Knyght - 2009 Bet Everything [ep]
Back in late 2007 we had our first look at a young Italian band called Knyght. Their first batch of songs under the guise of 'Destination Unknown' was a bit of a journey into the unknown. Well, we've given those boys from Rome a two year hiatus, and they return with a very spruced up EP called 'Bet Everything'.

Kobra And The Lotus - 2015 Words Of The Prophets (Covers EP)
Something different from 2015, but then again, something familar. Here's a five-tracker from Canadian hard rockers Kobra And The Lotus, featuring the excellent Brittany Paige on vocals. 'Words Of The Prophets' was released an a Covers EP in August 2015, and I was quite impressed listening to this, which sounds like Heart doing modern hard rock.

Lebow, Martee - 1986 Crimes Of The Heart
If you like melodic rock in the mould of Fiona and Celine Dion circa her 'Unison' album, then American singer Martee Lebow might be the sort of artist to follow up on.

Lifeline (Sweden) - 1993 Anyway You Want It (EP)
If you were part of the tape trading circuit during the 90's (prior to all this digital filesharing business), then Swedish band Lifeline may have crossed your path.

Linehouse - 2007 First Love EP
'First Love' is the debut EP offering from Swedish duo Linehouse. The pairing of Niklas Dernebo and Jonas Ohlund originate from the north-eastern coastal town of Sundsvall, and they are playing in a style that mixes The Outfield and Icehouse 80's era with modern production values.

Link - 1983 Temptation
'Temptation' is regarded by some, as one of the greatest 'undiscovered' AOR releases of all time an opinion which I endorse having listened to (and endured in some cases!) many private label AOR releases over the years.

Luba - 1982 Luba (EP)
Luba Kowalchyk was kicking it around the Quebec music scene long before anyone had heard the over-the-top balladry of Celine Dion and the seemingly endless string of female Quebecois vocalists who attempted to follow in her gold-plated footsteps in the years since.

Lucky 13 - 2009 Far From Home [demo EP]
It must be our Greek connection that brings Lucky 13 to the attention of GLORY-DAZE. From Thessaloniki, this quartet are taking a punt each way, combining their obvious love of 80's and 90's melodic rock, and overlaying it with a Noughties modern rock veneer.

M.D.G - 2002 MP3 EP
All in all an intelligently crafted and impressive EP which should appeal to anyone with an ear for music beyond the average and generic!

Machine, The - 1987 The Machine [EP]
Seattle based band The Machine may have released one solitary EP back in 1987, but they are by no means a flash-in-the-pan outfit who came and went in a hurry. Formed back in 1975, the band still operate to this day.

Magnum (USA) - 1983 Hot Nights [EP]
Here's a band that have close ties to fellow regional luminaries Dakota. This is a perfect little example of pomp/AOR played in the era/style from 1983 and it sounds pretty good to these ears.

Marseille - 2009 Four Play [ep]
The twin guitar attack from these classic rockers is fantastic to hear, and if these four tracks are anything to go by, then I'll be queueing up at the gate to purchase their new album - pronto!

Matinee - 1986 Matinee [ep]
A Californian based outfit from the mid 80's that released one EP and then disappeared off the map.

Mer Min - 1984 Mer Min (EP)
Another obscure find for GDM readers. I believe these guys came out of the state of Maryland, and were the forerunner to the band Quade.

Miles Long - 1986 Fasten Your Seatbelts (EP)
I would compare this 4-track EP to some of the best indie based AOR ever to be heard during this timeframe.

Mitchell, Kim - 1982 Kim Mitchell [ep]
Inexplicably never released outside Canada; 'Kim Mitchell' stands as his magnum opus and one of the greatest AOR EP's ever released on that long dead much-missed format.

Moritz - 1987 Shadows Of A Dream [EP]
Moritz were competing in the same space as the likes of Midnight Blue, La Paz and Peroux. All unsigned British acts looking to get the jump on each other.

My Refuge - 2013 Living In Anger [ep]
My Refuge are an Italian prog metal band, based up in the northern part of Italy - Varese. They are kinda 'old school prog metal', but show heaps of potential based on this brief 4 track EP.

Nexx - 2001 Promo CD
Here's another band in the queue waiting to break out of the burgeoning Spanish melodic rock scene. Hot on the heels of bands such as Rafa Martin, La Fase, Elyte, Seven Ltd, and more recently the impressive 291 Suite, come Nexx.

Nitefire - 1984 Nitefire [EP]
Nitefire are based around a set of four brothers, who have taken Bon Jovi, Surgin and Zebra to heart by the sounds of things.

No Credit Band - 1987 Break My Heart Again [ep]
No Credit Band are a German outfit that I came across in 1993 thanks to their album 'Interrelated'. The four songs provided here on their debut indie EP offers an insight into No Credit's early sound. To be honest, I much prefer this material to what was found on 'Interrelated'.

Old Future Crash - 2008 I'll Never Stop [ep]
Welcome to Spanish band Old Future Crash, the next outfit playing homage to 70's favorites Electric Light Orchestra.

Orange Crush - 2001 Songs For Ophelia (EP)
Say hello to Orange Crush and their debut 5 song EP 'Songs For Ophelia'. In other reviews they've been favourably compared to The Cutting Crew and I can see why.

Orphan Gypsy - 2002 Darkland Director Demo
The amount of potential that this band oozes is staggering. Yes, they're another Scandinavian melodic metal band, but Orphan Gypsy stand head and shoulders above most.

P.M Heat - 1989 P.M Heat [EP]
Interesting little 4 track EP from this obscure Texan outfit. This band, with three family members involved, aspired to a hi-tech AOR sound not unlike fellow Texans The Cauze or talented Atlanta outfit Babe Blu. However, they come off sounding like a hybrid of bands.

Patriarch - 1983 First Hand [ep]
Here's a prog/pomp band from Kansas who sound uncannily like their homestate contemporaries Kansas. Must be more than an interstate love affair!

Persia - 1991 Persia [4 track EP]
Persia is a superb EP that must be tracked down at all costs, if not, one of the better EP's to make it in the 70's decade.

Player - 2012 My Addiction [ep]
The return of GDAZE favourites Player, as they release a promotional EP ahead of their forthcoming new album.

Pocketful - 1983 Pocketful (EP)
The four tracks on offer are all pretty good, definitive early 80's melodic rock, which spans pomp/AOR to guitar oriented hard rock.

Price, Lisa - 1983 Priceless
Though she may look like Lee Aaron on the back cover, it's musically a mix of many female contemporaries.. Aaron being one, Patty Smyth and Scandal, Marilyn Martin and Martee Lebow being some others.. but really, take your pick among the leading ladies of the day. They'll be there or thereabouts..

Private, Gary - 1983 Secret Love [mini lp]
'Secret Love' is fairly typical pop that was done far better by people like Corey Hart, Oxo and Matthew Wilder.

Queensr每che - 1983 Queensr每che [EP]
The band are now considered has-beens in the current day and age, but there was a time where Queensr每che commanded much respect and kudos, especially with their 1983 debut EP..

Rail - 1984 Rail Mini LP
Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to kick-start the career of an artist/band, and so it proved in 1983, For Seattle's Rail.

Rapid Tears - 1984 Cry For Mercy [EP]
Canadian band from Toronto. These guys were definitely influenced by what was going on around them at the time. I guess Iron Maiden and Judas Priest would've given Rapid Tears ample inspiration.

Rattlebone - 1992 Rattlebone EP
Thank god I only paid $5.00 for this. Uninspiring, unimaginative, uneventful.

Redstone - 1988 Redstone [ep]
This little 4-track CD/EP from AOR undergrounders Redstone will strike an immediate chord with those of you into the purest form of the genre. Fans of Beau Coup, Preview, Fortune etc.. listen up..

Retrogress, The - 2014 Future Stories From the Past EP
The Retrogress, surprisingly, are a band featuring only two members. They have an alt-rock meets blues style on their debut EP 'Future Stories From the Past', which showcases six songs offering up a variable sound.

Rock Ignition - 2013 Innocent Thing [ep]
I'm not a total fan of this type of music, but an EP's worth of RI music is probably better than a full album, and certainly better than nothing at all.

Rubicon (Holland) - 1992 Land Of Dreams (EP)
This version of Rubicon were a Dutch outfit inspired by fellow countrymen such as 1st Avenue and Wild Ride.

Runner (USA) - 1984 Runner (EP)
I've always been leery of indie albums which tend to receive high wattage hype for little if any reason other than looking or sounding vaguely AOR, but this is definitely one to seek out. Runner while short on content delivers the goods and won't disappoint.

Saylor, David A - 2013 Kiss Of Judas [ep]
Saylor is slowly but surely building up a nice port-folio of material, and 'Kiss Of Judas' consolidates the mans ability within the melodic rock/AOR sub-genre.

Silver Hunter - 2015 Chapter 1: Mad Moonlighters [ep]
This is the new across the channel collaboration between UK progressive popper Tim Hunter who is no stranger to these pages and Frenchman Thierry Sportouche. 'Chapter 1: Mad Moonlighters' is often dark and spacey with occasional nods to Pink Floyd, Camel, Ange and Hawkwind.

Silverlode - 1981 Silverlode [ep]
Soft rock with a capital 'S' is Silverlode's forte with nods to America, Brownsmith and LeBlanc & Carr.

Snow (USA) - 1980 Snow
Snow were a fantastic raw, and hard rockin' band out of L.A during the early eighties. So hot were they, that you had to wonder at the idiocy of the band name, considering the helter-skelter-swelter of the L.A scene at the time.

Stardust - 2016 Stardust EP
Great to see Eastern Europe strike again with a new AOR outfit worthy of attention. This quintet are known as Stardust, and hail from Hungary.

Station - 2013 Wired [EP]
Here's a great little independent release from New York band Station. You'll hear a myriad of influences. For me, Trixter, White Lion, Tyketto, plus Firehouse. All good references, and it's not hard to tell when you switch on their groovy four-track EP 'Wired'.

Steelback - 1982 Five Star Lady (Mini Album)
Steelback finally ended up on vinyl in 1982, five years after their start. 'Five Star Lady' was the result, a 5 track affair, notable for singer Glen Duley's vocal similarity to a lower register Geddy Lee.

Steelhorse (Spain) - 2008 Raise Your First [ep]
Here's a recent Spanish outfit from Madrid keeping the 80's metal flame burning alive and well. Named Steel Horse, this quartet are bought up on a steady diet of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and The Rods, and they deliver as if caught up in a 1984 slipstream!

Street, Judy - 1983 More Than Enough [ep]
An obscurity from 1983, this is quite classy west coast/AOR from Judy Street, who started life as a soul singer.

Superfecta - 2013 The Superfecta EP
Superfecta are a new British band coming to my attention. Here's their new debut EP.

T.T Quick - 1984 T.T Quick (Mini LP)
A legendary EP which would have been enough to certify the band as all-time greats even without further releases.

Taglieri, John - 2009 Lives Project [ep]
'Lives' is the combo of music and stories spanning a 4 part series featuring the music of John Taglieri.

Taipan - 1981 Taipan (ep)
The early metal scene in Melbourne Australia included a few young bands trying to make their mark. One of these was the excellent Taipan. For those of you into raw-power NWOBHM styled metal, then Taipan are worth your time.

Terraplane - 1981 Arrives
Although miles away from the best record I've ever heard, Terraplane 'Arrives' should be on the want lists of those into obscure American hard rock..

Three Lane Road - 2016 Three Lane Road (ep)
These guys are a relatively new band coming out of Dallas Texas. The quartet operate at the harder end of the melodic rock spectrum. Bands like Skid Row, Dokken, Bon Jovi and Tesla are references.

Threshold - 1995 Livedelica (EP)
'Livedelica' captures the band on the European leg of their tour promoting the new material from 'Psychedelicatessen'.

Threshold (USA) - 1993 Midnight Dreamer [ep]
Not to be confused with the well known British prog metal band of the same name, and who, coincidentally - kicked off their career the same time as these American prog metallers did.

Titan - 2009 Steps [ep]
My god, it's like a flashback to the 80's! Swedish AOR/pop sensations Titan have bought into the late great decade as if they were born to it.

Trashcan Darlings - 2001 Holiday In My Head [EP]
Self styled flag wavers for Glamour Punk, Norway's Trashcan Darlings are out to shock and entertain, and they certainly do that on their 'Holiday In My Head' EP.

Unruly Child - 2014 Down The Rabbit Hole (Side One) [EP
A very likeable though smallish set from one of GD's favourite bands. I will admit though that it's not edgy, nor is there any real heavy vibe. Just a bunch of melodic tunes played well by a collective of great musicians. I'm sure there's something here even for the most discerning of melodic hard rockers!

Valentino - 1989 Valentino [ep]
Valentino were a midwest American band with a sole 5 track EP to their name during 1989. Released on the small Tidal Wave label, this would be the one and only effort from this bunch of romeo wannabes.

Voodoo Six - 2011 Falling Knives [EP]
London rockers Voodoo Six return with a new EP 'Falling Knives' in readiness for an assault on the 2012 year.

Waltham - 2014 Wicked Waltham [ep]
Waltham are a fun band who are well worth a mention here at GDM. This is an excellent little set of tracks that GDM regulars should track down.

Waysted - 1984 Waysted (ep)
Here's the UFO offshoot band called Waysted. They were all throughout the press during the early 80's, and their connection (at the hip it would appear) to UFO was an obvious one.

White Flame - 2012 I Know Where You Live [ep]
A brief 5 tracker EP which sets the scene for the forthcoming album 'Cougar'. An album I will look forward to in the weeks/months ahead.

White Wizzard - 2009 High Speed GTO [ep]
White Wizzard are very 80's trad metal, with a huge nod to Iron Maiden, Armored Saint and Savatage during that 1983-1984 period

Wildstreet - 2011 Faster Louder EP
Wildstreet have moulded themselves into a unit that best resembles AC/DC, Kix and Def Leppard circa 'High And Dry'. They don't quite have the manic energy of Aussie larrikins Airbourne, but still, the energy is right up there.

Witchkiller - 1984 Day Of The Saxons [EP]
I must be missing something here. Witchkiller release a lone five track EP in 1984 and somehow are regarded as according to one website 'classic Canadian heavy metal legends'. Not so fast there!

ZZ Top - 2012 Texicali [EP]
Texicali is the new 4 track EP from ZZ Top's new album. The jury is definitely still hanging out on this one..

ZZYZX - 1986 Runnin'
ZZYZX were an indie based outfit from California that caused a bit of a stir with their 1986 mini-album called 'Runnin'. Historically, this band has captured a lot of attention since that time, developing a cult following akin to that legendary Alpha Centauri album from 1977.