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Metallica - 1983 Kill Em All
Well what hasn't been written about the early years and history of perhaps the most influential thrash/metal band of the 80's. Wikipedia and Google have probably assembled everything you need to know about Metallica, but we'll add our version too, starting where it all began.. 'Kill Em All'..

Metallica - 1984 Ride The Lightning
No two ways about it, 'Ride The Lightning' was a great album which reinforced their stakes and claim to being one of the pre-eminent metal bands of the 80's.

Metallica - 1988 ...And Justice For All
It must have been staggering for the bands longtime fans to see Metallica achieving platinum status just five years after 'Kill 'Em All'. But in many ways this was the end of Metallica as those fans knew them. The thrash ideals were dispensed with by 1991 and although have returned in an altered state since, this was the death knell for the Bay Area Metallica beloved by so many.

Metallica - 1991 Metallica
For me this album is a solid offering and one I hold in higher esteem than I did some 15 years ago. Furthermore the likes of 'Metallica' will never be seen again, the days of iconic records like this now extinct.

Metallica - 1996 Load
'Load' abandoned everything the band stood for, right down to their image, with the band preening in avant-garde fashions, complete with Goth makeup and horrendous clothing.

Metallica - 1999 S&M
If you were ever looking for a contradiction then this album has all the potential for it. A symphony orchestra and Metallica?

Metallica - 2003 St Anger
Usually studio reports can be taken with a grain of salt, so when 'St Anger' was described as a return to the speed of 80's Metallica, you couldn't help but feel some skepticism, seeing as Metallica hadn't toyed with thrash since '..And Justice For All' during 1988.

Metallica - 2008 Death Magnetic
ALBUM OF THE MONTH - SEP 2008. Rick Rubin appears to have captured the raw essence of the bands sound with a more refined production than 2003's 'St Anger', but one which seamlessly blends a mixture of all Metallica eras, with discernable nods to 'Kill 'Em All' to 1991's self titled monster. Most importantly this is heavy. Devastatingly so.

Metallica - 2009 The Club Dayz [1982-1984] (Book)
This mainly photographic book, published by Canadian book publisher ECW Press, takes a historical look at Metallica's past through the eyes and lens of Bill Hale, focusing on the 1982-1984 timeframe when they were first starting out.

Metallica - 2013 Through The Never (Soundtrack)
While the overall worth of 'Through The Never' is debatable, the inspired showing by the veterans makes it far from disposable. It serves its purpose as a soundtrack companion and I'm sure Metallica aren't expecting to sell two million copies of this. What it does is prove Metallica are still at their peak..

Metallica - 2016 Hardwired.. To Self Destruct
Simply put, this is the most boring album the band has ever recorded. I don't dislike it, but have no inspiration to hear the majority of it again, which is the most damning criticism I can level at it.

The Essential Series - 2017 Thrash Metal (Volume 1), by Dtabachn
Thrash Metal was the most extreme form of music in the mid 80's. It still is in a way today. This is a mix of essential and favorite albums organized by release dates. I had a blast putting the article together.

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