Quarterflash - 1981 Quarterflash

ARTIST: Quarterflash
ALBUM: Quarterflash
LABEL: Geffen
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: 1990, Geffen, GED02003 * 1996, Geffen, 2003-2


LINEUP: Rindy Ross - vocals, saxophone, woodwinds, reeds * Marv Ross - guitars, vocals * Jack Charles - guitars * Rick DiGiallonardo - keyboards * Rick Gooch - bass * Brian David Willis - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Harden My Heart * 02 Find Another Fool * 03 Critical Times * 04 Valerie * 05 Try To Make It True * 06 Right Kind Of Love * 07 Crusin' With The Deuce * 08 Love Should Be So Kind * 09 Williams Avenue


Cool name for a band dont'cha think? Better than their previous handle of Seafood Mama! Haha. Husband and wife pairing of Marv and Rindy Ross were originally school teachers. They threw in the chalk and blackboards for a dash of guitars and saxophone, and whatever musical device they could fill the house up with.

As Seafood Mama, the band eeked out an early version of 'Harden My Heart' for a local Portland Oregon radio station. This track was heard by renowned producer John Boylan, who decided to bring the duo (and band) into the Geffen Records fold.

At the time, Geffen was a new label, Quarterflash being one of their first signing's. Dropping the other musical genres in favour of rock, the Ross duo bought in new players, the album eventually finding the market in later 1981, but faring better in 1982, as history would show.

The Songs

Anyone who hasn't heard their hit 'Harden My Heart' has probably lived in a cave for the last thirty years. The track reached No 3 on the Billboard charts.

Follow-up single 'Find Another Fool' also did well, getting to No 16. The other singles offering 'Right Kind Of Love' was less successful, reaching no 56 instead. Not that the album was a three-song wonder. Far from it.

I do like guitarist Jack Charles' ballad 'Critical Times' - a melancholy soaked affair that has often been played late at night by yours truly, plus the new-wave workout of love-starved protagonist 'Valerie'.

The closer 'Williams Avenue' is an eight minute licorice all-sorts tune, with every musical style under the rainy Oregon sky being played. One feels this is what Seafood Mama would've sounded like had they continued in their original direction.

In Summary

The band left two more albums on Geffen: 1983's 'Take Another Picture' and 1985's 'Back Into Blue'. Quarterflash has run its course by 1986 and disbanded.

Not that anything is permanent these days, but a disbanding usually segues into a reunion, if the rock music industry is anything to go by. And so Quarterflash kept this reunion tradition alive by returning in 1990 and 'Girl In The Wind' - released on Epic Records a year later.

As a staple of the 80's era, and with 'Harden My Heart' often heard on classic rock radio, it seems appropriate to give the band some kudos here at GDM. All their albums are worth acquiring, and contain good moments within.

These days, Rindy and Marv Ross are still involved with music, now connected to the Trail Band, based out of Oregon.

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  • Eric
    Agree- a good record and after tours with Sammy Hagar and Loverboy, they even did some headlining in the Midwest U.S. at colleges and clubs with Prism as support. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at those shows....tup
    Reply · · - December 26 2008 21:42:55
  • Jez
    Have always like this one, although it is very lite and hardly rocks throughout it's 40 odd minutes. 'Harden My Heart' & 'Find Another Fool' were the hits off this that most people will recognise and along with 'Right Kind Of Love' are the standouts on this. Think Pat Benatar crossed with Fleetwood Mac and you're there. A good one for those lighter moments.
    Reply · · - June 13 2008 03:39:05
  • reyno-roxx
    My favourite Quarterflash album. I have a really good King Biscuit live show on vinyl from 1982 that was shared with a set from Novo Combo.
    Funny how the 1990 album 'Girl In The Wind' is the hardest to find of the four on CD.
    Reply · · - June 27 2008 14:39:37
  • gdazegod
    Reply · · - June 23 2007 21:00:00
  • jeffduran
    One of the best Quarterflash songs is the theme to 'Night Shift'. Excellent AOR from 1982!
    Reply · · - June 27 2008 18:58:02
  • reyno-roxx
    'Girl In The Wind' is well worth seeking out. Dragged it out for a spin last night. There's one track where you'd swear Desmond Child had co-writing credits, as it just follows that similar chorus style and chord structure, but it was an original band co-write with Charlie Midnight. The Diane Warren written 'Paint It Blue' is the weakest song on the thing. They were probably ordered to do it by Geffen....
    Reply · · - August 08 2008 13:29:31
  • george_the_jack
    Harden my heart..What a tune! A pretty good album generally.
    Reply · · - March 13 2009 11:04:44
  • super80boy
    It was great to recently re-discover this classy Saxophone laden AOR debut. Outside of the first two big singles, there are a few other cuts that warrant further inspection. 'Williams Avenue' does go off in tangents, but it adds a creative angle for sure.
    Reply · · - April 14 2014 01:58:16
  • jeffrey343
    Hmm, I'm sure I would have commented on this album sometime in the last 12 years, considering that it has been a favorite of mine for over 37 years (wow). Being a sax player myself, I was always a huge fan of hearing sax in rock songs. And with Rindy Ross being a fine sax player who sounded a lot like Pat Benatar, I was hooked. I was a good enough sax player to figure out the licks (not super difficult, but not simplistic), and I'd play along with the album occasionally. The radio songs got enough airplay that I'd hear them (especially "Harden My Heart" ) throughout the 80s. This album has a great flow, and each track has something to offer both musically and lyrically. "Williams Avenue" is a very ambitious song that I've always loved, and it is the perfect way to close this album. I play this several times a year straight through - it's great for late-night hanging out. Unfortunately, they couldn't match this album. There are some good songs on the next two, but even cherry-picking the good ones from them wouldn't quite be as good as this album.
    Reply · · - May 19 2019 00:14:35


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