Fox (UK) - 1975 Fox

LABEL: GTO Records
YEAR: 1975
CD REISSUE: 2002, Cherry Red (UK), CDMRED-222


LINEUP: Noosha Fox - vocals * Herbie Armstrong - lead guitar, vocals * Kerry Young - rhythm guitar, vocals * Pete Solley - keyboards, vocals * Gary Taylor - bass, vocals * Jim Frank - drums, percussion, vocals.gif'> TRACK LISTING: 01 Love Letters * 02 Imagine Me, Imagine You * 03 The Juggler * 04 Patient Tigers * 05 Only You Can * 06 The More * 07 Spirit * 08 He's Got Magic * 09 Pisces Babies * 10 Love Ship * 11 Red Letter Day


Interesting British band with an intriguing female vocalist named Noosha Fox. Let's be clear, Noosha was 'weird'. Her singing style was almost child-like and her performance style was something quite original and different, sort of a wacko mix of Betty Davis and Freddie Mercury.

Definitely out of the ordinary, but not for 1975 I suppose. Glam bands that could actually play as opposed to just looking pretty, like Sailor and Smokie for example were taking the music in new directions mixing pop with more progressive styles and Fox fit right in with the period.

Unfortunately, not much is known about how Fox came together, Noosha's background, or just general information on the band, but thanks to the Cherry Red label, all three Fox albums have been reissued from the master tapes and include bonus tracks.

The Songs

Fox have often drawn comparisons to 10cc, and as a major admirer of that band, I have to say I really don't hear much of that influence in this music.

Yes, it's very creative musically covering a lot of ground from country pop on 'Patient Tigers' to just plain oddball song craft on 'Only You Can' and 'Pisces Babies' which to be honest sounds like nothing else you have probably heard before.

The closing 'Red Letter Day' comes across like Kate Bush doing a Motown Christmas track and only adds to the bizarre nature of the record.

I'm not sure what audience Fox were hoping to attract with some of this stuff, but the album did show up on the British charts and they made several television appearances, some of which have shown up on 'YouTube' from time to time.

In Summary

The second Fox album 'Tails Of Illusion' lost some of the 'magic' of the first record as it features less of Noosha and a straighter rock sound but does include Queen's Roger Taylor on one track.

'Blue Hotel' was a valiant attempt at recreating the group's original sound but still falls short of the debut. Noosha went on to record a solo single, but not much has been heard from her in the years since which is too bad.

Despite her strange take on pop music, these days in light of oversexed and/or 'feminist with a message' female singers clogging the airwaves and media, Noosha Fox sounds damn refreshing.

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  • reyno-roxx
    Noosha was, indeed, a fox. I remember being quite attracted to her as a young kid when Fox performed 'Single Bed' on Top Of The Pops back in the day. Must seek the CD reissues out.
    Reply · · - June 03 2008 18:58:11
  • Eric
    Be careful Dave, I have heard the CD reissue of 'Blue Hotel' is a vinyl transfer and not a very good one at that...
    Reply · · - June 03 2008 23:00:07
  • super80boy
    Noosha's overly girly, sultry-yet-chirpy vocals provide interesting pop craft throughout this quirky record. The slight weirdness comes into play with the wistful 'Imagine Me, Imagine You'. Loungy vocals saunter along in the funkish inspired 'The Juggler'. Kate Bush comparison alert can also be found in 'Only You Care', especially at the end. 'Magic' has some intense keyboard stabs against more of Noosha's unique vocal treatments. The standout is the closing 'Red Letter Day', where Noosha's vocals really shine. Recommended for collectors of female pop music looking for something different.
    Reply · · - May 26 2014 19:46:44
  • Explorer
    Recently picked up a box set of all their albums plus a disc of rarities through Cherry Red. I noted the issues regarding the sound in earlier comments and although OK, I'm sure at least one of the albums is a vinyl rip, never mind it didn't cost much and is a tidy little package
    Reply · · - February 25 2017 09:12:31
  • Nick C
    Nick C
    I always like the song Strange Ships of one of their other albums that my mate had years ago.....just checked Tails of Illusion it was, I remember the sleeve. As a kid I always thought Noosha was a bit odd though hahaha!
    Reply · · - February 25 2017 16:37:01


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