Vergat, Vic - 1981 Down To The Bone

ARTIST: Vergat, Vic
ALBUM: Down To The Bone
LABEL: Harvest
SERIAL: 1C 064-46 350
YEAR: 1981


LINEUP: Vic Vergat - vocals, guitars * Guy Rollinger - bass * Gerhard Jerlach - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Down To The Bone * 02 Breakaway * 03 I Don't Wanna Lose You * 04 Walk * 05 Hot Love * 06 You Never Tell Me You Love Me * 07 I Believe In Love Music * 08 Mean Mean Cat * 09 Hey Love


I looked at the cover of this album and thought to myself 'this guy looks as if he could play some mean guitar'. Unfortunately the appearance I was looking at did not quite equate to the sound I was hearing, although it is not the worst album I've ever heard - quite the contrary. It is just that looks can be deceiving. Vic Vergat (real name Vittorio Vergeat) with Italian/Swiss origins, had an early start to musical life, as a member of the 70's band Toad, based out of the UK. It wasn't until he joined allegiances with producer Dieter Dierks that things took off for him. 1981 saw the release of his debut solo album, and though the lineup above was featured, they did not form his touring band. Instead, Vergat recruited Tom Croucier (refer Life By Night) and Bobby Blotzer (refer Ratt) as his band. Vic Vergat toured the USA during 1981 to promote the album, and musically, 'Down To The Bone' came off looking and sounding like an amalgam of Billy Squier, Adam Bomb, Billy Rankin and Gus And The New Breed, but with more of a blues edge to it.

The Songs

Vic plays with a gruff guitar, and an entertaining style which by the sounds of it would've gone down well in a live environment. Just why he goes down the Aldo Nova route and includes the word 'love' so many times in his song-titles is a bit of a worry. Vergat goes all out to prove that a broken heart is probably caused by a guitar ploughing through an amplifier, as depicted on the back cover of the album.

In Summary

Since then, Vergat has been involved with the Euro hard rock band Paganini, plus he joined forces with Krokus lead singer Marc Storace to form the excellent AOR flavoured duo Blue. As mentioned, a gruff guitar, a good image, and a reasonable, if not dated album that is worth the occasional listen.
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  • sabace
    did.nt like this at all!
    Reply · · - August 02 2008 14:31:10
  • gdazegod
    Anyone have an opinion on those early Toad albums? There are a flew blogsites that have nearly all their albums available. Depending on opinion, I might grab a couple..
    Reply · · - August 02 2008 20:41:03
  • Eric
    I heard the debut a long time ago. Proggy hard rock.
    Reply · · - August 02 2008 21:07:50
  • rostoned
    The first two (s/t and tomorrow blue) are classics of the underground 'progressive hard-rock' sub genre. Albums engineered by Martin Birch! My advice is: get them. Later ones (Dreams etc) are rubbish.
    Reply · · - August 03 2008 00:02:09
  • gdazegod
    Thanks for the tip Rostoned!
    Reply · · - August 03 2008 01:10:50
  • rostoned
    here you can immediately listen to 4 songs even before downloading:
    Reply · · - August 03 2008 14:25:21
  • super80boy
    I like the mostly fast paced embellished guitar approach and how he attempted to bridge the gap between late 70's hard rock sound, found in 'I Believe In Love Music' and the emerging glam metal sound, which he translates into Side 1's furious closer 'Hot Love'. 'You Never Tell Me You Love Me' is quite catchy. No kidding on the use of the word 'Love'… Down To The Bone is definitely not crucial listening, but satisfying in parts.
    Reply · · - May 29 2017 16:04:28
  • reyno-roxx
    Anyone have a download of this please? Missed out on a decently priced CD earlier yesterday and the one on Discogs is vastly overpriced however rare it is, even as a bootleg. Many thanks
    Reply · · - February 17 2019 20:57:38
  • gdazegod
    Reyno, D/L link in the Forum. Cheers.
    Reply · · - February 20 2019 08:23:59
  • rostoned
    The CD (bootleg?...) version of "Down To The Bone" on the Blast From The Past label, apparently from Canada, has 2 non LP bonus tracks: Walk Away Renee (a cover, from a 1983 single on Harvest) and Moon Rider (origin unknown). The b side of WAR was also another unreleased tune, called You And Me, but oddly it wasn't put on the CD above. Go figure...
    Reply · · - February 24 2019 20:36:12
  • rostoned
    I've finally managed to buy at a decent price a sealed CD version of "Down To The Bone" on the (probably bogus canadian) Blast From The Past label. The non LP track Moon Rider was the B side of the german edition of the (again non album) single "Walk away Renee", while in UK - where it came without a ps - the flip side was another unreleased tune "You And Me". All these rare songs were produced by the legendary Manny Charlton! The CD is nicely done with lyrics, 6 page booklet and the picture sleeve of the WAR single. Inside there's some colour photos of Vic "the stick" band too, picture CD too.
    Reply · · - May 18 2019 10:12:27
  • reyno-roxx
    Got one too via Germany. Very nicely put together even if in all likely a bootleg.
    Reply · · - May 18 2019 17:56:35


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