Konkurent (Bulgaria) - 1995 Something Wet

ARTIST: Konkurent (Bulgaria)
ALBUM: Something Wet
LABEL: Union Media
YEAR: 1995


LINEUP: Emil Antchev - vocals * Dimo Todorov - guitars, vocals * Dragoner Mandov - guitars, vocals * Julian Naumov - drums * Petar Petrov - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Do You Wanna * 02 Ride On * 03 Mama * 04 Leave Me Alone * 05 Pretty Woman * 06 Looking For Love * 07 Is This Love * 08 Just Like Paradise * 09 Honey * 10 Fallin' Angel * 11 I Want Your Love

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From Bulgaria, Konkurent dabble in the euro-metal/melodic rock sound made popular by a slew of bands out of Sweden and Germany mainly. Yes, admirable that a band from a melodic rock outpost such as Bulgaria can mix it with the big boys. In many ways, this is a pretty good effort all things considered, Konkurent trying to emulate a band like China for instance, but without the finesse. Admittedly their sound is quite heavy-handed. The vocals from Emil Antchev probably needed to be sung with a bit more precision on the AOR sounding tunes, but on the heavier stuff he sounds ok. The keyboard fills give the album a bit of sweetness, and I'm sure that without them, Konkurent would sound rather ordinary. In the main though, its all very predictable.

The Songs

Things get underway promisingly enough with the keyboard heavy 'Do You Wanna'. The ivories swing in unison with some melodic riffing, but even this early on you can hear the vocals don't quite stack up. The saxophone solo is a change-up. Gee, I didn't hear that coming! The band get heavier on 'Ride On' and here things sound better, perhaps the heavy-handed approach takes the emphasis away from the vocal. 'Mama' reverts to acoustic guitars and I'm afraid it sounds rather torturous for a ballad. Oops. Again, things start out great on 'Leave Me Alone' but by the time the chorus arrives I'm already scanning ahead to the next track. A few ballads are thrown in to the pot, such as 'Looking For Love', 'Is This Love' and 'I Want Your Love'.. (what is this ballad affliction with the word 'love'??) and again I am not convinced. Though the nice keyboards and Boysvoice styled guitarwork dominate the sound for 'Fallin' Angel', a decent lead vocal would've sold this track easily. The weak harmony vocals send it down the swannee instead.

In Summary

The album has big wraps by those out there in the CD Traders market. A deeper listen will find many flaws with it. Perhaps the novelty of having a band out of Bulgaria playing melodic rock is a big selling point, but that is about it I'd suggest. Don't get me wrong, 'Something Wet' is a unique album, and musically it is great, but the downside are the vocals which let the side down big time. All they needed was to find a singer like Jeff Scott Soto! Considering it was released in 1995, a relatively weak year for melodic rock, then it probably does stand out more than most. For those still interested, a degree of caution is recommended.
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