Chateaux - 1984 Firepower

ARTIST: Chateaux
ALBUM: Firepower
LABEL: Ebony
YEAR: 1984


LINEUP: Krys Mason - bass, vocals * Tim Broughton - guitars * Chris Dadson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock And Roll Thunder * 02 Roller Coaster * 03 Eyes Of Stone * 04 Hero * 05 Run In The Night * 06 White Steel * 07 Street Angel * 08 V8 Crash


While there were plenty of duds roaming the NWOBHM scene in the early 80's it would be safe to say Chateaux were certainly not one of them. Plenty of energy and high speed compositions dominated the bands three albums, of which 'Fire Power' is the pick of the bunch in my opinion. The band was originally known as Stealer, before changing names to the slightly more original Chateaux. These guys were far removed from stately French manors, instead they were from the heavy metal stronghold of Gloucestershire. Nevertheless the band made an impression with the global powerhouse known as Ebony Records and released their 1983 debut 'Chained And Desperate'. Original vocalist Alec Houston and drummer Andre Baylis quit following the album's release and were replaced by Mason and Dadson.

The Songs

The production values are slim but do nothing to take away from the heaviness of the material. The band's sound is a close match for Grim Reaper, which isn't too surprising considering Steve Grimmett assisted with the vocals on the debut. There's no holding back however 'Rock and Roll Thunder' hits where it hurts with a large helping of thrash like speed and shredding guitars. Slightly more commercial is 'Roller Coaster', but not in the way Jaguar did so poorly on 'This Time.' At least the heaviness is retained in more convincing style. 'Eyes Of Stone' sounds thin and crude, but 'Hero' is another frantic excursion which gives Battleaxe a good run for their money. Synthesizers are included on the near AOR 'Run In The Night', but it's back to the go-for-broke mentality on 'White Steel' which has much in common with Tokyo Blade or Spartan Warrior. There's still room for one more thrash cut, 'V8 Crash' indeed having the impact of such a wreck!

In Summary

There was one further album from the band, 1985's 'Highly Strung,' but that was the end of the line for this promising outfit. Like so many NWOBHM hopefuls the scene dwindled, leaving precious few intact. With better production this might have helped Chateaux hang around a bit longer, rather than become casualties like many of the bands listed in this review.
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  • gdazegod
    Yes a very good band in their day.
    Reply · · - January 27 2010 02:50:21
  • Eric
    Ebony's album covers were a notch above Shrapnel's, but man they put out some great stuff. I remember getting one of their first comps and was blown away.
    Reply · · - August 01 2010 19:28:24
  • reyno-roxx
    The very best Ebony covers - Grim Reaper 'See You In Hell' and Savage 'Loose N' Lethal' - were by Garry Sharpe-Young. They were excellent.
    Reply · · - August 01 2010 21:06:22
  • AORboyo
    The production duties of Darryl Johnston (Ebony Founder) have a lot to be desired, had some great product ruined by some absolute dire / dreadful production in his studies in Hull, UK..Had three mates bands signed to the label back in the 80's (Samurai / Preyer and Rankelson) and all were horrible sounding, well infact he made them sound all the same....Absolute bloody dreadful.
    Reply · · - August 01 2010 23:22:13


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