Lucid Legend - 2010 Lucid Legend

ARTIST: Lucid Legend
ALBUM: Lucid Legend
LABEL: Lucid Legend Music
YEAR: 2010
SPONSOR: Daniel Johansson


LINEUP: Daniel Johansson - lead vocals, lead guitar * Martin Nilsson - guitar, backing vocals * Filip Karlsson - bass, backing vocvals * Frans Karlsson - drums, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wasteland * 02 Call Of The Wild * 03 Demon Seed * 04 My Heresy * 05 Crumblin' Castle * 06 Lovin' You Up * 07 Lights Out



Well firstly, I would like to say, sorry to the Lucid Legend boys for being so damn slow with the review of this CD. The band sent this out to me a couple of months ago and I've only gotten around to reviewing it. So apologies to Daniel and his team. So anyway, Lucid Legend are another Swedish outfit with something musical to say. Pleasantly, we are not dealing with a prog metal band or a pure breed AOR band, and though I love those sub-genres a lot coming out of Sweden, I was looking for something a bit different. Thankfully Lucid Legend deliver. This quartet who originate from Vara (northeast of Gothenberg), ply their trade with a strong hint of 70's and 80's hard rock and metal in the mix. Formed in 2007, the band have played support slots all around the central Sweden region, with the occasional visit to Oslo Norway and Stockholm. The band went into hiatus for a year as lead singer and guitarist Daniel Johansson went off to study at MIT in Los Angeles. He returned in late 2010 and Lucid Legend restarted their career once more. As a result, the band have a self released CD available, and this is what I am listening to now.

The Songs

Hearing this, I am thinking of bands like Skid Row, Spread Eagle, while Daniel Johansson's vocals remind me of a young James Hetfield in his early 80's prime. Their overall sound lands mostly at the beginning of the 80's decade, but certainly the production values moves it a few years up the 80's decade scale. This CD is only a 7 track affair, but boy, you don't come away empty handed. Check out the furious but melodic 'Call Of The Wild' and the devilish 'Demon Seed'. The opener 'Wasteland' could be an L.A band from the early 80's, with Motley Crue approved shout-outs added to the chorus. The power ballad moment is reserved for 'Crumblin' Castle', a 6 minute epic that follows the template for songs like this within this genre. It starts kicking ass by mid-song, the guitars awaken with gusto and of course we get the soaring guitar solos. 'Lovin' You Up' is a grinder of a tune, thick riffs which are solid as a rock. The closer is called 'Lights Out', and no - it's not the U.F.O chestnut, but it sounds like something out of mid 80's metallers Vyper's repetoire.

In Summary

This is pretty reasonable stuff. The guitar work is fantastic and if this is what Lucid Legend are capable of on their own, then I wonder what they would sound like with a big production budget behind them. If I can say one thing, I would like to see them go even heavier, because when they are riffing at speed they sound mightily impressive. Hopefully the band can move on from here, and who knows, we might see them land a big fish (record deal) soon.
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