Bayman, Dion - 2014 Afterburn

ARTIST: Bayman, Dion
ALBUM: Afterburn
LABEL: Self Releasd
YEAR: 2014
SPONSOR: Dion Bayman


LINEUP: Dion Bayman - all vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Great Unknown * 02 Bittersweet * 03 I Remember * 04 You And I * 05 Into My Arms * 06 You Might Think I Don't Want You (You're Wrong) * 07 Never Fade Away * 08 Strong * 09 Possession * 10 Morning Light




Totally underrated (and probably unknown) in his homeland Australia, Dion Bayman has released the second edition of his career so far: 'Afterburn'. Bayman concocts an easy on the ear selection of pop rockers that is a super fit for the readers of this site. We were highly impressed with his debut CD 'Smoke And Mirrors' last year, and he goes one better in my opinion, with a tougher collection of guitar based tunes. Released last week, this one has been accruing some excellent reviews across the www, and it's easy to see why. The most astonishing fact is that Dion has done absolutely everything on this album. The sonic quality would embarrass even the best studio jocks, and all done with an attitude of number eight wire inventiveness and chewing gum stickability.

The Songs

I'm totally into the initial brace of songs on 'Afterburn'. Check out the smart synth and guitar interplay for the opener 'The Great Unknown', a song of hope for the future, which is (as the song says) is a bit like the great unknown. 'Bittersweet' turns up the energy, and has a nu-breed feel to it. The chorus is kinda killer and that's what I find so appealing about these songs. Acoustic strains introduce 'I Remember', but things electrify rather quickly, the whole thing turning into a fine example of contemporary melodic pop/rock. I really like the change of pace on 'You And I', a synth pattern holding the verses together, while another groovy chorus (complete with the 'hey hey heys' vocal shout out) adds further appeal. First ballad 'Into My Arms' is a sweeping slice of melodrama, but when Bayman gets back to the rock roots such as with 'You Might Think I Don't Want You (You're Wrong)', one gets the feeling this bloke knows what direction he wants to pursue. 'Never Fade Away' continues the strong melodic under-current with a persistent delivery, while the lovely piano/acoustic guitar evident on 'Strong', accompanied by some orchestral backing is a bit of a winner for mine. 'Possession' despite being down the track listing, is one of the album's best moments, 'Morning Light' keeping up the energy levels all the way to the end.

In Summary

Along with Michael Paynter and The Radio Sun, Dion Bayman keeps the Aussie flag flying for radio friendly melodic pop/rock. I think if we look deeper into the Aussie scene there might be one or two that I've missed out on, but all in all, it seems to be in great shape. 'Afterburn' should be on your list of must-hear CD's if catchy melodic pop/rock is your thing. The album has been on my playlist for weeks now, and will continue to be so for the weeks ahead. In a land filled with over-rated sportsmen and dodgy politicians, Australia needs a new hero. I vote for Dion Bayman!
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  • gdazegod
    Dion Bayman - 2014 Afterburn (trailer, samples)
    Reply · · - September 29 2014 10:40:20
  • jeffrey343
    This is definitely good stuff! Catchy as hell throughout, with great execution in all phases. Still reminds me of Stan Bush, although with better vocals (sorry Stan). And has a bit of a country sound too, but not overpowering by any means. I really like "You and I" (the "hey hey hey" song), in spite of the grammar nazi wanting to to scream "You and ME" when I hear it. I would like to hear more guitar solos on these songs, but I don't miss them as much as I'd expect to. Of all the great releases this year, this is one of the most surprising. It's just really an enjoyable listen.
    Reply · · - October 07 2014 17:23:56


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