Section A - 2016 Wall Of Silence

ARTIST: Section A
ALBUM: Wall Of Silence
LABEL: Mausoleum Records
YEAR: 2016


LINEUP: Torben Enevoldsen - guitars, bass, keyboards * Nicklas Sonne - vocals * Dennis Hansen - drums * Julien Spreutels - guest keyboard solos

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wall Of Silence * 02 Finding The One * 03 All That Matters * 04 No Tomorrow * 05 How Long * 06 Pray For Freedom * 07 Bleeding Chains * 08 Holding On * 09 When All Is Falling




It's been awhile since Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen had Section A out in the 'iconic eye', so to speak. They've been on the GDAZE radar for years, and we've written a few reviews about Section A in our archives. Enevoldsen has been pre-occupied with other projects including Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force and 80's Danish legends Fate, but it's good of him to get Section A back in 2016. Now signed to Belgian label Mausoleum (responsible for a spate of 80's euro-metal releases), the band features band-mate Dennis Hansen, singer Nicklas Sonne (from Malrum and Defecto), while Belgian synth master Julien Spreutels (from Ethernity) handles some of the OTT keyboard solos.

The Songs

Featuring some very cool cover art (reminiscent of Escape Music's cover art), the album features a powerful beginning; the title track with its imposing tempo and time changes make for an inspired start. It's hard to ignore the 80's inspired 'Finding The One', riffs flailing away in true Dokken fashion though the metronome is set to a faster speed. A piano prelude introduces 'All That Matters', but it works toward a mid-tempo rocker with a hot synth solo to round it off. 'No Tomorrow' is super smooth hard rock, and by now new singer Nicklas Sonne is starting to impress. 'How Long' is a hybrid of power ballad and slow rocker, with an attendant piano at the ready. 'Pray For Freedom' is another which operates on the slow to medium threshold, while 'Bleeding Chains' (the longest track here at over 8 minutes) could be Pagans Mind lite. It's crushingly heavy in the riff department, with more OTT synth solos for good measure. As per my usual preference, I enjoy it when rock bands go for broke in the tempo stakes, and so it proves on 'Holding On'. The finale 'When All Is Falling' features some rapid fire drumming from Dennis Hansen, while the industrial strength guitar power from Enevoldsen shows where the strengths of this band are. Hard and fast!

In Summary

Section A have had different incarnations since we first picked up on them back in the early 2000's. They were tagged as a progressive metal band then, and I guess that is the closest approximation some fifteen years later. The guitar work of Enevoldsen is always top-class, and he offers something different. Check out those other aforementioned bands and also his solo material, and find out what makes this bloke tick.
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    Interesting front cover! I like it!
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