Bayman, Dion - 2016 Don't Look Down

ARTIST: Bayman, Dion
ALBUM: Don't Look Down
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2016


LINEUP: Dion Bayman - all vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 One More Reason * 02 24 Hours A Day * 03 Keep Coming Back * 04 For You * 05 This Time * 06 Had To Let You Know * 07 Open Your Heart * 08 The Last One * 09 It's Only Love *10 Before My Eyes




There have been some good recent acts coming out of Australia of late. Counted in amongst them is Sydney based melodic rocker Dion Bayman. Dion has been a regular feature at GDM since 2013, and his newest offering 'Don't Look Down' is his best work so far, in my reckoning. Not discounting the other two albums ('Smoke And Mirrors' and 'Afterburn'), but this is just a case of an artist finding his groove and polishing his sound with three projects under his belt and all the experience that goes with that. The songs, arrangements and production are all top notch, and there's a certain enjoyment to be had with these bright and breezy tunes. Must be the Australian summer weather huh?

The Songs

There's an edgy vibe here, a guy like John Taglieri was a good exponent of this style a few years back, and it's great seeing this pop/rock genre still kicking along. Strong guitar lines are found throughout the material, with catchy-hook choruses adding the sugar bullet when required. I guess when you want to compare to major-leaguers, Bryan Adams and Rick Sprngfield are good examples, but Dion has a certain uncomplicated method which makes it just as ear-worthy. Listen to the pumping excellence of 'This Time' is proof, or the AOR approved 'Keep Coming Back', which would have a lot of appeal to the GDM audience. If you have an open-top convertible, and the freeway is your friend, then turn up tunes like 'Had To Let You Know' and 'The Last One', which is reminiscent of the material from 'Afterburn'. Good music and good driving is always a good thing. 'It's Only Love' is a solid pop/rock outing, with guitars and synths mixing it up. This one works for me. The piano led 'Before My Eyes' sweeps all before it. I like the lyrics for this one too, very relevant in today's society.

In Summary

It's easy to get caught up in the music and messages of 'Don't Look Down'. As mentioned, the bright and breezy nature of this album makes it a pleasure to listen to. I had this going while I was doing the cooking and laundry, it's that sort of album you can have playing pleasantly in the background. You can't say that about too many acts these days. Certainly I couldn't give Iron Maiden or Judas Priest the same consideration. He might still be one of Australia's undiscovered musical secrets, but not for very long. As an aside, I was quite embarrassed to read on the Heavy Harmonies Forum from some would be Australians who have never heard of Dion Bayman. Come on blokes, sharpen up your act - get with the programme!
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  • Jez
    I absolutely love the first track 'One More Reason' which has that Stan Meissner vibe going on and the rest of the tunes all hold up well too. For an album completely done off his own back (all instruments and production), this really is a great achievement on what is a really very good album
    Reply · · - April 23 2016 11:53:39
  • jeffrey343
    Another excellent collection of songs wrapped up in a great production job. And he finally incorporated some guitar solos. My only gripe is that he uses an overly 'buzzy' guitar tone throughout the album. I don't mind it in general, but it's on every single song. But the dude has a great voice, and these are very fine songs.
    Reply · · - August 25 2016 21:31:55
  • gdazegod
    New album 'Better Days' (@2018) being reviewed very very shortly. computer_work
    Reply · · - September 27 2018 04:48:54


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