Fire Town - 1989 The Good Life

ARTIST: Fire Town
ALBUM: The Good Life
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: 81945-2
YEAR: 1989
CD REISSUE: 2007, Wounded Bird, WOU 1945


LINEUP: Doug Erikson, Phil Davis - vocals, guitars * Tom LaVarda - bass * Butch Vig - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Good Life * 02 Miles Away * 03 Turn To Me * 04 She Reminds Me Of You * 05 Reindeer Moon * 06 Where The Shadows Fall * 07 Under Your Spell * 08 I Could Be The One * 09 I Don't Want To Lose You * 10 Sounds Like Thunder


This band were born out of the Wisconsin Heartland. Coming together in 1986, Fire Town released two albums during their three year tenure but I guess it was the history beyond this band which made them more famous. Specifically the alt rock band Garbage. They were originally described as an alt rock band, but really Fire Town were a country rock band with a hint of melody and strong songwriting and production skills. By the time their second album 'The Good Life' was released, they were signed to Atlantic Records for a major label release.

The Songs

Of course it was 1989. The band were on MTV, their records were in the stores, and Atlantic you would think, had an idea of how to pitch the band to the public. I'm not quite sure that they did. History would suggest that success was not to be found here, but some of the material on board is pretty good for what it is. If you like some of that country rock crossover stuff then Fire Town might be up your alley. Think of artists like: Danny Wilde, John Kilzer, New Frontier, Billy And The American Suns, and possibly also Billy Chinnock's solo stuff. I'm enjoying many of the songs here. 'Miles Away', 'Turn To Me', 'She Reminds Me Of You', and the wilderness oriented 'Reindeer Moon'. I love it! Then there is the jangly pop of 'I Could Be The One' plus the wistful balladry of 'I Don't Want To Lose You'. Both excellent little tunes.

In Summary

I'm quite pleased I picked this up as this is a neat little album and I'm happy to endorse it to the readers of GDM. The spacious production on a major label really helps to push this album out a little further than usual, and though it doesn't quite fit into the pigeon hole of AOR as such, I think you'll find that its melodic attributes are pretty close to what we all enjoy here on this website.
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    Fire Town - 1989 Turn To Me
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    Fire Town - 1989 She Reminds Me Of You
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    Fire Town - 1989 The Good Life
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    Just picked this up very cheaply on Amazon. Thanks George!
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