Hurricane - 1985 Take What You Want

ARTIST: Hurricane
ALBUM: Take What You Want
LABEL: Enigma
YEAR: 1985


LINEUP: Robert Sarzo - guitars * Tony Cavazo - bass * Kelly Hansen - vocals * Jay Schellen - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Take Me In Your Arms * 02 The Girls Are Out Tonight * 03 Take What You Want * 04 Hurricane * 05 It's Only Heaven * 06 Hot And Heavy


Well we've covered off many Los Angeles-based bands during the 80s, it's the band Hurricane which has slipped through the GDM cracks so it would seem. For all their releases, we've only done one, and that was the one with the rude cover from 1990: 'Slave To The Thrill'. So lets wind the clock back and have a look at the two albums that they recorded during the mid 80's. We'll start with the 1985 debut 'Take What You Want'.

This was technically a Mini LP, though depending on which version you acquired, the track listing tends to vary quite substantially. Essentially though, the LP was based around six primary tracks, those listed above. The band itself featured Robert Sarzo and Tony Cavazo, siblings to Rudy and Carlos, who were members of the successful band * Quiet Riot. Tony had also played with his brother Carlos in L.A legends Snow as well as Dangerface.

Bringing in singer Kelly Hanzen and drummer Jay Schellen, Hurricane didn't find much favour with record label scouts, and went it alone for the 'Take What You Want' Mini LP. Hurricane eventually signed to Enigma after it had been recorded on their own bat. Enigma had distribution partners in Greenworld Distribution, the latter were active during the 1984-85 timeframe but went bankrupt in 1986.

The Songs

Musically, this is typical L.A hair metal of the era, with early era Great White, Dokken, Stone Fury and Rough Cutt all part and parcel of their stylish sound. The ace in the hole was singer Kelly Hansen, who even at this early stage of his career was a standout talent.

With songs like the opener 'Take Me In Your Arms', you could be wondering why these guys missed out on a deal when other less worthy rivals were picked up.

'The Girls Are Out Tonight' is typical weekender hard rock operating in gumball territory, whereas 'Take What You Want' is a bit more serious. The band really ramp it up on 'Hurricane', which is superb hyper-hard rock. The chorus is a bit of a winner too 'you're like a hurricane comin'. 'It's Only Heaven' is the band's obligatory power-ballad moment, and the album is all the better for it; an excellent tune. Finishing up, 'Hot And Heavy' sees the band return to a smokin' delivery of metal, another album highlight.

In Summary

Hurricane returned for 1988's 'Over The Edge', which ended up being their major-label debut, the band going out on tour with Stryper, due to the Enigma connection.

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