Bayman, Dion - 2018 Better Days

ARTIST: Bayman, Dion
ALBUM: Better Days
LABEL: Art Of Melody Music
YEAR: 2018


LINEUP: Dion Bayman - all vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 - Ready For The Real Thing * 02 - Rise And Fall * 03 - Better Days * 04 - The Best Times Of My Life * 05 - Leap Of Faith * 06 - Fallin' For You * 07 - Pieces * 08 - Out Of Mind Out Of Sight * 09 - Cold * 10 - If I Could


He's a regular in these GDM parts of the Interweb, and so it continues. Australian solo artist Dion Bayman is probably better known in other parts of the world where the Kangaroos don't hop and the Koalas don't drop out of trees like Gummy Bears.

With three albums already under his belt going back to 2013, the latest release 'Better Days' emphasises the style of melodic pop rock that fellow Aussies The Radio Sun are also best known for.

With an outreach program which touches the likes of 90's era Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, John Taglieri, Rick Springfield and Bon Jovi, these are close references to the Bayman style.

Of course, many of the GDM regulars will already have heard those three previous albums ('Smoke And Mirrors', 'Afterburn', 'Don't Look Down'), so it's not as if I'm preaching to the converted.

The Songs

'Ready For The Real Thing' is a power-packed opener, with a twisted motif which swirls throughout. A catchy effort for sure.

'Rise And Fall' keeps the metronome ticking over. It has a nice keyboard passage which acts as the counter-balance to the constant guitar, which also sounds slightly overdriven. Fine by me.

'Better Days' tries to find the positive in times of trouble and solace. That's pretty hard if you read the news and see what's happening in our world. I've often shouted out loud to the universe: 'when can I get off this rock'?

'The Best Times Of My Life' is the story of our life, complete with lost love and captured memories. This one is played in a happy and breezy style; no sad sacks here, thank god, lol!

'Leap Of Faith' dips into ballad mode, with acoustic guitar and piano occupying the early space, and keeping things subdued for the most part.

'Fallin' For You' takes a different; the upbeat guitars makes this sound like a true party song. Even the acoustic guitar fills sound energized.

'Pieces' is a chirpy, buzzy pop rocker that will gnaw away at you.

'Out Of Mind Out Of Sight' follows the template already set in stone by Dion over the last five years, on this one it's a variation on the ballad/rocker hybrid.

'Cold' has some neat organ work, a tough rocker with an eually tough message for the female protagonist mentioned in the song. Anyone we know Dion? haha

Synths and kick drums drive the intro to 'If I Could', but it soons turn into a modern pop rock anthem. The album finishes on this upbeat note. Yay!

In Summary

Like any artist who is undergoing organic development, we can see improvements over time. I'm sure even Dion would acknowledge from a recording and production viewpoint, as the latest technology is made available to make the job even better. Better Days indeed!

It goes without saying that Dion has released another pearler set of tunes that deserves to be played everywhere for open-top cars (maybe we should petition Uber?), smartphones, your home Sonos systems. You get the point. Now go to it.

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