Cranston - 2018 Cranston II

ARTIST: Cranston
ALBUM: Cranston II
LABEL: Rock Company (NL), Bandcamp
YEAR: 2018


LINEUP: Phil Vincent - lead and backing vocals * Paul Sabu - guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals * B.F. D'Ercole - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Always On The Run * 02 What's It Gonna Take * 03 Wrong Side Of Town * 04 Soul Crusher * 05 Tables Turning * 06 Wish I Had More Time * 07 One Track Mind * 08 Throwin' Down * 09 Sad Truth * 10 Take Me * 11 Dead & Gone


WEBLINK: Bandcamp Site Link


One of the suprise albums for me back in 2016 was the debut Cranston album.

Cranston of course being the project of Phil Vincent and Paul Sabu, both blokes need no introduction on this website surely? Let's not forget drummer B.F. D'Ercole; all three returning for album number 2.

Distributed by Dutch record label Rock Company and also available on Phil's Bandcamp site, I wonder if the trio can improve upon that debut, because without realising it they probably set the bar very high for themselves.

The Songs

Much like the recent article we did on Palace, this album also doesn't over-extend its welcome, with all tracks under 5 minutes. And as with any album, some tracks work better than others, and so it is proved once again here.

The ones I enjoyed include 'Always On The Run' which I've included as the video track below. That chorus is straight out of the Sabu songbook.

'What's It Gonna Take' with its strutting guitar line from the 80's kinda confused me in the lyrics, because the previous song also included the song-title. I had to do a double-take to ensure I was listening to the right song.

'Wrong Side Of Town' is a lively tune, the arrangement including a Celtic flavoured chant-along. Strange but true.

'Tables Turning' is an earthy rocker, 'Wish I Had More Time' stepping completely outside the zone as a bayou/blues number. Is that a banjo I hear?

'One Track Mind' brings it back to melodic rock central, and I'm sure I can detect some trademark from riffs from Paul Sabu on this one.

'Throwin' Down' features a big drum sound and an arraangement that's slightly left of center. The closer 'Dead And Gone' was a good cranky rocker, which I thought was very good.

In Summary

Released in November, much of this album can be heard on Bandcamp and on YouTube. I'll admit I quite like this band though others will probably hear it differently. Glad to see Cranston are keeping the standards up, if a touch less than the excellent debut.

Oh and one last thing, someone needs to get Cranston's details up onto Discogs. Any volunteers?


Cranston - 2018 Always On The Run

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