Afire - 2018 On The Road From Nowhere

ALBUM: On The Road From Nowhere
LABEL: Concorde Music Company
YEAR: 2018


LINEUP: Suvi Hiltunen - vocals * Sami Kukkohovi - guitar * Antti Leiviskä - guitar * Harri Halonen - bass * Tarmo Kanerva - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The One To Take The Fall * 02 Not Coming Home * 03 Let Me Be The One * 04 Nowherefound * 05 Tired Of Being Broken * 06 Veiling The Tears * 07 Shining Through * 08 Rotten To The Core * 09 Strangers Again * 10 Forevermore




It's well known that I have a love affair with melodic rock originating from Finland. In 2018 however the representation from that fair country has been very limited. So I went in search of some potential contenders that I could write up here at GDM. And then I stumbled upon this relatively new band called Afire.

Their origins aren't steeped in melodic rock history. Instead they come from a dark metal background, sourced from bands such as Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene and Kursk. The latter band though Finnish sings in Russian as a point of difference.

Afire though, have changed in direction instead going down the melodic rock path. They have a female lead singer, who seems to be the odd member out because she comes from a mainstream pop/rock background so it's two musical worlds colliding essentially.

From Oulu and formed in 2016, this is the bands second effort after a three track EP was released back in 2017. On this new album some of it works, some less so. But you have to admire a band that came from a heavier realm to attempt playing music in the style. It's not quite the same as fellow Finns Battle Beast but good nonetheless.

Afire bandpic

The Songs

I quite enjoyed the songs on offer here. Lots of crunching guitar and a solid rhythm section complemented by the female vocal which provides the lighter element that the band were aiming for.

Highlights include: 'Let Me Be The One', the fiery opener 'The One To Take The Fall', the brooding 'Forevermore' and the undulating 'Tired Of Being Broken' which had some nice counterpoint southern rock styled guitar work filtering through.

In Summary

From what I read on the Net most reviewers seem to be holding on to Afire's past as in dark metal with total disregard of the melodic rock style they are now operating within. It seems a bit ignorant and definitely off the mark.

What I will say though is the album is very well produced and is sonically excellent. I will be particularly interested to see how they fare on their next album. As they say, watch this space.


Afire - 2018 Let Me Be The One

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