Shooting Star - 1991 It's Not Over

ARTIST: Shooting Star
ALBUM: It's Not Over
LABEL: V&R, JRS Records
SERIAL: VR-0777-26, 73333 35803-2
YEAR: 1991
CD REISSUE: 2008, Renaissance, RMED-0383


LINEUP: Keith Mitchell - vocals - Van McLain - guitars, backing vocals * Ron Verlin - bass * Dennis Laffoon - keyboards, backing vocals * Rod Lincoln - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 It's Not Over * 02 Believe In Me * 03 We Can't Wait Forever * 04 Rebel With A Cause * 05 Dancing On The Edge * 06 It You've Got Love * 07 Blame It On The Night * 08 Get Exited * 09 Cold Blooded * 10 Compassion


This 1991 album from GDM favourites Shooting Star seems like a forgotten chapter in the history of Kansas City's finest. At this point of their career, SS were still signed to Enigma Records, but during the recording of the album the label went bankrupt.

Disappointed but undeterred, the band continued on and eventually released the album on their label V&R Records. Also, the band lineup was undergoing change too, with drummer Steve Thomas unable to commit, his place taken by Rod Lincoln. Charles Waltz had moved to California, so the lineup above is that attributed to the album's credits.

The Songs

'It's Not Over' is less symphonic in sound than previous albums, opting for a pure AOR sound. The ace in the hole is singer Keith Mitchell who has a fine set of pipes. Like a cross between Johnny Edwards, Mark Florian, Lou Gramm and John Farnham. Wow, what a stellar list! With the AOR direction, there's no violins to be found here, but that's OK because this album is a little ripper.

The video for the title track you can see below. And apart from the 'Mony Mony' styled chorus, this is what the band were all about back in 1991.

Much of the material is a winner for me. Considering this was a 1991 release, it got lost in the shuffle of all the albums that followed during that year (this album was released in February 1991), but still with excellent tracks like 'We Can't Wait Forever', the galloping 'Dancing On The Edge', the album is onto a good thing.

One of the album highlights sits right at the very end, 'Compassion' with a supreme vocal from Mitchell and some lush keyboard work from Laffoon is a great way to finish off what is an excellent album.

In Summary

After the Enigma fiasco, the album did small business which kept their name in lights. So too did support gigs with Bryan Adams, 38 Special and Bad English. The band then opted for a distribution deal with JRS Records, but that was another deal which went down a cul-de-sac, Van and Shooting Star eventually having to apply a lawsuit that label for breaches to contract.

'It's Not Over' was eventually reissued in 2008 by Renaissance Records, but if you can find an original CD of the V&R version from 1991, then that is the one to get.


Shooting Star - It's Not Over

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  • dtabachn
    This is as good as it gets if you can listen with open ears. More on the Hard AOR side than the Pomp of their early releases. I was lucky enough to find a V&R copy, kind of a picture cd with that boot in shades of grey on the front. The physical cd is heavy, not like the lighter ones nowadays.
    Reply · · - January 10 2019 23:50:18
  • Nick C
    Nick C
    I picked up the V&R version years ago for pennies in the (in)famous Yanks/Powercuts records sale, they used to have loads of copies of it dead cheap but in the sales prices dropped through the floor on some items. I thought this was an okay album at the time but it has certainly grown in stature in my opinion and gets played much more regularly these days than when I first bought it. Its the only Shooting Star album I have strangely, I did buy the first when it came out on import but sold it on as I wasn't that impressed, bit too wimpy for me back then. Another band since though I have come to appreciate more than I did having heard a little more.
    Reply · · - January 13 2019 09:48:16


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