Purser Deverill - 2018 Square One

ARTIST: Purser Deverill
ALBUM: Square One
LABEL: Square One Music/Mighty Music
YEAR: 2018


LINEUP: Jon Deverill - vocals * Fred Purser - guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals * Jeff Armstrong - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Square One * 02 Hypnotise * 03 Travel The World * 04 Beat Them Join Them * 05 Make It True * 06 With You * 07 Factor X * 08 Captured In Freefall Lost In Space * 09 Darkest Cloud * 10 Apocalypse Then




These two names will be familiar to those who remember the third Tygers of Pan Tang album 'The Cage' from 1982.

Both blokes came in as debutants after stints elsewhere, Deverill with Welsh rockers Persian Risk and Purser with new wave band Penetration. It was at this point that the Tygers AOR direction was secured, though it was shortlived.

Certainly surprised to see this duo reunite decades after their heyday in what is an independent project called 'Square One' with the material going back thirty years!

I haven't really followed their careers since the 80's, so I'm not really sure what they've been up to, but I've pulled this out of the hat just to give it a listen and see if there's anything worthwhile on board. And yes, there is.

The Songs

The title track 'Square One' leads off inconclusively, it has its moments but is far from convincing. Much better is second up 'Hypnotise' with a heavier pomp sound that works much better.

I thought 'Travel The World' was an interesting affair from a lyrical perspective given my own recent experiences, but 'Beat Them Join Them' with its throbbing back beat didn't make for an enjoyable listen unfortunately.

Fred turns 'Make It True' into a slow burn blues rocker, but without doubt, 'With You' touches all the right AOR buttons and could be considered one of the album highlights.

'Factor X' starts out with tough riffs but the verses scale it back to acoustic levels. Like a workman like FM.

'Captured In Freefall Lost In Space' is not as cosmic as the song title would suggest, but it's very melodic and holds up well versus what we've heard so far.

There's lot of tippy tappy piano on 'Darkest Cloud', starting out as a ballad but converting nicely into a track of pompous proportions. Very good.

However, I'm not quite sure that the crash and bash instrumental cacophony of 'Apocalypse Then' was warranted at the end of the album. It seemed to be a pointless exercise really.

In Summary

The album does have its merits in parts, and I'm thinking they could improve upon this with another album of quality say in a years time.

I do like the shift to a heavier pomp sound like on 'Hypnotise' and 'Darkest Cloud', perhaps in the same zone as 7HY but not quite as accomplished at this early stage.


Purser Deverill - Captured In Freefall Lost In Space

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