Tolar, David - 2018 Conflict Resolution

ARTIST: Tolar, David
ALBUM: Conflict Resolution
LABEL: Self Released/Bandcamp
YEAR: 2018


LINEUP: David Tolar - all lyrics, words, instruments, recordings, and production, with the exception of the lyrics to 'NOLIFENOLOVENOSOUND' which were co-written with Susan Tolar.

TRACK LISTING: 01 Conflict Resolution * 02 Diminished Capacity * 03. The Miracles Of Modern Medicine * 04 Sailing Spatial Seas * 05 A Matter Of Life And Death * 06 Eight Pills A Day * 07 NOLIFENOLOVENOSOUND* 08 Still Standing Still * 09 Sight Unseen * 10 Ruthless * 11 Halcyon Bridge * 12 Les Mots Finales (The Final Words)

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Musicians such as David Tolar here, rather than wait around for a record company or such like to take an interest in their music they just cut out the middle man and go straight to the record buying public themselves.

The success of sites such as Bandcamp (which was used in this case) are the perfect conduit to get the message across (although the recent shenanigans over at Pledge have caused some consternation amongst some artists), but I digress.

This latest album is David's third release, his first two like this being a complete one man show.

The Songs

Working out of the Greater Boston, Mass area, it`s clear from the very off that David is a committed Anglophile as his vocals take on a real Lennon feel, and his influences although plentiful, still make this an imaginative, original release.

Many of the songs here are autobiographical in nature and sees David at times really opening up about his life hence the album title. Best described as an eclectic set, this is not easy listening music, no siree.

From the urgent title track, the bright and breezy 'Eight Pills A Day' whose sunny disposition is underlined with a serious undertone best displayed in the great line 'Better meds than Dead' to The Doors meets The Beatles sounding 'NOLIFENOLOVENOSOUND'.

Best song? Well that goes to 'A Matter Of Life And Death' which starts with an Argent 'Hold Your Head Up' style Hammond before settling into a hypnotic shuffle which hints at latter day Marillion.

Elsewhere there are other gems as in the quite beautiful 'Still Standing Still' with its cool calypso vibe and the albums finale 'Les Mots Finales (The Final Words)', which really does let David's Beatles influences run wild, and is a quite exquisite piece.

In Summary

David has a very singular way of doing things, and it works. In handling all the instruments himself he's conjured up quite a little masterpiece and considering the budget (or lack of it!), this is quite an accomplishment.

Not your usual GDM fare but nevertheless well worth investigation. At the time of writing this album is available as a download over at Bandcamp, but a limited CD run is promised for February.

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