Healer - 2018 Heading For The Storm

ARTIST: Healer
ALBUM: Heading For The Storm
LABEL: Timezone Records
YEAR: 2018


LINEUP: Michael Scheel - lead vocals * Florian Funtmann - guitar * Robert Kahr - guitar * Jonas Hulsermann - bass * Nils Weise - keyboards, backing vocals * Christian Demter - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Desert Star * 02 Heading For The Storm * 03 What Lovers Do * 04 Strangers Of The Night * 05 Big Dreamers * 06 Same Old Road * 07 Liars Day * 08 Healer * 09 Rolling Thunder * 10 Times Of Defeat


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Here's a new German band bought to my attention by one of my regular sponsors. It's classic hard rock with a sprinkling of AOR, with an album title caught somewhere between Alaska and Vandenberg!

These guys are a six piece called Healer, and come from Munster and formed back in 2014 but are only getting their stuff together now, after a long sojourn in preparation.

Formed by the two guitarists Florian and Robert, they were soon joined by Jonas and Christian for the rhythm section. Finding the right singer was difficult, but eventually they landed a singer with a rock opera background in Michael Scheel. Last to join was former Orden Ogan keyboardist Nils Wiese.

Healer bandpic

The Songs

Indeed it is Scheel's lead vocal that dominates from the outset. If you can handle his style and tone (kinda like an operatic Biff Byford, trust me where I'm going with this!) then you'll readily dive right into to what they have to offer.

'Desert Star' leads off with Scheel's distinctive voice to the fore, but when the guitarists get to work you know we have a solid sounding band on our radar.

The title track 'Heading For The Storm' has got a little bit of everything. Strong vocals, full throttle guitars and some keyboard to add spice. It goes beyond classic rock into something a bit more metallic. Great solo too.

'What Lovers Do' features a stronger keyboard/organ presence this time around, check out the synth work on the choruses as a good example.

'Strangers In The Night' is a galloping excursion and really gives you an ideas as to Healer's overall potential. They do slow up on the first verse which probably wasn't a good idea, but no problems heading into verse two and the solo section.

We reach the halfway mark, and Healer give us our first ballad 'Big Dreamers'. It didn't quite move me like some of the previous tracks. Let's move on.

You can see the video for 'Same Old Road' underneath. The video actors (both male and female) are syncing to Scheel's vocal part. The song has a nice AOR chorus with some synths wrapped the overall arrangement.

'Liars Day' is another example of their galloping riffs in action, the start was quite Moody, in a Rainbow like fashion.

The band step it up for the racy sounding 'Healer', again JLT era Rainbow would be a good reference point.

'Rolling Thunder' is Healer's attempt at an epic track a la 'Child In Time' or 'July Morning' and it's a promising rendition clocking in at 7 minutes. The organ work from Wiese is straight out of the 70's.

Last but not least, 'Times Of Defeat' starts out as a poignant piano ballad, it doesn't extend beyond a keyboard framework, the solo being a progressive synth piece which ends all too soon.

In Summary

Healer cite influences such as Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, UFO, Saxon and Iron Maiden. And then on the lighter side, Journey and Foreigner also get included into the sound check.

These guys have a little way to go before locking into one's melodic consciousness, but if they put the effort into their songwriting like they have with their presentation, then it won't be long before we start seeing results.


Healer - Same Old Road

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  • gdazegod
    I stand corrected, the guy in the video is in fact Michael Scheel.
    Reply · · - February 07 2019 21:36:30
  • george_the_jack
    There's a City Boy feel to the video both in terms of sound and its overall aesthetics.
    It might not be as polished or classy (low budget and production lacks) but it's interesting nevertheless, even if some 40 years late....
    Reply · · - February 08 2019 01:46:14


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