Fortune - 2019 II

ARTIST: Fortune
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2019


LINEUP: L.A (Larry) Greene - vocals * Richard Fortune - guitars * Mick Fortune - drums * Ric Rat - bass * Mark Nilan - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Don’t Say You Love Me * 02 Shelter Of The Night * 03 Freedom Road * 04 A Little Drop Of Poison (For Amy W.) * 05 What A Fool I’ve Been * 06 Overload * 07 Heart Of Stone * 08 The Night * 09 New Orleans * 10 All The Right Moves * 11 Livin' In A Dream World (Live) (Japan Bonus Track)



In 2019, we really couldn't pass the year by without mentioning the great L. A band: Fortune.

Like a few bands from around the mid 80's era, Fortune have become somewhat of a posterchild for this website, and it's great to see 3/5th's of the original band back in action, minus Irish keyboardist Roger Scott Craig and the late Bobby Birch (bass).

Fortune had been kicking around in recent times, and their popularity in Europe was assured after the run of both associated bands from the 90's and early 2000's: Harlan Cage and 101 South; so that an eventual hookup with Italian label Frontiers some two decades later was inevitable.

The pre-release material for this album has been bashing about on the Net for some weeks now, and it certainly whet the appetite for more. But what's the overall verdict?

The Songs

Well, after all that, I can only say that the album came across as slightly underwhelming. It just didn't hit me in the head as I was hoping it would.

Perhaps we've been spoilt by the excellent production jobs on the previous album, even the Harlan Cage albums were crystalline by comparison.

However, I will say this; the songwriting and lyrics are just as compelling as they were before. Larry Greene has a wonderful construct which adds to the quality of the songs.

That there is no doubt, but songwriting is only one element of a song, musicianship and delivery are other factors too.

In that regard, where the songs show a depth of character, they seem to stand out a bit more. Compositions such as 'Shelter Of The Night', 'Freedom Road', the emotive 'A Little Drop Of Poison' and 'Heart Of Stone' are the standouts here.

In Summary

They didn't quite bring the whole package together on this one, but after being out of commission for so long, I can cut them some slack.

Worth a listen and good to see them back in action.


Fortune - Freedom Road

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  • jeffrey343
    I'm really liking this one, even more than the long-ago debut. I didn't discover that first one until maybe a dozen years ago, so it wasn't one I played during my formative years. If that first one came out in 1985, this one sounds like it could have come out in 1987. It's impressive how similar-sounding they are, at least to my old ears. I've mixed the songs from both of them in the ol' queue, and there is not much difference in the overall sound. I think for most people, the opinion they have of this one will be very similar to the one of the first one. Except me - I like this one better Smile
    Reply · · - May 27 2019 15:29:05
  • jefflynnefan
    It's pretty good, I've been listening to it. I don't regret buying it.
    Reply · · - May 28 2019 00:35:44


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