Tricks - 1980 Turn A Trick

ARTIST: Tricks
ALBUM: Turn A Trick
LABEL: Private
YEAR: 1980


LINEUP: P. D Bratton - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar * Scottie Davis - guitars * Mark Waldron - keyboards, synthesiser, vocals * Mark XXXX - drums, percussion, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 All The Way Home * 02 Rolling Down The Highway * 03 Back To The Hills * 04 Never Coming Back * 05 Eight Years Back * 06 Schizoid * 07 Call Your Bluff * 08 Empty Winds * 09 Gotta Do-Do


Another completely rare and unknown album from 1980 is this one off effort from U.S band Tricks.

This quartet originate from the state of Virginia, Tidewater to be exact, which is also where their album 'Turn A Trick' was recorded.

The album title is a slang phrase in the world of prostitution, as in 'providing a sexual favour', but that's about where it starts and ends, as Tricks are more into providing musical favours instead.

The Songs

Musically, we are talking about mild boogie/southern rock with the occasional lashing of synth which adds to the interest level.

Unusual to observe, of the nine tracks, two are instrumental ('Eight Years Back' and 'Schizo') which might be a little off-putting to some, but seeing as it is a private release, some creative license was obviously applied.

Their best moments appear at the top of the order, such as the tough boogie of 'All The Way Home' with some vivid synth touches in between.

'Rolling Down The Highway' is another track to please, organs aplenty along with good vocal harmonies.

'Back To The Hills' could be a mashup of The Doobie Brothers and Wet Willie. Quite a jangly tune nonetheless.

'Call Your Bluff' is more medium rare styled boogie while 'Empty Winds' is a mostly meandering piece with dominant keyboards. I could've been on a tropical island listening to this.

The last track 'Gotta Do Do' is trademark boogie in the style of A La Carte.

In Summary

We picked this up on a blog some weeks back, plus there is a full album which can be viewed and listened to on YouTube, see the link below.

May there be more unknown discoveries like this waiting to be unearthed.


Tricks - Turn A Trick full album

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