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ARTIST: Crazy Lixx
ALBUM: Crazy Lixx
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2014


LINEUP: Danny Rexon - vocals * Andy Zata - guitars * Edd Liam - guitars * Jens Sjoholm - bass * Joel Cirera - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hell Raising Women * 02 Sound Of The Loud Minority * 03 Outlaw * 04 Girls Of The 80's * 05 I Missed The Mark * 06 All Looks, No Hooks * 07 Ain't No Rest In Rock N' Roll * 08 Call To Action * 09 Heroes Are Forever * 10 Psycho City * 11 Wrecking Ball Crew


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In spite of the strong reviews of the previous two albums, this one flew right by me in 2014. But based on my opinions on the excellent 'Ruff Justice', I knew I had to check out their earlier material.

I did see the video for 'All Looks, No Hooks', and that particular song did really appeal to me. But I think I first saw it over a year after the album came out. And I was busy listening to a lot of other great albums in a very strong 2014.

Combine that with the fact that I have always found the glam / sleaze subgenre to be hit-or-miss, and I can understand how I missed this one.

So this review is being written five years after release, with the perspective of having heard the two albums that came after it. As for what was going on with the band, they had been experiencing some turnover, and their style was continuing to evolve.

They kind of hit the reset button with this one, moving from the harder rock of 2012's 'Riot Avenue' to more of the sound of 2010's 'New Religion'. This explains why it is album number four that is the self-titled one in their catalog.

The Songs

Comparing these songs and the overall vibe of this album both backward and forward with their other releases, this fits about where you'd expect.

It is a return to a more melodic sound that has carried forward to their following two albums. I can tell since this one that the band has continued to improve, with Rexon in particular becoming a stronger vocalist in the more melodic style. Not that he's bad here by any means, but I think he took a nice leap to the next level with 'Ruff Justice'.

This is the last album with Zata and Liam on guitars, with the video for 'All Looks, No Hooks' being a very humorous take on hiring Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren as their replacements.

The lead tracks on their albums always seem to be hard rockers that set the stage, and 'Hell Raising Women' is no exception. Great guitar-based rock fun with this one.

They pay homage to their out-of-print debut album with 'Sound Of The Loud Minority'. 'Outlaw' is another nice song.

They strike a melodic vein of gold with the catchy-as-hell 'Girls Of The 80's'. While they didn't produce a video for this, one was created that you can see on YouTube with snippets from videos we love of Lita Ford, Vixen, etc.

Equally catchy is 'I Missed The Mark'. I mentioned 'All Looks, No Hooks' earlier, and to me that's gotta be their trademark song.

'Ain't No Rest In Rock N' Roll' sounds a lot to me like it could come from Krokus or AC/DC, with Rexon being a vocal doppleganger on this track to Mark Storace and Bon Scott.

We get two anthems with 'Call To Action' and 'Heroes Are Forever', with the latter being a lost hit brought back from that debut album.

'Psycho City' is a good hard-rocker that backs off in the middle before cranking up again. Closing the album is the party anthem 'Wrecking Ball Crew'.

In Summary

After having this one for about a year, I wonder where I'd place it in my Best Of 2014 list. It deserves to be in the top ten of that very strong year, but I'm not sure what it would displace.

I believe they surpassed it with 'Ruff Justice' and then 'Forever Wild', with Rexon vaulting up a level in the vocal god rankings compared to this one.

If you like what they've done with those two albums and you don't yet have this, I strongly recommend getting it, as there is an awful lot to like about this one.


Crazy Lixx - All Looks No Hooks

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