Casanova - 2004 All Beauty Must Die

ARTIST: Casanova (Germany)
ALBUM: All Beauty Must Die
LABEL: Escape Music
YEAR: 2004


LINEUP: Michael Voss - vocals, guitars * Stephan Neumeier - guitars * Jurgen Attig - bass * Michael Eurich - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 On My Love * 02 Happy * 03 Not Over Me * 04 Would I * 05 Lying * 06 Dreamer * 07 Last Of The Runaways * 08 Shine * 09 Under My Skin * 10 After The Love Goes * 11 Guitar Man


During the 90's, just as grunge was taking off, a few German bands ignored what was happening Stateside and continued on their merry way. Looking back in time, Europe was a very healthy scene for melodic rock, and as we counted down the calendar to the end of the 20th Century and then beyond, that status quo appears to have been retained. As at 2006, melodic rock in Europe is healthy, less so in North America, still littered with the debris of grunge, sleaze, punk, industrial and modern rock/nu-breed. One of the German contingent to do battle was Casanova. Along with the likes of Fair Warning, Roko, Frontline and a handful of others, this lot ensured that our beloved genre stayed upright and upbeat. With former Mad Max mainman Michael Voss at the helm, the band produced a series of excellent albums during that decade. The band broke up and re-assembled as Demon Drive, and in a roundabout sort of way, when that band folded in late 2003, Casanova was given a rebirth. Signed to Escape Music, Voss and his former colleagues (Neumeier, Attig and Eurich) returned with 'All Beauty Must Die'. Is it as good as their first two albums 'Casanova' and 'One Night Stand'..?

The Songs

The answer.. no. But then again, I doubt they were ever trying to scale those heavenly heights. A lot has happened in thirteen years, and the band reunite with a bunch of new ingredients to fuse into the mix. Overall, 'All Beauty Must Die' is a less intense affair, with the 'rock' factor being slightly subdued. It's like the band is caught in two minds as to how to pitch this material. For what it's worth, I like it, the smoothness of early Casanova combined with the occasional fire and brimstone, a la Demon Drive, Jaded Heart and Bonfire. Stand out moments for me include the AOR pulse of 'Under My Skin', the strangeness of 'Psycho Lisa' where the drum loops reminds me of Frontline's 'Moving Closer', the acoustic flow of 'Last Of The Runaways' is a cross between Nelson and Michael Erlandsson, while the bombast of 'Lying' has been compared to Def Leppard, but is less obvious than the likes of Blue Tears or Brian McDonald I'd suggest. 'After The Love Goes' is smooth melodic rock, a throwback to the glory days of the band circa 1991/92.

In Summary

'All Beauty Must Die' isn't the strongest album of the Casanova back catalogue, but it certainly isn't the worst. Reading some of the diatribe by the so called 'experts' over at the Rock Report site, they would have you sending this album off to the nearest frisbee throwing competition by the bucket load! Hardly, there are some ok songs here, investigate a bit deeper, and you may be pleasantly surprised.
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  • sirac
    hey i think this a good band..i special like the songs like 'psycho lisa' and 'last of the runaways'...and 'im not over u'
    can anyone please tell me where will i find the lyrics of this band..
    please help!
    Reply · · - March 02 2007 05:45:41


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