Aldo Nova - 1985 Twitch

ARTIST: Aldo Nova
ALBUM: Twitch
LABEL: Portrait
SERIAL: FR 40001
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: 1986, Portrait, RK 40001 * 2009, Wounded Bird, WOU-4001


LINEUP: Aldo Nova - vocals, guitars, bass; drums * Paul Kayen - guitars * Neil Jason - bass

Guests: Guitars - Lennie Petze * Drums - Billy Carmassi, Allen Schwartzberg, Anton Fig * Keyboards - David Lebolt, Robbie Kilgore, Michael Rudetsky * Vocals - Fiona Flanagan, Peppi Castro, Michael Bolton, Bobby Christianson

TRACK LISTING: 01 Tonite (Lift Me Up) * 02 Rumours Of You * 03 Surrender Your Love * 04 If Looks Could Kill * 05 Heartless * 06 Long Hot Summer * 07 Fallen Angel * 08 Stay * 09 Lay Your Love On Me * 10 Twitch


This is Aldo's third album, and after the dizzy heights set from his debut three years earlier, how could he top that effort? Well, for starters, give his second effort 'Subject' (1983) a detour. It's not bad, but slightly offputting after the near perfect scores reached on the debut. 'Twitch' on the other hand, sees a return to normal duration tunes, though I think by this stage Aldo and label weren't quite seeing eye to eye. After the scratchy theme approach and stop/start impact on 'Subject', this is more like it on 'Twitch'. It is more in keeping with the debut, and contains more than an ample share of keyboards, guitar power, and chant-a-minute choruses from the vocal section. To be fair though, It is poppier and lighter, perhaps with more commercial appeal contained within it's grooves, and that can only mean one thing: record label interference. Perhaps what could be slightly lacking is that dynamic element, as witnessed on songs like 'Fantasy' and 'Under The Gun' from the debut. It's since been revealed that Aldo wasn't very happy with the label trying to pigeon-hole his attempts at success, and after the first two albums, things went downhill until rock bottom relationships were achieved.

The Songs

Hearing some of these songs again reminds me I need a severe wake up call. Take a listen to the fantastic AOR of 'Fallen Angel' and the keyboard tapping 'Heartless'. Who could forget the sublime ballad 'Stay'? Those keyboard lines are absolute killer! The power comes home to visit on 'Lay Your Love On Me' where Sir Michael Bolton adds his vocal royalty. And someone tell me, doesn't 'Long Hot Summer' remind one of Don Henley's 'Dirty Laundry'? Surely that keyboard line has been stolen!! (ha ha). Other highlights include the ballad 'Surrender Your Heart', the moody rocker 'Rumors Of You' where Fiona Flanagan gets to chime in with her delicate vocals, and the album opener 'Tonite (Lift Me Up), all adding up to an excellent album of AOR.

In Summary

Aldo's career waned somewhat after 'Twitch', as he asked to be released from his contract with Portrait, but they refused, so he sat out a 6 year stand-down period. It wasn't until 1991 that he returned with the rather disappointing 'Blood On The Bricks', a Bon Jovi cloned record if ever there was one. Even worse was the 1995 effort 'Novas Dream', a studio project full of bits and pieces of Aldo's musical dabblings. I would suggest sticking with his first three Portrait albums and you can't go wrong, despite there being differences among all three.
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  • sabace
    I got this when it was released and did'nt take to it . the first
    lp is an all time great debut a classic!
    Reply · · - April 03 2008 17:49:48
  • Jez
    Yet another great (and i mean great) cd by the man himself. A slight change in direction to the first 2, but still a fine album with some rockin' tunes. The man is a complete star when it comes to playing the guitar and keys. Why this man is not a household name is a complete travesty in this world.
    Reply · · - June 13 2008 04:34:11
  • Nick C
    Nick C
    I really like this album and think it's on par with and maybe in parts surpasses his debut....hmm but it's now 7 am and I haven't slept for 24 hours! But in all honesty I think it's rather good, more laid back than the 1st LP and I feel a little more cohesive.
    I prefer noth to Subject which although darn good think comes across as a little disjointed imho.
    Reply · · - November 04 2011 08:37:34
  • gdazegod
    Aldo Nova - 1985 Rumours Of You
    Reply · · - April 07 2012 13:52:05
  • gdazegod
    Why was the album never reissued by Rock Candy along with the first two?
    Reply · · - November 02 2018 22:09:17


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